Oscar-Winning Book Adaptations

Oscar-Winning Book Adaptations By Page Turner Awards

John Bow is a screenwriter studying the art of adapting books to film and has shared this Popular Books Adapted To Film with our authors who would like to get their books adapted to film.

Novelists adapting books to screenplays have exciting choices to make to get their script and screenplay completed to enter it into a screenplay contest, such as the Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award in the hope of finding a production company who will fall in love with their story and option it for film and ultimately produce it as a movie.

The Oscars is one of the most prestigious awards that one can win in the film industry. For novelists and screenwriters adapting books to screenplays, one of the best ways to learn from the professionals is to pick out filmed book adaptations that have won an Oscar at the Academy Awards.

Here is a list of some of the best Oscar-winning book adaptations to help you choose what to watch next. And Google for the screenplay to study it and learn the craft of book adaptation.

The Godfather
Telling the story of a family that is intertwined in the world of the Italian Mafia in America, you get a unique insight into a very interesting lifestyle. The Godfather is not just an award-winning movie, but it was a bestselling book too.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump is one of those book adaptations that will make just about every list. A slow-witted yet kind to the bone young man explores life, starting in Alabama and becomes part of historical events. Also adapted form a bestselling book.

Twelve Years a Slave
This adaptation of Solomon Northup’s book, visually tells the story of him being kidnapped and sold into slavery. It is moving must see that won Best Picture in 2013.

The Iranian Hostage Crisis was one of the most challenging rescues of hostages ever completed. Six Americans were rescued from militants who stormed the US Embassy in Iran. While fictionalized, the movie Argo is based on real events as told by an author and former CIA operative.

No Country For Old Men
When a man finds the aftermath of a drug deal that went bad, he can’t resist the urge to take the money that was left behind. A decision that forever changes his life. Author Cormac McCarthy has had multiple of his books appear on the screen.

The Return of The King
Lord of The Rings is one of those book series that just about everyone has read. Just as many, if not more people, have actually seen the long series of movies. The Return of The King is an Oscar-winning book adaptation that is worth watching and rewatching, wrapping up the tale of Frodo and his fellowship trying to destroy the one ring.

The Silence of the Lambs
Getting into a serial killer's head is not something that most people thought they would want to do. The Silence of the Lambs follows a young FBI agent attempting to catch a serial killer.

Schindler’s List
Schindler’s List, originally published as Shindler’s Ark, is both an award-winning book and movie. Watch a historical fiction tale of a man named Schindler who creates a factory and employees Jewish workers during WWII.

The Hurt Locker
With the United States having troops deployed in one of the most technological wars for years now, movies about combat have been quite popular. The Hurt Locker shows you a new side of war, the story of Explosive Ordnance Disposal soldiers. You will see one of the biggest fears on the modern battlefield, a not so high-tech weapon.

These Oscar-winning movies have truly captured the screen, bringing tears and capturing audiences around the world. If you enjoy these movies, make sure you take a moment to read the book. In most cases, the books add a whole second layer to the story.

One that you will enjoy even more.

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