Calling All Astrology Writers

Calling All Astrology Writers to enter Page Turner Awards writing contest

Calling all Astrology Writers!

Page Turner Awards is inviting aspiring writers and budding authors in the astrology community to join their community of writers and get involved in the Page Turner Awards 2021.

The Page Turner Awards, sponsored by ProWritingAid, is an inclusive writing and book awards with one goal — to change the lives of as many writers as possible. The Page Turner Awards passionately believes that talented writers can be from any background, age, race, religion, or interest.

Members of the astrology community contain talented writers and undiscovered literary gems. Whether you have a book about how to interpret a birth chart, a gasp-inducing thriller, or the next-big-thing comedy, Page Turner Awards can’t wait to pass your story to their panel of influential literary agents, publishers and film producers.

Understanding astrology can really help us steer our lives in the direction meant for us. Perhaps you have a practical guide to help people understand astrology, and how to use this to see improvements in their careers (such as Astrology for Happiness and Success by Mecca Woods) or personal relationships (such as Astrology for Real Relationships: Understanding You, Me, and How We All Get Along by Jessica Lanyadoo).

Or maybe you’ve explored a story from the perspective of a non-believer, and their journey with astrology. Think Five Star Day.

The inaugural Page Turner Awards was a huge success in terms of how many lives it changed.

Success stories include three writers winning literary representation, six writers winning a writing mentorship, five writers winning a publishing contract and 13 independent authors winning an audiobook production.

The Page Turner Awards gives writers and authors the chance to enter unpublished or published fiction and non-fiction and screenplays to be read by a carefully curated judging panel made up of influential players in the publishing industry. Prizes span everything from mentorships to audiobook production, publishing packages and film rights options.

Founder of Page Turner Awards and award-winning novelist, Paula Wynne said: “There are writers from all walks of life, from manual labourers to academics, all with stories to tell, and most of them heart-warming and moving. We’re proud that our awards celebrate excellent writing and help writers and authors to get their stories discovered.”

There is no doubt that members of the astrology community, with their esoteric knowledge about all things astrological, will have some excellent and fascinating stories to share.

Submissions close on the 31st of May.