Lisa V. Proulx

Lisa V. Proulx is judging the Page Turner Book Award.

Lisa V. Proulx is judging the Page Turner Book Award. Lisa is an award-winning and international bestselling author, an award-winning speaker and storyteller, a publishing consultant with Indie Author Promotions, and was the play critic and special event feature writer for The Frederick Gazette for 10 years. She was also a feature writer and columnist for the Brunswick Citizen newspaper for 20 years. Currently, she is the feature writer, columnist, and Editor-in-Chief of The Brunswick Herald newspaper in Brunswick, Maryland.

She began writing stories in elementary school and was first published at 14 as a 9th grade student at Boonsboro High School. She went on to major in Communications and Public Speaking and is now one of four core speakers at the Reader's Favourite Book Awards held in Miami every year, and a regular speaker at the Dublin Writers Conference in Ireland. She is also on the steering committee for the Shepherdstown Writers Conference, Manuscript to Marketplace, held at Shepherd University in West Virginia.

Lisa also served as the president of the Maryland Writers Association, Frederick Chapter, in 2019, and is a member of the Non-Fiction Writers Association and the Women's Speakers Association.

Her work has appeared in several anthologies as well as national magazines such as Woman's World and The Barefoot Review.

Lisa holds writing workshops and seminars, and her program "Unknown to Bestseller" helps guides aspiring authors on the path to selling more books, gaining social media exposure, and helps them navigate the world of writing.

Her books can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, in local libraries, Turn the Page Bookstore in Boonsboro, Maryland, Four Seasons Books in Shepherdstown, West Virginia, and the library of Castello di Petroia in Gubbio, Italy.

She has lived in her childhood home in Pleasant Valley since 1968, with two cats and a variety of wildlife. Her passions are writing, animals, baking and cooking, gardening, and belly dancing.

I enjoy reading all genres but especially memoirs, biographies, and horror. I love when a story sweeps me away and the book becomes impossible to put down. I admire anyone who is willing to follow their dreams and create something beautiful in this world. We need more of you."

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