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Writing Workshops For Writers And Authors

Page Turner Awards is proud to host a wide variety of writing workshops and literary agent boot camps for writers and authors. Whether you're starting out on your writing journey, or you're already a fair way along the road, we're aiming to bring you workshops and boot camps to help your writing and publishing journey. Find out what's coming by signing up to our 'Writing Workshops' mailing list.

Agent 1-2-1 Boot Camp

This 2 Chapter Boot Camp provides personalized feedback on your story structure, plot and characterization.

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Agent 1-2-1 Boot Camp

Workshops For Writers

A Writing Workshop that will teach you How to Promote and Market Your Books

Promoting and marketing your book can be terrifying for authors and writers who are not web-savvy or who don't have a marketing and promotion background.

Whether you aim to be traditionally

Creating Characters In 7 Easy Steps

When we create fictional characters, writers often get lost in the mind-boggling complications listed on the internet. So many blogs and writing advice sites give reams and reams of things you have to

Email Marketing For Authors and Writers Workshop

If you have already created a Writer's Platform and don't need to attend How to Create A Writer's Platform, but you still need to learn more about marketing and promoting your books through Email

How to Evoke Character Emotion in Every Scene

During this Writing Workshop, How to Evoke Character Emotion in Every Scene, you will learn that emotion is the thread that binds readers to your characters’ experience. From fast-paced thrillers to

Literary Agent Feedback on the first two chapters of your novel

How would you like to have a literary agent look at your first chapters and give you Literary Agent Feedback on the first two chapters of your novel?

Here's how...

Literary Agent Feedback on

Screenplay critiques for screenwriters

To help screenwriters to prepare for the 2022 Screenplay Award, or for entering any other awards, we have three screenplay experts who will give you a constructive critique on your screenplay.


Secrets To Creating A Dynamic Character Arc

During this Writing Workshop, Secrets To Creating A Dynamic Character Arc, you will learn that the secret to a successful story is NOT the plot. It's the character in your plot. The story is the

Recent Webinars

Watch our recent webinars...

Webinar with literary agent Kate Barker

Kate Barker Webinar

Kate advises on getting your work discovered.

Webinar with film scout Stephen Hodges

Stephen Hodges Webinar

Stephen advises on getting your work to film.

Webinar with literary agent Yasmin Kane

Yasmin Kane Webinar

Yasmin's advice to get your work discovered.