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Page Turner Awards Gets Involved

Participating in The Page Turner Awards 2020 has been a wonderful experience. To be able to display your work in such a large industry arena, an international arena, builds such personal confidence and instills validation. To be able to see what the other entrants are doing makes one feel very

Accessible & PR-Friendly!

Loved how Page Turner Awards gave me a fresh way to promote my book. It's a highly accessible contest with a well-thought-out structure and helpful communication, especially for newer/early-career authors.

All the best to the finalists—I'm looking forward especially to seeing new stories finding

One of the best critiques I've received to date!

David's critique was helpful. His comments showed he had carefully read my work and his suggestions were thoughtful. He balanced praise and criticism in a way that was not patronizing and gave me insight into other possible approaches to the beginning of my novel. I wouldn't mind working with him

A Chance to Believe

The Page Turner Awards is truly inclusive. To be acknowledged is always an honour; a fleeting moment to believe in ourselves. I am deeply thankful for this moment, however brief. Thank you, Paula and Ken.

Without real opportunities like this, getting published would be just another possibility in

Valuable Editor Suggestions

This is the first time I have used an editor. I was very happy with David’s editing service. He made some valuable suggestions, which I implemented, and I’ve had an idea for adding a little foreshadowing.

An amazing experience!

There are plenty of contests to enter out there, but this has been the most accessible for me. I really enjoyed being able to post my work and see the work of others. It was both intimidating and enlightening. Regardless of the outcome, this has made me a more confident writer, and I'm so grateful

Helping Writing Careers!

Thank you!  The Awards Ceremony was an exciting day for me and a great honour.  I’m especially excited to know I will be in contact with Janet from the Susan Mears Agency. Janet wrote a very complimentary comment about my book that you posted earlier in the contest.  

I want to thank you again

"Growing Up Gay Stories"

A sincere Thank You to Paula and the Page Turner Awards team for finding the courage to bring "Growing Up Gay Stories" to the finalists stage. It's extremely gratifying to be in a great company of talent and wherever this project lands, I take it as a "win" already. Huge congratulations to the other

The editing service was incredibly valuable!

The editing service was incredibly valuable! For me, it was the first time I had a professional look at my work. I was nervous but thrilled to have the opportunity. David provides the perfect feedback with kindness and direction. I wish I had the money, and he had the time to go through the entire

In the Blink of an Eye

Kind of gobsmacked to be amongst all you finalists whose books look great. Looking forwards to reading some of them, and good luck with your writing, now and in the future, you guys!

Give it a go

The Page Turner Awards 2020 has been a ray of light in an otherwise dark year. Paula and Ken have done a great job running the competition, and Paula’s communication throughout the process has been faultless. If you have a writing project you’ve been working on that you’d like to ‘put out there’ I

Wonderful Experience

The whole process has been really smooth and Paula very helpful when needed. Although I didn’t tweak the entry once uploaded, I appreciated retaining control of the submission up to the deadline. Getting through to the final has been a massive confidence booster – thank you.

Rare Writing Contest

I am honored to be a finalist with my script RARE AS RED HAIR! Regardless of how I do from this point going forward in this competition, I just wanted the organizers to know what a classy and respectful contest this has been.

I will definitely share my experience with my fellow writers and wish

Where a writer's dreams can come true...

My book has been in many competitions but the Page Turner Awards has impressed me the most for its professionalism, communication, dedication to supporting talented writers and opening doors to new and exciting talent.

A stunning list of literary judges and literary prizes makes the Page Turner

Excellent Fun!

I have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of The Page Turner Awards and it has added an extra dimension of excitement for my readers who have all been cheering me on!

It was such a thrill to hear the news that I was a finalist and as a result my book has gained even more interest - hurrah!


Thank you Page Turner.

I am so grateful to Page Turner, not just for shortlisting FINDING RUBY for the book award, but for the whole experience. This is the first competition I have entered and I am so glad I chose a massive, professionally run, international competition like Page Turner. I have since realised just how

Encouraging Feedback

I found Page Turner's offer of an editing service very helpful. I have not used an editor before and this provided an easy introduction to the service. I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by the editor and will use his service again.

David’s comments and feedback were very constructive and

Rewarding Literary Award

I'm very glad to have entered and have recommended it to my local author society for next year's competition. Page Turner Awards (already!) stands out as an unusually accessible and rewarding literary award and I look forward to the winners' continued success as their stories reach new audiences!

