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DeadBirds is passionate about books and believes in supporting authors and publishers in making quality book trailers and covers at affordable prices.

In this day and age, it is more important than ever to engage your reader, and marketing has become an essential part of selling books. Penguin and HarperCollins have seen a significant increase in the number of trailers produced as cinematic book trailers capture the essence of a book, drawing potential readers in quickly and effectively by turning the written word into an engaging visual, which adds to author visibility and branding, supporting a multimedia digital marketing campaign.

Deadbirds.Net has worked with many authors to make their novels come alive on screen through attention-grabbing book trailers. They also work with authors to create eye-catching book covers and book cover animations for both print and e-books.

Win a free cinematic book trailer with Deadbirds, and they will provide you with a Deluxe Option B trailer for free. This means you will win a top-grade book trailer with special effects included to use on social media to sell more books. The book trailer is 60 seconds long and includes royalty-free images, videos and music. You can also opt to include a voiceover for an additional fee. Deadbirds looks forward to working with you and helping you sell more books.