Find A Literary Agent

Finding a literary agent is an essential part of a writer's journey. If you want to be traditionally published with a publishing company, you will need a literary agent. Find out how to go about getting literary agency representation.

Enter Writing Contests To Win A Literary Agent

Many writers don't realize that they can jump a literary agent's queue by entering a writing competition or writing contest. Same thing, just a different way of expressing that the writer enters

Why Writers Need Literary Agents

If you are reading this article you've probably just finished writing a book, are nearing the end, or maybe exploring the possibility of becoming a published author. No matter where you are in the

Five Tips For Writers To Find A Literary Agent

Most writers will agree that writing a book is a fun process, with creating fictional characters, doing loads of interesting research and the whole creative process of weaving the plot in with the

How To Get Your Manuscript In Front Of A Literary Agent

Every first time writer has the same question: how do I get my book in front of a literary agent? Often times this comes into the mind as the writer feels that they are wrapping up the writing process