2023 Award Announcements

We are delighted that judging of the 2023 Page Turner Awards commences this week, after the 26th of June. The Book Award judging has already started. Please join us in wishing everyone the very best for their submission!

Page Turner Awards aims to announce our 2023 Award Results around these dates:

Book Award

  • Book Award Finalists - 26th July
  • Book Award Longlist - 26th August
  • Book Award Shortlist - 26th September

Writing Award and Screenplay Award

  • Writing Award and Screenplay Award Finalists - 15th August
  • Writing Award and Screenplay Award Longlist - 5th September
  • Writing Award and Screenplay Award Shortlists - 30th September

Writing Mentorship Award and Young Writer Award

  • Writing Mentorship Award Finalists - 5th August
  • Writing Mentorship Award Longlist - 15th August
  • Writing Mentorship Award Shortlist - 15th September
  • Young Writer Award Shortlist - 15th August

* Page Turner Awards reserves the right to amend these dates as needed, dependent on the judges and their judging availability.

All winners will be announced at our Online Awards Ceremony in the middle of November. This date will be announced as soon as we have finalized our guest speakers.

But please ensure you are signed up to our mailing lists to receive notification of the results.

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