Writing Contests

Writers and authors are highly recommended entering writing contests, writing competitions and book awards to showcase their writing and books. Read our testimonials from writers and authors who entered Page Turner Awards and share their experience.

How To Prepare Your Writing For A Writing Contest

Writers enter writing contests for a wide variety of reasons from getting practice to furthering their career as a writer. Not many writing contests offer writers the chance to get a publishing

Are you planning to enter your novel or into a writing contest?

Are you planning to enter your novel or into a writing contest? Writing is a skill that needs honing and toning and to be free of common mistakes, especially if you want the judges of the writing

Psychology For Writers Entering Writing Contests

Submitting your work to a writing contest or book awards can feel scary, even for those authors and writers who have submitted work before or won can still find it scary. It's a big step and you are

7 Reasons Why Writers Should Enter Writing Contests

Have you considered submitting your work to a writing contest but wondered why you should? Especially if you are not sure if you are going to win? Submitting to a writing contest may be a big step but

Writing Contests Can Help Writers Get Published

Writing contests are all about winning the prize, wining a prize money, right? Wrong. Writing contests are about a variety of things more than just the listed prize. You don’t even have to win to get

When In Your Writing Journey To Enter A Writing Contest

Have you considered entering a writing contest? Many writers have tried entering writing contests at one point or another. But not everyone has. Writing contests can do a lot for your writing journey