Allison Maruska

Author Allison Maruska is judging Page Turners eBook Award 2021

Author Allison Maruska enjoyed judging the 2020 Awards so much she is returning to our judging panel for 2021 to judge our eBook Award! Allison is a YA and mystery, suspense author, blogger, teacher, mom, wife, coffee and wine consumer, and owl enthusiast. Her blog includes humour posts, short stories, and posts on writing strategy, parenting, and teaching.

Allison's books include The Seventh Seed, The Fourth Descendant, Drake and the Fliers, Project Renovatio, Project Liberatio and Project Ancora.

Allison's latest book is Dreams of Justice: A Paranormal Mystery

Forty years ago in London, a woman’s abusive marriage ends in tragedy. In present-day New York, another woman has nightmares of her own murder. Together, they may find justice that has eluded them both.

I love to read mystery and suspense, and I’m looking forward to seeing what new writers have to offer!

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