Paul Zeidman

Paul Zeidman is an award-winning screenwriter based in San Francisco. While open to working in any genre, he’s always up for creating a ripping yarn that grabs the viewer and takes them on a rollercoaster ride of thrills and excitement. There's a certain charge he gets from crafting a story that simultaneously showcases a character's emotional journey set amidst high-octane action sequences. He’s also a notoriously meticulous script editor and proofreader, with the ability to spot a rogue comma or misspelled word at a hundred paces (give or take 99 paces).

When not writing, rewriting, or reading scripts, he enjoys watching movies, reading comic books, running half-marathons, and making what could possibly be the best pecan pie west of the Mississippi. Check out his screenwriting blog at

Screenplay Type
Film Script
In 1874, a fiery train engineer relentlessly pursues the ruthless outlaw who has stolen her one-of-a-kind locomotive to pull off the biggest heist in US history.
The Iron Horse of Lucy Steele
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