The Page Turner Phoenix Award

Equality For All Writers

Encouraging Diversity And Equality!

The Page Turner Awards proudly introduces the Equality Awards, a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive literary landscape. This initiative aims to amplify voices from the broadest possible spectrum of experiences, encompassing race, religion, educational backgrounds, different cultural communities, and unique cultural traditions. We've divided the Equality Awards into two distinct categories to accommodate the multifaceted nature of diversity and inclusion, namely the Culture Award and the Phoenix Award.

We are thrilled to launch these new Equality Awards, which align with our ongoing efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the literary community. Not only that, but we eagerly await submissions that will enrich our understanding of the world through the power of storytelling.

The Page Turner Phoenix Award

the Phoenix Award celebrates resilient writers who have truimphed over adversity

The Phoenix Award stands as a tribute to the unwavering resilience and passion exhibited by writers who have triumphed over personal adversities.

Whether navigating the intricacies of writing in a language beyond their native tongue, surmounting physical or mental challenges, confronting traumatic life events, or addressing minority issues, the Phoenix Award celebrates the indomitable spirit of these writers.

Inspired by the mythical Phoenix, this award embodies hope and the promise of brighter tomorrows, rising from the crucible of writers' challenges.

The Phoenix Award invites submissions of published, unpublished, or unproduced screenplays, serving as a true stepping stone for unrecognized talents. It offers an opportunity to transcend challenges and carve a meaningful path in the literary world.

Enter The Page Turner Phoenix Award

Writers entering the Phoenix Award will also be asked to give a personal statement on why they feel they should be considered for this award.