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Excellent Editing Option

My development edit was done quickly. David's service was excellent and I received very constructive feedback.

Give it a go

The Page Turner Awards 2020 has been a ray of light in an otherwise dark year. Paula and Ken have done a great job running the competition, and Paula’s communication throughout the process has been faultless. If you have a writing project you’ve been working on that you’d like to ‘put out there’ I

Thanks Page Turner Awards

I appreciate the effort you've put into making the Page Turner Awards a rewarding experience. Its been an invaluable opportunity to get my book in front of those in the media industry. Thanks for helping my book be seen by those who need to read it. Geoff

Page Turner Awards Gets Involved

Participating in The Page Turner Awards 2020 has been a wonderful experience. To be able to display your work in such a large industry arena, an international arena, builds such personal confidence and instills validation. To be able to see what the other entrants are doing makes one feel very

Wonderful Experience

The whole process has been really smooth and Paula very helpful when needed. Although I didn’t tweak the entry once uploaded, I appreciated retaining control of the submission up to the deadline. Getting through to the final has been a massive confidence booster – thank you.

Lara Byrne

I was drawn to the Page Turner Awards by first impressions. It seemed well-conceived and structured, run to a high professional standard, clear in its aims and judged by a panel of very well-respected industry specialists. 

I was not disappointed. From submission onwards, everything ran smoothly

Well done

The Page Turner Awards offer an opportunity for writers to improve their skills, no matter the outcome of the contests. Take the chance to improve, and even if not a finalist or other winner, the experience will be helpful. 

I appreciate Paula's time and patience in coordinating the contests, as

Valuable Editor Suggestions

This is the first time I have used an editor. I was very happy with David’s editing service. He made some valuable suggestions, which I implemented, and I’ve had an idea for adding a little foreshadowing.

The editing service was incredibly valuable!

The editing service was incredibly valuable! For me, it was the first time I had a professional look at my work. I was nervous but thrilled to have the opportunity. David provides the perfect feedback with kindness and direction. I wish I had the money, and he had the time to go through the entire

Confidence Boosting

In an endless sea of form letter query rejections, the Page Turner Awards sit like an island of respite. A chance to get professional feedback and encouragement. Being a finalist was what I needed to have the fortitude to continue on my writing journey.


I've much appreciated being part of this process. It is such a privilege to have so many professionals in the industry look over your work, and the gradation of services and awards available mean that this prize caters for many different sorts of writer. An excellent initiative.

Dan Brockington

One of the best critiques I've received to date!

David's critique was helpful. His comments showed he had carefully read my work and his suggestions were thoughtful. He balanced praise and criticism in a way that was not patronizing and gave me insight into other possible approaches to the beginning of my novel. I wouldn't mind working with him

An amazing experience!

There are plenty of contests to enter out there, but this has been the most accessible for me. I really enjoyed being able to post my work and see the work of others. It was both intimidating and enlightening. Regardless of the outcome, this has made me a more confident writer, and I'm so grateful

Excellent Awards Competition

The Page Turner Awards is an excellent competition for writers at all levels. What I particularly like is that an entrant is able to receive editor feedback ahead of time before the entry deadline and resubmit work if changes have been made, not leaving the writer locked into a mistake or a change

"Growing Up Gay Stories"

A sincere Thank You to Paula and the Page Turner Awards team for finding the courage to bring "Growing Up Gay Stories" to the finalists stage. It's extremely gratifying to be in a great company of talent and wherever this project lands, I take it as a "win" already. Huge congratulations to the other

Great Value For Money

It was a pleasure to work with David and the editing services were great value for money. His feedback was thorough and commercial. It goes without saying that my entry to the PTA is much improved thanks to his efforts.

David's edits were thorough and focused on making my book more attractive to

Encouraging Feedback

I found Page Turner's offer of an editing service very helpful. I have not used an editor before and this provided an easy introduction to the service. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the editor and will use his service again.

David’s comments and feedback were very constructive and

A big thank you to all judges

I do thank each and every judge who was part of the process. Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. This was a big learning curve for me. 

Thank you Page Turner Awards for the opportunity and hosting a fine competition. 

Offering Writers the Help & Support They Need!

The Page Turner Awards really do give writers the opportunity to get their written work out there for the public to see and it offers writers the help and support they need. It really is valuable for both new writers and more established writers, a very good awards scheme that I would encourage

Feedback was helpful and worth the money!

David was great! Feedback was helpful and worth the money! The feedback he provided on the first 10 pages, I’m now applying to the rest of the book.

A "Wow!"Contest

I've been very impressed with how this contest keeps entrants up to date on what's happening and their excellent communication. Also, they offer some great classes--I'm getting ready to learn how to pitch my manuscript to the film industry. Cool, right?