Adapting Books To Screenplays

Authors often ask about adapting their books into screenplay format and how to write a screenplay to enter our Screenplay Award. Read on to find out how you as an author can convert and adapt your novels into screenplay format, in other words a script, to enter it into our Screenplay Award, or in fact any screenplay writing contest.

How To Enter A Screenplay Contest

Screenplays are a lot of fun to write. While they are fun, you also probably put a lot of work and passion into your writing. That means that you want to do something with it. A lot of writers

Screenplay Format For Authors Entering A Screenplay Contest

Authors who are adapting a novel or book into a screenplay, so they can enter a screenplay contest needs to know about Screenplay Format. Be aware that you will probably have to cut many supporting

Novice Mistakes To Avoid When Converting A Book To Screenplay

It is vitally important to avoid these novice mistakes when adapting your novel into a screenplay to enter it into screenplay contests.

Screenwriting is vastly different from writing a novel or

Netflix has begun the search for screenwriters and authors who have adapted their books to screenplays

Netflix has begun the search for screenwriters and authors who have adapted their books to screenplays. Netflix is pushing big money, BIG, BIG money behind their new initiative, which will see

Book Adaptations Added To Screenplay Award Contest

Oh wow, we have such exciting news for authors and writers!

We've been in lots of discussions with film producers judging our Screenplay Award.

We've explained that it's not easy for

Critical Elements of Converting A Book Into A Screenplay

Danek S. Kaus is a produced writer and has two films in development and three more of his screenplays have been optioned. Recently, he has been hired by authors to adapt their books for the big screen

How To Begin Adapting A Novel Into A Screenplay

How To Begin A Screenplay when adapting a book to a screenplay so that you can enter it into a screenplay contest?

As we've said in our articles on adapting a novel or book into a screenplay, the

What's A Treatment And Why Writers Entering A Screenplay Award Should Have One?

A treatment is a document that presents the story idea of your film before writing the entire script. Essentially, it is a pitch document that screenwriters and authors (who are adapting a book to a

What Is The Difference Between A Script And Screenplay?

Why should authors adapt their book or novel to a screenplay? Quite simply, because there's a huge boom in the industry for novels being adapted to film and book series being adapted to TV series! So

Adapting Books Into Screenplays For Entering A Screenplay Contest

Authors often ask how they can adapt their fiction novel into screenplay format for film or a book into a script for a documentary. Many published authors don't know how to write a screenplay to enter

Screenplay Formatting Software To Adapt A Book To A Screenplay

Screenwriting software makes producing an Industry-standard script simple and straightforward. Programs like Final Draft and Movie Magic Screenwriter put your words into proper screenplay format as

Netflix Is Looking For Screenwriters And Authors Adapting Books To Screenplays

Hey, screenwriters and authors who are adapting their books into screenplays, did you know that Netflix are looking for great script content to produce. Page Turner Awards Founder, Paula Sheridan, was

Book Adaptation Added To the Page Turner Screenplay Award

Although the pandemic is causing havoc across the globe, and resulting in sad tragedies, it has given writers lots more opportunities to get their writing noticed. Many writers and authors who we

Pitching Your Writing To Netflix

There’s no better time to consider pitching your writing to Netflix. Whether that be a screenplay for film or television or a book you're adapting into a film script or television series.


Dialogue Is Vitally Important In Screenplay Adaptation

Dialogue is the single most important part of adapting a novel into a screenplay, so you can enter it into a screenplay contest such as Page Turner Awards Screenplay Award.

With all the great