Kick Ass Story Outline - Story Planner for writers

Ashlee From Ashlee and Associates is giving away a free copy of Kick Ass Story Outline - Story Planner For Writers

Win a Kick *ss Story Outline - Story Planner for writers.

1. A free copy of the Kick *ss Story Outline for winner and runner ups.
2. 25% off purchase of Kick *ss Story Outline. (For all contestants)
3. Free script development for the winner and runner up. This includes story development and formatting the final screenplay.
4. Pitch the completely developed project to be Produced by Ashlee & Associates distribution partners (Buzz Engine, Pureflix and Sony)

What’s inside?

- Character Breakdown
Break down up to 6 characters.

- World-Building/Setting
This section is especially important for fantasy/sci-fi writers! It’s so important to build a world that your characters can thrive in. Yet, feels real. Even if it’s not!

- Plot Point Map
Mapping out your major plots helps prevent plot holes

- Cliff-hanger Creator
If you feel the need to leave the viewers hanging. so be it! This section ensures an edge of your seat experience.

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