Danielle Hampson

Danielle Hampson is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award.

Danielle Hampson is judging the Page Turner Screenplay Award. A publishing industry podcasting pioneer, Danielle created “The Authors Show®” many years before Internet streaming radio & TV and podcasting became popular. Now in its 16th year, the show has processed 6000+ traditionally and independently published authors from around the world, and July 2020 saw the birth of the show’s French “twin” – Le podcast des auteurs, at PodcastAuteurs.com to serve the French language publishing and reading communities on all continents. Both shows work directly with authors and with publicists and publishers.

Also, recently launched, a new show segment featuring publishing industry professionals who provide valuable information to help authors further hone their skills, titled “Spotlight on the Business of Being an Author”.

Through her literacy initiative “Give A Book Get A Smile” Ms. Hampson also leverages her vast network of authors and publishers to donate books to those challenged with reading skills and access to books.

I am a visual person, so I tend to favor works that show rather than tell a story, with a solid setting, plot, a strong conclusion. Stories with believable characters, written without fluff and avoiding overuse of filler words. When using flashbacks, the script must keep the timeframe well in check and ensure the accuracy of details of the period.

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