Page Turner Writing Award 2021

The 2021 Writing Award was an invaluable experience that helped me improve my technical skills and gain confidence to continue pursuing my goals as a writer. 


I was able to learn about the industry and obtain objective third-party feedback that I found very useful. Being able to see and

People like you help people like me take a chance!

I cannot thank you enough for putting together the Page Turner Awards, it has been a wonderful experience. I'd wanted to write since I was 6, but life took me another route for a long, long, time.

This is the first thing I've written, and I've been absolutely overcome with self-doubt, and walked

Have enjoyed every minute!

Thanks to the Page Turner Awards for creating such a hospitable and encouraging atmosphere. The staff has been friendly, helpful, and well organized. Not only have I had the excitement of entering the competition, but I've also been connected to workshops and other useful tools for furthering my

What an Honour!

Being a part of the Page Turner Award has been an honour. From hearing about it, submission, contact, being informed of becoming a finalist and being updated by Paula, all touchpoints have been smooth and pleasant. 

This is the first time I have entered a writing competition of this renown and I

Wonderful experience

I've thoroughly enjoyed the Page Turner Awards. A supportive community of writers and authors together with an excellent team of organizers made this experience a delight. I'm grateful that two of my books were awarded Finalists. I will return!

It All Begins Here...

The Page Turner Awards keeps going from strength to strength as they bring new possibilities to indies and open doors once firmly closed to us. I have entered my books into their awards every year and cannot overstate the value of this contest. The Page Turner Awards gives indies who would normally

Excellent Editing Option

My development edit was done quickly. David's service was excellent and I received very constructive feedback.

Great opportunity for authors

A huge thank you to Paula and Ken for instigating the Page Turner Awards. This has been a great opportunity for authors to share their work and gain recognition in the wider world. The number of prizes and awards handed out to so many successful recipients has been astounding. Thanks again for your

A "Wow!"Contest

I've been very impressed with how this contest keeps entrants up to date on what's happening and their excellent communication. Also, they offer some great classes--I'm getting ready to learn how to pitch my manuscript to the film industry. Cool, right?

Finally! A new Credible Award

Want an award for writing a book? The internet is loaded with sites that offer awards if you pay the substantial entry fee. Buying an award has become a scam that pollutes the credibility of good writers with poor writers who've boughten their awards. Page Turner Awards stands as a shining example

Page Turner Awards create winners.

In 2020, I thought about entering the Page Turner Awards, but my work wasn't quite ready and I didn't want to rush. I was pleased to see how well it was run and I took advantage of a consult with a literary agent. This lead to revisions and my entry in this year's awards.

As a writer, the most

Film Pitch Mentorship Workshop with Stephen Hodges

This was a super experience and very, very useful. Stephen explained clearly what a pitch was and how to do one. In fact, there are several varieties of pitch!

In evaluating our work, he was specific, and kind. I found his critique helped me refine what I need to say in a pitch. Above all, let

Hugely Encouraging

Reaching the Finals of these of the Awards is hugely encouraging. It’s validation that the bumpy road to a finished work is worth the effort and I’m very grateful to the Page Turner Award team for the opportunity to present my work. Thank you.

Nurturing and Raising Enthusiasm

Having been a Finalist in the 2020 Page Turner Awards is very gratifying, especially because it was The Page Turner Awards first year of hosting, nurturing and raising enthusiasm for such an event.

To pull this together so expertly, especially with the pandemic affecting everyone involved and

Lara Byrne

Thanks to Paula and everyone at PTA for an incredible journey!

The Page Turner Awards simply stand out. They are more than just another literary prize; they are a journey of self-discovery for any aspiring writer, a very professional test of your concept and output. I have learnt so much about so

What A Wonderful Experience

The PageTurner crew does a fantastic job of keeping entrants notified of the process and of creating community. I look forward to staying in touch with them and witnessing more of the process!

More Than a Competition

I'm so pleased I entered the Page Turner competition. Not because I got anywhere - I didn't. But because the feedback from Private Feedback was invaluable. It was detailed and to the point, and I could tell all of my submission had been read. I also took part in the 1-2-1 with Yasmin Kane. What an

The sky is the limit!

Whether you are self-published or traditionally published, I believe entering book competitions is a must for all authors. It will not only promote your work but give you important feedback on your book and how to progress as a writer. However, there are so many competitions and they can be

Blown Away by Page Turner Awards!

