Our Success Stories

The successes listed below clearly confirm that Page Turner Awards is providing validation, inspiration, and a genuine launchpad for many authors, writers, and screenwriters.

Our Success Stories

Now in our fourth year, Page Turner Awards has achieved the following for the writers who have entered our international writing competition:

  1. Mustafa Marwan's debut novel, Guns and Almond Milk, was a Page Turner Awards 2021 Finalist, and is now published by Simon and Schuster, and we are very excited for Mustafa, who is delighted that he entered our awards and is "finally getting recognition" for his writing!
  2. Victoria Brown won the 2022 Writing Award alongside Jane Bond. Victoria has now signed with Annette Crossland Literary Agency, and they are very excited to pitch her submission, Darling Girl, to publishers.
  3. Jonny King won the Screenplay Award category TV Series Award for his submission, Gifted. As well as winning the overall Screenplay Award, Jonny also won literary management from Sean Dubravac from Entertainment Lab. British actress, Jane Asher is now attached to play the main character, Verity, in Jonny's TV series, Gifted, and Sean has pitched the project to a number of top production companies who have requested to read the script, including Warner Bros, Paramount, Disney and The Jim Henson Company.
  4. After reaching the 2020 Writing Award Shortlist and coming second in the 2020 Writing Award, Joanne Clague found a literary agent who sold her book to Canelo publishers with a three-book deal! Jo's first book The Ragged Valley is available to order in eBook or paperback from every bookshop and can be found online here. Book 2 in the Sheffield Sagas is out on November 3.
  5. In 2021 Helen Rowe won a Writing Mentorship with Karen Williams, which led to a publishing contract. Her non-fiction book, Eliminating Poverty in Britain, by Flint Books, will be published on 7 September 2023. Helen said, "Winning the Page Turner Awards Mentorship Prize in 2021 was a pivotal moment for me. Not only was it brilliant to be mentored by Karen Williams at Librotas, who helped me finish the book, but the prize also provided proof to publishers that my manuscript was worth reading. Ten months after winning the award, I signed my publishing deal with Flint Books. I am extremely grateful to Ken and Paula for setting up the Page Turner Awards. It provides a vital pathway for new authors to get their work published. For me, it all started here!"
  6. After reaching the 2021 Longlist, Steven Mitchell was offered a publishing deal with SRL Publishing and his book, Under The Moss, is being released in 2022.
  7. Five writers won literary management representation. Mark Stibbe, Min Day and Sharon Barba are now represented by Yasmin Kane. Emma Williams is now represented by Samar Hammam.
  8. Another fifteen had their full manuscript requested by literary agents, which hopefully will lead to agency representation.
  9. Eighteen writers won a writing mentorship.
  10. Thirteen Indie Authors won a publishing contract and audiobook production.
  11. Six Indie Authors won an audiobook production.
  12. Five writers won a publishing contract and audiobook production
  13. Two mainstream published authors won an audiobook production.
  14. Three Indie Authors won a highly valuable publicity campaign in the US or the UK.
  15. One Indie Author won her next book's publishing costs paid for by Page Turner Awards.
  16. Over 50 different writing prizes were won by many other different writers and authors.
  17. More than 78 testimonials have so far been formally posted on the Page Turner website by authors stating delight at their experience in joining the awards, with a lot more formal praise being posted in our Forum area.
  18. As well as winning the overall Screenplay Award, Jonny King won literary management from Sean Dubravac from Entertainment Lab. That could be you later this year when the winners are announced at our online ceremony in October!
  19. After reaching the 2021 Longlist, Steven Mitchell now has a publishing deal with SRL Publishing and his book, Under The Moss, is being released in 2022.

Last but by no means least, the diversity of our awards significantly expanded in 2021 with entrants, finalists, shortlist, and winners all being drawn from a wide range of different nationalities, race, gender, and cultural backgrounds.

See our 2021 awards winners.

We hope to see further growth in our diversity in the future Page Turner Awards.