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Win a Get Published Course From Debrah Martin

Win a Get Published Course From Debrah Martin worth £109.99

If you’ve worked hard to write a great book, no wonder you want to see it in print or online – and why not? But getting a book published can take many forms, and that can be bewildering too. It need not be. This course, from Debrah Martin, will both help you decide whether to seek traditional publication or to self-publish and then follow through the self-publishing process if you decide to try it for yourself.

The Get Published Course covers:
• Traditional or self-publishing which is right for you?
• How do you know your book is ready to be published.
• How you approach literary agents and publishers if you’d like to try getting traditionally published, including writing a synopsis and book submission?
• How do you format your book if you decide to self-publish?
• How do you create a book cover?
• How do you write a back cover blurb?
• Where do you self-publish/ sell your book?
• How do you promote your book so it sells?
• How do you get yourself known as an author?
• And of course, how do you make your book into a bestseller?

This Get Published Course answers all those questions and more, guiding you through each of the stages of publishing, promoting and selling your book, including the legalities you need to comply with.

Add to this your own personal one and a half hour mentor session with Debrah in which you can ask her anything you’d like to know about the process of getting your book published and 2021 is the year you release your first book.

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Prize Value: £109.99