Annette Green

Literary agent, Annette Green is judging the 2021 Page Turner Writing Award

Literary agent, Annette Green is judging the Page Turner Writing Award. Annette has been an agent for over three decades. After graduating with a BA in English and Humanities she worked in publishing and agenting for several years.

She set up her own agency in 1998 and has enjoyed considerable success since then. She has worked closely with many of her authors to shape, develop and edit their work until it is ready for submission to publishers.

​She founded The Creative Writing Consultancy with David Smith in order to give aspiring authors access to the mentoring talents of some of the agency's own clients.

Annette has always followed an energetic policy of seeking out the very best undiscovered writers of fiction; of encouraging leading figures from the worlds of broadcasting, politics, academia, media and entertainment into publishing projects.

When she is not at her desk or in meetings she spends as much time as she can with her horse, a purebred Haflinger called Mo.

What we look for in fiction and non-fiction alike is vision, imagination, originality, and invention, conveyed in writing which inspires passionate enthusiasm.

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