Film Pitch Mentorship - One Shot - Three Minutes

Film Pitch Mentorship - One Shot - Three Minutes

So many writers dream of seeing their stories up on the big screen. But where do you begin?

If you are lucky enough to be able to pitch your project to an industry professional, the task can be daunting. You normally only have one shot, and three minutes or less to make the case that the next big blockbuster is sitting on your hard drive.

While there are more opportunities than ever to get your material seen, most non-professional screenwriters have little knowledge about how to actually nail the pitch and get that next meeting, and it's always about getting to that next meeting.

So what does it take to have a great first pitch, to be remembered and get to that next meeting?

Page Turner Awards and LA Film Scout Stephen Hodges have the answer with a new, tailor-made workshop.

Workshop Overview

On the dates shown below, LA Film Scout Stephen Hodges will show you how to get your story pitch, whether a manuscript, published book or screenplay, polished and ready to start shopping it to film producers. You can also use this for pitching your work to literary agents, publishers and other media platforms to take your work to the next level.

Come prepared with your pitch, but be prepared to work hard to improve it. This workshop is unique and not done anywhere else. It has been created for writers who are determined to bring their story into the light, but don't know how.

With Stephen's 20-year experience, this pitching workshop will guide you, through the stages of pitching your story and guide you where your story should go next.

The 'Heart' Of The Workshop

  • The step-by-step construction of a logline that you can pitch to film producers
  • How to achieve your goals for your pitch
  • Where to take your pitch next

Who Should Attend

  • Writers who are new to pitching and the industry
  • Writers who want the industry process demystified, those who want to know "The Industry" of the Industry
  • Writers who want the benefit of Stephen's 20 years in the film industry
  • Writers who are positive, pasionate, tenacious and know their story would be an excellent film or TV Series
  • Writers who will never give up on their story and never stop trying to accomplish their goal

What You Will Learn

  • How to pitch your story in 3 minutes
  • How to write an exceptional logline in only a couple of sentences
  • Overall advice on the viability of your story
  • Tips on where to go next on your pitching Journey
  • Information on how to discover "The Industry of the Industry" and a specific checklist on the minimum required to begin your journey.

About The Mentor ~ Stephen Hodges

LA Film Scout, Stephen Hodges is a Writer, Producer and Director who has worked on some of the largest films in Hollywood including "The Matrix" sequels and "Battleship".

He is a Creative Producer and Development Executive with experience that ranges from a lead role inside the world’s largest toy manufacturer to an entrepreneur running a production company creating diverse, original IP.

Stephen is also hard at work in developing and pitching his own award-winning book series, "The Magic Poof" into an animated children's series with empowering characters for children to embrace diversity and love their differences.

A graduate of Arizona State University with Degrees in Intercultural Communication and Broadcast Journalism, Stephen has several projects in development. Stephen is dedicated to continuing to develop and create media that celebrates diversity and inspires audiences to see themselves.

How The Film Pitch Mentorship Works

The Film Pitch Mentorship is broken down into 3 stages:

  1. Stage 1: In an online small group workshop, Stephen will teach you how to write an exceptional logline that explains your full story in a sentence or two.
  2. Stage 2: You have one week to hone your logline before attending another one hour workshop. The following week, you'll join your Film Pitch Mentorship group once more. This time you will pitch your story to Stephen. You have three minutes to convince him that your story should be made into a film. Stephen will give you feedback on the best aspects and worst elements of your pitch. You will listen to and watch other pitches and learn from them, even possibly get inspired by them to improve your pitch.
  3. Stage 3: You have one more week to hone your pitch even more. This time you'll come back to the Film Pitch Mentorship group, and present your final pitch, with the opportunity to expand upon it and explain your story in greater detail based on specific questioning from Stephen for up to ten minutes. You'll share your goals for the story - where you want to take it and why. You have 10 minutes to pitch and then Stephen will give you advice on what the next steps will be for your story. In this time you can ask Stephen any questions. (one on one tutoring based on your specific background.) You will also have the opportunity to learn from the others in the group. Stephen will suggest where you go next and if he is completely bowled over with your story, he may even option it himself or decide to work with you on developing the story for film. There are no guarantees that this will happen, but anything is possible in a film pitch. Everything depends on your story and how you pitch it!

If you want to take your film pitch journey to an even higher level, you can connect with Stephen directly and ask him to do a private consultation with you.

Online Pitching Sessions

The Film Pitch Mentorship will be conducted in a small group of maximum five writers. You will watch and listen to other writers pitching their story and learn from them, plus pitch your own story. As there are only 5 places available so please hurry to make your booking to avoid disappointment. The first five to book will be accepted. Other people to book will be placed on a waiting list for the next workshop.

The Film Pitch Mentorship is an intense, online set of sessions totalling 3 hours, where you get dedicated time with an experienced film industry professional to bring your story to the foreground and set it on a journey of discovery!

Private Group

You can join a private group for discussions and to get help from your fellow group mentees. You can also practice your pitch on them before you pitch to Stephen.

Booking Policy

Although Stephen is located in west coast America, we will try to accommodate people across the globe by having them in the morning US time and evening UK and EU time. The workshops will run to the times and dates mentioned below. Anyone who books but cannot attend a future workshop, will be given a refund. Refunds will not be issued once you have confirmed your participation, even if you don’t attend the group meetings.

Film Pitch Mentoring Workshop Dates

The workshop dates will be Wednesdays. Three Wednesdays in a row from 30th September. IE: 30th September, 7th October, 14th October. The time will be 9am California time which is 5pm GMT.

Film Pitch Mentoring Workshop Price

The price for all three stages of this Film Pitch Mentorship is £99.

Film Pitch Mentoring Workshop Booking

There are only 5 places available on this workshop so hurry to make your booking. Book here.