Email Marketing For Authors and Writers Workshop

Email Marketing For Authors and Writers Workshop

If you have already created a Writer's Platform and don't need to attend How to Create A Writer's Platform, but you still need to learn more about marketing and promoting your books through Email Marketing, this Workshop is the one for you.

Email Marketing for Authors and Writers will teach you ~ How To Use Email Marketing To Find New Readers.

Email marketing is one of the most important aspects of marketing a book! It’s the quickest, most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your book marketing messages directly to your readers and to get them to engage with you as an author.

As a new author or a writer waiting to self-publish your books or to grow a Writers' Platform, this guide will get you set up, and emailing within a day. It will show you how to start email list building and engage with potential readers of your books.

Why Email Marketing?

The benefits of Email Marketing are huge.

As an author or writer, you will use email marketing for promoting your books:
1. It’s instant and gets into your reader’s inbox in seconds after you hit send
2. You’re able to build a rapport with them with your personal journey to writing books they will love
3. If you get your messaging right, they’ll share your news and thus your books with their friends. Readers want to connect with authors they like. They want to hear more about you and your writing, and especially when news about the next book will hit their inbox.

Note on #2 ~ when communicating with Page Turner Awards entrants, we use email marketing. See what some entrants have to say about our communication with them, all done via email marketing. In fact, our communication through email marketing has created a community.

So, how do you create a Writer's Platform?

Join this workshop to find out!

The 'Heart' of the Workshop

We will walk you through the maze of email marketing and get you ready to start marketing your books to readers. Not just started, but this Email Marketing for Authors and Writers Workshop will show you how to build a mailing list of readers that will engage with you and follow you through your writing journey.

Who Should Attend?

  • Writers just starting out in their writing journey who want to develop a platform to connect with readers
  • Writers with a literary agent who are working on their manuscript and want to impress a publisher when the agent is ready to propose the book to publishers
  • Established writers and authors who want to ensure their novels reach a wide range of readers
  • Authors and writers who need to learn more about marketing their book (s)

What You Will Learn

Email Marketing for Authors and Writers will show you:

  • What's email marketing and how authors and writers will benefit
  • How to set up an email marketing account
  • How to prepare email marketing messages
  • Email permissions and legal compliance
  • Where to feature your sign-up links to get new reader subscribers
  • Lots of ideas for building your email marketing list
  • How to run stylish email marketing campaigns
  • How to sell books through email marketing without spamming your readers
  • How to retain your subscribers and keep them engaged with your email marketing messages

Paula will be teaching the same techniques she used to grow her book marketing mailing list to 75K. Jump onto this Email Marketing for Authors and Writers' Workshop now and start building your readers' list!

About Workshop Tutor Paula Wynne

Paula Wynne is the bestselling author of one of the first DIY digital marketing books, Pimp My Site published by Wiley

Paula has grown several email marketing lists for both freelance clients and her own online businesses.

As an award-winning entrepreneur (eight business awards) Paula has appeared on TV several times, including breakfast shows and has been featured in various magazines and national newspapers.

Paula and her husband Ken starred in the BBC Show, Escape to the Continent, which showed their quest to live in Spain so Paula could become a full time writer.

For many years Paula has been obsessed with learning everything to improve her writing. She has acquired a bookshelf of excellent reference books by highly acclaimed authors, so she wrote Pimp My Fiction: Secrets of How to Write a Novel. This inspired a Writers’ Resource Series with 101 Writers’ Scene Settings and A~Z Writers’ Character Quirks.

Paula received an ‘Honourable Mention’ in the 75th Annual Writers Digest Writing Competition for two unpublished novels, which inspired her to continue writing. She went on to win the People's Book Prize for her debut novel, The Grotto's Secret. That award inspired Paula to create her own unique writing contest, which became The Page Turner Awards.

Paula has been featured on Sky News, Radio 2 and is often asked to comment on BBC radio stations. She has appeared in The Independent on Sunday, Financial Times, The Guardian, Red Magazine, Berkshire Life, Country Life, Start Your Own Business, People Today, People Management, OnRec, Management Today, Country Living, Pay Monthly and Financial Mail, along with numerous regional and local publications across the country. She also been on the morning TV breakfast shows a couple of times to discuss various topics. When she is not ‘head-down’ focusing on writing, Paula also speaks at seminars across the UK.


This is an on-demand video training course available from December and can be watched at your convenience at any time.

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