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Connecting authors (in our Book Award), screenwriters (in our Screenplay Award) and writers (in our Writing Award)
with industry professionals.

page turner writing awards international writing contest for all writers

International Writing Awards Open For Submissions!

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Book Award

Win prizes worth £40K. Hundreds of authors have previously won prizes.

Book Award

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Screenplay Award

Have your script optioned for film or win an LA literary manager.

Screenplay Award

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Writing Award

Literary agents & publishers looking for writers, plus win a writing mentorship prize.

Writing Award

The Benefits of Entering Our Contest


Our writing contest exposes your work to a wider audience, including agents, publishers, and other industry professionals. Being shortlisted leads to valuable connections and opportunities. Winning or placing can open doors and build your reputation.

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Invaluable Feedback

Our writing contest offers professional feedback from experienced editors and judges. This feedback can be invaluable in identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, helping you refine your craft and elevate your writing to the next level. New for 2024, see your submission scores.

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Confidence Boost

Winning or placing well in our writing competition is a significant confidence boost for any writer. It can provide validation of your skills and talent, motivating you to continue writing and pursuing your artistic goals. Most of our writers experience a huge boost!

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