Born in London I moved around the south for a while and then wandered up north, coming to prefer wilder countryside and living near the sea. I’ve been fortunate to run my own business, exploring various artistic and creative ways of working.

Strangely, although I first started writing stories around age thirteen, I dropped it once I started studying for exams, going to university and looking for a ‘proper job’. Since then, I somehow believed that I couldn’t be a real writer, or become a published author, or I would already be one. As if you’re just born with the talent, or you aren’t. When the illogic of this sunk in, I finally decided to return to my dream and work to make it come true.

I have always wanted to write fiction, but only started intensively practising writing and editing skills from 2016. Encouraged by having three short stories accepted and published in anthologies in 2018, I have since been working on my first full length novel.

I know I still have so much to learn about writing, editing and making good choices in this new world. The good news, and the discovery I have made is that I, and anyone else, can learn, practice and become a good writer and there are now a variety of avenues to get work published and find an audience.

This is a wonderful thing, because I firmly believe that, for our health and happiness, all humans have a deep need to express ourselves creatively, in one way or another.