Grant Eustace

Grant Eustace Award-winning freelance writer is judging the Page Turner Awards 2022 Screenplay awards.jpg

Grant Eustace, an award-winning freelance writer, is judging the Page Turner Awards 2022 Screenplay Award.

Grant has worked in a variety of fields using either the spoken or written word, in media as varied as films, books, videos and radio.

One feature-length screenplay – Treason, a true historical drama set in the early 17th century – is being marketed by a producer associated with “The King’s Speech”.

A second, The Tinman, is being moved towards production by the great-grandson of the central character. Four others, as well as four fictional pieces and a full-length stage play, are under consideration by others in the US and UK.

Broadcast credits include BBC domestic and World services, as well as radio stations in several other countries, including separate productions of scripts in South Africa, Australia, Germany and Canada. The most recent broadcasts were 2020. Grant is also a member of the Board of Advisors of the World Media Festival in Hamburg, and former Board member at the US International Film and Video Festival in Los Angeles.

Following the publication of "A Traveller's Notebook", a companion volume has been completed.

- Drama writing, especially film and radio.
- Scripting videos for marketing, training, PR, internal communication and public information purposes - some 350 to date, in both dialogue and voiceover formats, for clients in nine countries.
- Researching and writing factual material for educational or documentary use - includes interviewing, to-camera presentation and voiceover. Danish maritime-history drama-documentary for TV in three countries won Gold at the 2012 WorldMediaFestival, the sixteenth international award won. Another Gold in another year was a training film drama made for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School of the British Army.

I'd be looking for strong dialogue and characterisation, but allied to a visual sense.

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