I am a veteran of book awards, and managed to even win a few, but I have never received anything for my awards except the opportunity to buy award stickers. 

I was skeptical when approached by a new book award, but I decided to throw my hat in the ring one last time. I was shocked when my book

Exciting, rigorous, rewarding!

There are some writing awards which are mechanical. You pay, you wait, and you get an award. That seems to happen regardless of the quality of the material submitted. Not so the Page Turner Awards. From the start the process is well organised and professional, and the works chosen to go through from

A wonderful experience from start to finish

The Page Turner Awards has been a breath of fresh air in a sea of writing competitions. Paula's hands-on approach in managing the competition has been wonderful. Her announcements and communications have been personal, yet professional—a unique quality compared to the standard form letter responses

Offering Writers the Help & Support They Need!

The Page Turner Awards really do give writers the opportunity to get their written work out there for the public to see and it offers writers the help and support they need. It really is valuable for both new writers and more established writers, a very good awards scheme that I would encourage

Feeling Like a Winner!

When I saw this contest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  All I knew was that I had to give it a try.  I have always been a little down on myself when it came to my writing.  Lately, I have been trying to step out of my comfort zone and step into a few places in my world that may be

Honored to Be Acknowledged

The Page Turner Awards are an inspiring gift to writers. The benefits of these awards reach beyond the exceptional opportunities for authors to showcase their unpublished manuscripts or find an agent or publisher; they also bestow hope, affirmation, momentum, and encouragement that can get writers

Home to Roost by David Lea

Page Turner has provided a significant boost to my confidence as a writer and my productivity. I had taken years to finish the novel, re-writing, reading books on writing, going on courses about writing, joining webinars about writing, finding an urgent need to tidy the cupboard under the stairs and

Well done

The Page Turner Awards offer an opportunity for writers to improve their skills, no matter the outcome of the contests. Take the chance to improve, and even if not a finalist or other winner, the experience will be helpful. 

I appreciate Paula's time and patience in coordinating the contests, as

Feel inspired and encouraged about your work

The Page Turner Awards are a wonderful way to feel inspired and encouraged about your work. Connecting with other authors and receiving their feedback is also a bonus, as sometimes writing can be a solitary experience, one that is filled with buoyant optimism one moment and total self-doubt the next

A wonderful experience

I entered the young writer's award 2021 after the completion of my first novel. The publishing world being as tough - and sometimes intimidating - as it is, I was unsure of what step to take first in order to get my book out there. I can only say that the Page Turner Award so far has been an

Well Done Page Turner Awards 2020

To have be listed as a finalist in the E-Book Page Turner awards 2020 was a wonderful piece of news to receive. Paula and her team have encouraged a real community of writers to share their writing journeys behind this excellent and prestigious award. Oliver Richbell, Author of Gloriana. 


I am so delighted to be one of your finalists - how very exciting! I look forward to communicating with other authors, and hearing the further results.

Many thanks for giving us all this opportunity.

All the best, Sue writing as Stella Jackson

Dan McCrory

This process, though slowed by a world pandemic, has been a real nail-biter. in terms of suspense. I've read excerpts of the works of my fellow contestants and I am awed by the company I'm in. First, to be singled out as a finalist is a great honor. Second, to be recognized by the Page Turner Awards

Amazing prize giving evening

The Page Turner Awards Ceremony was thoroughly enjoyable, it really had a special feel to it. Best Zoom meeting ever? Certainly in ages. Thanks again for all your efforts, they really showed. The multiple forms of support to so many authors – mentoring, agents, writing aids, publication deals are

Great Value For Money

It was a pleasure to work with David and the editing services were great value for money. His feedback was thorough and commercial. It goes without saying that my entry to the PTA is much improved thanks to his efforts.

David's edits were thorough and focused on making my book more attractive to

Page Turner Awards Brings Out Your Best

I submitted to the 2021 Page Turner Awards competition as a completely unknown writer. What amazed me about the whole process, above all else, was the personal touch of the PTA team. It felt as though they were my personal advisors from the very beginning. I applied for a writing critique, which was

Forever Catalunya

Stephen's Logline Workshop was very inspirational and his reactions gave me so much hope. Stephen was so good to listen to and I learned so much!


We know that it must take loads of work and dedication to organize and run Page Turner Awards. Thank you, Paula and Ken. 

Life Changing Awards

Entering the Page Turner Awards truly changed my writing life, which for me is beyond exciting. It’s because what Paula and Ken have achieved with this Writing Award goes so much further than a completion.

