Win A Book Blog Tour

Win A Book Blog Tour

iRead helps authors get their book into the hands of readers. They are a virtual book tour company that works with authors, publishers, publicists and book bloggers.

iRead Book Tours knows that getting your book into the hands of book bloggers will get your book noticed. When readers want to learn more about a certain book, they read the reviews. It's fine to get the low down from Kirkus or Publishers Weekly, but what are readers saying? Not professional reviewers, but those folks who actually buy books?

You know, the book lovers, librarians and book club members who scour the library, online retailers, bookstores or Goodreads to find the next great title? What are they saying about your book? Do they even know it exists? iRead understand that using the good old-fashioned word-of-mouth technique with the latest online marketing trends is the best publicity!

What can iRead do for you
When your book goes on tour with scheduled stops on well-established blogs, thousands of readers will see it. What's more, once your book is reviewed or spotlighted on a blog, it remains in the virtual world and can be accessed continuously. Blogging helps to create a buzz about you and your book.

Never before have authors been so in touch with their readers. Social media has changed the face of book publicity. It's an exciting time to be published, but it's also more competitive. How do you get readers to read your book? That's where iRead come in. They target those who spend hours talking about books: book bloggers.

iRead will guide you every step of the way. They contact the bloggers and set up the tour from beginning to end. They customize the tour for you and your book, selecting specific blogs that cater to the genre of your book. They have access to hundreds of bloggers whose blogs they have perused and carefully chosen to be a part of their host team.

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