Jennifer Storm

Jennifer Storm from Script Aid advises authors on best practises for adapting books to screenplays

Jennifer Storm from Script Aid advises authors on best practices for adapting books to screenplays

As a Master of Arts in Screenwriting for Film and Television, Jennifer Storm is the founder and Senior Consultant of Script Aid. She critiques screenplays on formatting, writing style, originality, structure, plot, characterization, dialogue, visual realization, genre, as well as audience appeal and marketability.

Jennifer's teaching and consulting experience (in a wide range of disciplines) mean she is fully experienced to help writers and authors of novel format to get closer to accomplishing their goal of adapting a book to screenplay.

She is also a screenwriter who has experience with a multitude of genres and loves Horror. Next, to being a writer, Jennifer also teaches English, Creative Writing and Screenwriting and provides Script Consulting all over the world.

She is really passionate about it and every little success or advance from one of her clients or students brings her much joy and happiness.

Jennifer loves to ignite that spark in screenwriters, as to why they should be writing in the first place and also support them in honing and developing their screenwriting skills and ideas successfully. As a result, she has founded Script Aid to share her knowledge.

What excites me most about a screenplay is an original idea, a movie concept we've not yet seen before. If a screenwriter manages to turn an original idea into a neatly structured screenplay which shows a compelling story, then I am thrilled

Jennifer will offer advice on the techniques used to adapt books to screenplays.

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