It never felt like being about winners and losers and they gave so much time and energy to


I've much appreciated being part of this process. It is such a privilege to have so many professionals in the industry look over your work, and the gradation of services and awards available mean that this prize caters for many different sorts of writer. An excellent initiative.

The Page Turner

Confidence Boosting

In an endless sea of form letter query rejections, the Page Turner Awards sit like an island of respite. A chance to get professional feedback and encouragement. Being a finalist was what I needed to have the fortitude to continue on my writing journey.

A big thank you to all judges

I do thank each and every judge who was part of the process. Thank you for taking the time to read our stories. This was a big learning curve for me. 

Thank you Page Turner Awards for the opportunity and hosting a fine competition. 

Thanks Page Turner Awards

I appreciate the effort you've put into making the Page Turner Awards a rewarding experience. Its been an invaluable opportunity to get my book in front of those in the media industry. Thanks for helping my book be seen by those who need to read it. Geoff

Feedback was helpful and worth the money!

David was great! Feedback was helpful and worth the money! The feedback he provided on the first 10 pages, I’m now applying to the rest of the book.

Agent evaluation

I opted for an agent evaluation of the first 3,000 words of my manuscript. The feedback I received covered formatting and overall narrative and was easy to understand. 


I found it helpful to have an objective, third-party evaluation from someone in the industry who was viewing the work for the

Great opportunity!

I’m so glad to be a finalist for the 2020 Page Turner Awards.  Paula has created a fantastic award which really celebrates writing talent. Her thorough approach and desire to help writers shine is evident, particularly with the PR package element where she helps provide some excellent publicity for

How To Write A Logline

I was delighted to take part in Stephen Hodge’s tutorial on ‘How to write a logline.’ Stephen is very perceptive and quick in his analysis of potential loglines. His advice is clear and direct and generously given. And good-humoured!

Great contest!!!

I have enjoyed being part of the Page Turner Awards and am thrilled to be a finalist :) Great work organizers, for your dedication in putting out a great contest.

Gratitude for Page Turner Awards

I'm grateful to Page Turner Awards for their kind assistance and communication through the submission process of my unpublished manuscript "Caution: Mermaid Crossing, Voyages of a Motherless Daughter". This is the first time I've entered an international contest and had no idea what to expect. I was

Fix My Heart —Embracing Good Over Evil

This was my first experience of having my work entered for judging. It was thrilling and intimidating at the same time. I have enjoyed spreading Page Turner Award accolades on my social media and receiving such positive feedback from readers. It is very encouraging as a writer to hear one's writing

Voices of new authors will be heard!

I rarely enter competitions but working with Paula and Ken was a delight. The application process was straight forward - even for a luddite like me - but when I needed help, Paula was there. What was so refreshing was that Paula and Ken's aim in founding the Page Turner Awards was so that the voices

Impressive, Enlightening and Friendly!

This is my first competition, so I had no idea what to expect. The experience was a most pleasant surprise. The overall professionalism of Paula and her team is impressive. Paula's prompt and friendly replies were most encouraging too. I would recommend any aspiring writer to enter because there is

Stephen Hodge's Film Pitch Workshop

Every writer should create a ‘logline’ which they can use as a guiding star when writing or editing their work. I took part in Stephen Hodge's Film Pitch workshop to create, develop and refine my ‘logline’ and learn how to present it to a film producer.

I found Stephen’s advice to be invaluable

Impressive panel of judges

I found the people behind The Page Turner Awards to be supportive and helpful. They've assembled an impressive panel of judges and a great range of categories to consider entering.

As a writer I know it's a tough, competitive and often heartbreaking journey trying to find a home for your

Excellent Awards Competition

The Page Turner Awards is an excellent competition for writers at all levels. What I particularly like is that an entrant is able to receive editor feedback ahead of time before the entry deadline and resubmit work if changes have been made, not leaving the writer locked into a mistake or a change

Thank you for this opportunity

The Page Turner Awards 2020 has been a wonderful opportunity to get some validation for my work. I entered at the last minute and was too late to have my work edited but was surprised and delighted to be among the finalists. Thank you for the lovely button which I have displayed on my website. The

This is real help to those pursuing a writing career

I never considered myself a writer as I still cannot type (even emailing takes too long);  however, because of the global turmoil today and all the suffering I've witnessed over the years, I've been compelled to share my discoveries and little-known secrets in a book (coming out this year)—so