Sean Glatch

Sean Glatch judging Page Turner Screenplay Award in 2022.

Sean Glatch judging Page Turner Screenplay Award in 2022 the hope of helping to discover excellent authors!

Sean Glatch is a poet, storyteller, and educator based in NYC. His work has appeared in 8 Poems, L’Ephemere Review, Rising Phoenix Press, The Cypress Dome (where he won an Editor’s Choice award), and The Poetry Annals, among others.

In 2019, Sean wrote several fable-based screenplays which were adapted into short animations, with the intention of teaching parenting skills to new mothers in Florida hospitals. His work and research were featured in the Southern Conference on Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Film, and it won the Southern Shorts award for Best in Screenwriting.

Sean currently runs, the oldest writing school on the internet.

I prefer stories that experiment, take risks, reveal the most intimate parts of the characters’ psyches, and that aren’t afraid to blend genres, conventions, and tropes. I’m keen to see scripts that are refreshingly honest and reveal something new or unusual about human nature. Screenwriters should use plot structures, genre conventions, and language itself as vehicles for exploring the human condition.

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