Jodie Renner

Jodie Renner is judging Page Turner Writing Award

Freelance fiction editor and award-winning author, Jodie Renner, who has an eye for compelling fiction, is judging our Writing Award. She is delighted to have been asked to judge the Writing Award. She has acted as judge for short stories and novels many times, including several times for Writer’s Digest popular fiction contests.

As an award-winning author, Jodie has three writing guides in her 'Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction' series:

  • Fire Up Your Fiction
  • Captivate Your Readers
  • Writing a Killer Thriller

Plus her Quick Clicks series:

  • Quick Clicks: Spelling List
  • Quick Clicks: Word Usage.

Jodie offers advice for aspiring fiction writers on her blog, Resources for Writers.

Jodie is looking for stories that hook her right from the first paragraph with a compelling opening, written from the point of view of a fascinating, complex, vulnerable protagonist with a driving goal and some serious challenges to overcome.

Find out more on Jodie's website
Read her fiction-writing advice on her blog, Resources for Writers.
Check out her writing guides on Amazon