2020 Winners

Page Turner Awards is a life-changing awards!

Congratulations to all our 2020 winners! Please join us in congratulating them and wishing them well in their writing journey. You can leave comments at the bottom of their profile by following the various links below. Scroll down to see a photo collage of all these winners.

The 2020 Award Winners Are:

  • Mark Stibbe won the Fiction Writing Award
  • Elizabeth Goodhue won the Non-Fiction Writing Award
  • David Hay won the Fiction eBook Award
  • Robert Barry won the Non-Fiction eBook Award.

Read their award-winning stories.

2020 Success Stories

Success stories from 2020 awards include:

  1. Three writers have won a literary agency representation. Watch an interview with Mark Stibbe who won literary representation for his Writing Award submission, A Book in Time.
  2. Another four had their full manuscript requested by literary agents, which hopefully will lead to agency representation
  3. Five writers won a writing mentorship.
  4. Five writers won a publishing contract and audiobook production
  5. Two published authors won an audiobook production
  6. Thirteen Indie Authors won a publishing contract and audiobook production
  7. Two Indie Authors won highly valuable publicity campaigns

Wow, all this in Page Turner Awards inaugural awards!

1. Literary Agency Representation

Three writers have received literary agent representation

  • Mark Stibbe is now represented by Yasmin Kane
  • Elizabeth Goodhue is now represented by Kizzy Thomson
  • Min Day is also represented by Yasmin Kane after joining our Literary Agent Boot Camp

2. Literary Agency Review

Another four have had their full manuscript requested by literary agents, which hopefully will lead to agency representation. We can't reveal who these are because this is confidential while the literary agents view their work. Hopefully this will lead to these writers being represented by these literary agents. Warm wishes and best of luck to these writers!

3. Writing Mentorship Prizes

Six writers were chosen for a writing mentorship kindly sponsored by Tony Drury, Ann Brady, Karen Williams and Angela Marshall.

  • Billy Wittenberg has won Tony Drury as a writing mentor
  • Emily MacNevin and Peryn Roel have won Ann Brady as a writing mentor
  • Suzanne Smart has won Karen Williams as a writing mentor
  • Lara Byrne and E.A Carter have both won Angela Marshall as a writing mentor

Mentorship Prize Winners

4. Publishing Contract and Audiobook Prizes

Five unpublished writers have won a publishing contract with Spectrum Audiobooks. This is a life-changing prize for these writers! Check out these writers and their stories: Spectrum Audiobook Prize Winners

5. Audiobook Production Prizes

Two published authors, Rhoda Baxter and Oliver Richbell, were chosen by Spectrum Audiobooks for an audiobook production worth thousands! Check out the Spectrum Audiobook Prize Winners

6. Publishing Contract and Audiobook Prizes

Thirteen Indie Authors have won a publishing contract with Spectrum Audiobooks. This is a highly valuable prize for an independent author! Check out these writers and their stories: Spectrum Audiobook Prize Winners

7. PR Prizes

Two Indie Authors have won publicity campaigns worth thousands. Robert Fear won the UK PR Prize from Palamedes PR and Jessica Bird won the US PR Prize from Anthony Mora PR. Find out more about these PR Prize Winners: PR Prize Winners

8. Patron Prizes

Congratulations to Halima Khatun and Walt Larimore who won the Patron Prizes. They had the most votes from friends, family and followers for their 2020 awards submissions.

9. Screenplay Adaptation Consultation Prize

Congratulations to Ben Marney who a Screenplay Adaptation Consultation with Susan Mears Literary Agency, who loved Ben's book and are keen to see how it could be adapted to film. Janet Lee Chapman said: “I liked the logline for this story straight away, as it captured my interest. It’s a love story and a mystery, across decades, with a lot of potential to become an intriguing and entertaining film. It reminded me of The Lake House and Gone Girl. I liked the scene settings and dialogue, too."

Awards Ceremony

Even if you weren't there, you can check out our Awards Ceremony. Here is a snippet if you only have four minutes to spare: https://youtu.be/B-U37me-qgU

If you'd like to see all our winners, you can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/RxCvTOouFDg

Even if you don't watch the full video, please watch the very end as the Awards Ceremony curtains close because there is an important message for all writers and authors. Please add your comments and like and share these links!

2021 Awards

Our 2021 Awards are now streaming ahead at full speed. Find out our judges and what Award you could enter.

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Page Turner Awards Shortlist and Winners Photo Collage