Phill Brewer

Phill Brewer is a script editor, judging the 2022 PageTurner Screenplay Award

Phill Brewer is a script editor, judging the 2022 PageTurner Screenplay Award.

Starting off as an actor, Phill’s first professional performance was in Decades by Leo Butler, where he discovered a more in-depth passion for scripts and storytelling. This inspired Phill to study scriptwriting at the University of South Wales, where he honed his skills as an editor.

After university, Phill became a script editor at GlobalWatch films, where his most notable work was editing several scripts for Thomas Keneally (Man Booker Prize Winner for Schindler’s List) and Roland Joffe (Academy Award Nominee).

Phill co-founded Nuu-Theatre in 2015, a theatre company dedicating themselves to giving under-represented people a voice in the industry. Not only has Phill written/co-written numerous plays for Nuu, he now sits as the Literary Representative on the board of directors, actively seeking new scripts to put into production.

In his spare time, Phill also manages his own company; Volition, which have created numerous productions across Theatre, Film and Radio. Phill is always looking for new scripts to edit and produce.

Any well-written story needs to grab you immediately, which is no easy feat. I’m looking for scripts that can set up an interesting premise, and then deliver an even more interesting way to shake that up in the early pages.

For me, the most important part of any script is character. Without an intriguing and flawed protagonist, a script has nowhere to go. A good script relies on three-dimensional and unique voices. We need to see them making choices, wherever possible, that ultimately changes them for the better (or worse!).

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