Award Optional Extras

If you want more than just ‘Basic Admission’, you will find below a list of helpful options, unique to Page Turner Awards. You can receive many of these extras prior to making your final submission to ensure that your first 10 pages submission as good as it possibly can be before the judges see it. Other optional extras, such as PR for your book, are designed to boost publicity and exposure of your work, something many authors find difficult to organize on their own.

You choose! If you feel that your submission does not need any of these extra options, just select ‘Basic Admission’ right now. Good luck!

Editor Development Feedback and Editing

If you want to ensure you get the best submission in front of our judges you can opt to have feedback on your entry from our editor and have your first 10 pages edited.

A development (aka structural) edit takes a broad looks at the novel from the points of view of plot, characterisation (and point of view), consistency and plausibility - in a nutshell, does the book work, and how could it be better? It also takes in pace, dialogue and voice to look at the style of the book and how it can be made more focused and engaging.

A copy (aka line) edit focuses on the actual text itself. Spelling and grammar will be checked and corrected (using MS Word tracked changes - the author can then accept/reject these), but this edit will also spot incorrect verb tense usage, repeated words (especially adjectives, adverbs, verbs), peculiar word choice, and sentences which are overly long or confusing and break the flow. It will ensure (within reason! ...and without replacing the author's voice) that the standard of your manuscript is high level, literary UK native English.

Find out more about these optional extras and the difference between a development edit and a copy edit.

Editing Software Free Trial

The Page Turner Awards highly recommends that all entrants grab a free trial of ProWritingAid before submitting their final manuscript. This will ensure that you are giving yourself the best chance of being short-listed or chosen as a winner by offering our judges your best work, with the help of ProWritingAid.

Grab a free trial of ProWritingAid.

Private Feedback

You can select to receive private feedback. This has nothing to do with Reader Feedback, commenting or votes. You will receive feedback on your 10 pages submission after the awards close. Only you get to see this and it is sent to your private email. If you would Private Feedback, you can choose this as an optional extra.

Votes and Comments

Promote your eBook to get extra votes and comments. Comment is only if you choose to receive feedback on your work, you do not have to select this option. Votes is only if you want to get a better chance of winning the cash prize, you do not have to opt in for The Patron Prize. If you do not want readers to see your work, you can skip this option and view our Film Rights Promotion.

To encourage Reader Feedback and Voting for the cash prize, you have several options:

Reader Feedback

These options are DURING the awards submission and close at the final deadline of 31 May 2020.

Receive valuable feedback from our readers about your eBook's opening pages. This is valuable to writers, so they can see what readers like about their pages, if the characters are engaging and if the story is compelling enough for them to turn the pages. You can select this optional extra when you make your submission booking. If you are looking for votes and feedback to enhance your submission, don't leave booking and submitting your entry to the last minute. Make sure you factor in enough time to have a press release written and sent to your local community media and to get scheduled into our newsletters.

Boost Reader Feedback Promotion

Here you have several options:

  • Feedback Request Newsletter Insertion - You can opt to get extra feedback via a Book Luver newsletter insertion. This will go out to more than 30K active and avid readers.
  • Reader Feedback Press Release - If you select this option we will work with you on a press release to your local community media or any industry related media to ask for more feedback to your work.
  • Viral Sharing: You have the option to include your Twitter and Facebook links, and we will share these on social media posts. The links will also be visible to readers coming to vote for your entry and thus share virally. This all counts towards getting more votes and commenting feedback.

Banner Adverts

Extra ways to promote your award entry to get extra votes. These banner options will be shown on all the pages readers visit throughout the awards when they visit the site to vote and comment on the different awards.

  • Featured Banner Advert: Non-rotating banner advert featured at the top of the page with image, text and links for 2 weeks.
  • Image Banner Advert: Rotates with other banners. Only an image which links to your website or book for 2 weeks.

Film Rights Promotion

AFTER JUDGING, have your eBook Award entry or Writing Award entry sent to production companies for a possible film option. With this option we will send your work to a list of production companies who are always on the look out for new work to produce as films or television series. We will promote your work for 6 months after the awards.