Win a Feature Film Script Consultation!

Win a Feature Film Script Consultation From Page Turner Awards

Jennifer Storm, founder and Senior Consultant of the Screenwriting site Script Aid, “scriptwriting made easy”, will read your project and provide you with a written script report with a focus on formatting & writing style, originality, structure, plot, characterization & dialogue, visual realization, genre, and lastly audience appeal & marketability.

Jennifer will discuss the report and also provide creative and solid advice on how to improve your screenplay in a 60-Minute Zoom meeting or phone call.

Possessing a Master of Arts in Screenwriting for Film/Television and extensive writing, teaching and consulting experience in a wide range of disciplines, she’ll be able to help you get closer to accomplishing your goal of getting your screenplay to the next level.

What will this screenwriting prize do for you:

Through my detailed script report and feedback, you will be able to revise your screenplay in regard to all the important factors which make a great screenplay. Not only will notes on the actual screenplay and an edit of the first couple of pages give you an instant idea of possible changes to enhance your screenplay, but through constructive critique, suggestions and tips you will be able to take your screenplay to a professional level.

Prize Value: $300

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Win a Feature Film Script Consultation From Page Turner Awards