Debrah Martin

Debrah Martin is judging the Page Turner Awards eBook Award.

Debrah Martin is judging the Page Turner Awards eBook Award. Debrah an author, editor, teacher, ghostwriter, publisher - and artist. She has been writing since 2010 and now has 12 books in print - 10 fiction and 2 non-fiction - with a new release already planned for 2021.

As an author, her work centres around the observation of how action creates reaction, absorbing and reflecting the ambiance of the world and situations in which those reactions occur. She describes herself as ‘a literary thriller writer’, but also regularly crosses genres, so her next book is a sci-fi whereas her two recent releases are psychological mysteries. She has won two literary awards – for Patchwork Man (2014), a psychological thriller, and for Chained Melodies (2015), a literary fiction about a transgender and their journey from male to female.

Her two non-fiction books are on writing and oil painting – her two loves ever since studying English Literature and Fine Art at university. Savage Seas and Sfumato Skies (2019), documents not only how to paint, but how to paint and write, using each to inspire the other. Write, Publish, Promote (2016) outlines everything a debut writer needs to know from first putting pen to paper through to running a successful marketing campaign. It supports the workshops and courses she teaches both online and in person and historically has been recommended by at least one university as a go-to publication for its Creative Writing Masters students.

What makes a page-turner? That unique blend of character, dialogue, setting and plot that mimic real life and yet transcend it, leaving the reader addicted to both the story and author. I can’t wait to read that in the entries in the Page Turner Awards, because I know it will be there, somewhere…

Debrah also mentors individual writers and ghost-writes fiction and non-fiction, including academic work. Her most recent clients include a debut novelist whose novel is to be released in December 2020 and a university professional completing their PhD as well as numerous other authors writing their second and subsequent books.

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