Writing Mentorship From Rebecca Megson-Smith

Writing Mentorship With Rebecca Megson-Smith

Win a writing mentorship from Rebecca Megson-Smith. The exact nature and shape of the mentorship will be tailored to the individual prize winner and is suitable for both fiction and non-fiction pieces of work, whether at first or later drafts.

Bespoke Support:
Rebecca will develop a package of bespoke support to carry you over a minimum 6-month period. This will include a 1.5 hour deep dive into the heart of understanding your story, any challenges and obstacles you may face, and she will develop the list of resources you have or need to put in place to ensure your resilience and success.

Finally, she’ll draw up some clearly defined goals, identifying what success looks like for you in the long, medium and short term. She’ll work back from where you’d like to be in six months’ time to create a plan right up to the next immediate action you’ll take on your book after the call. A further 4 monthly 1-2-1 sessions are then created and developed on the basis of what you most need as a writer to support the creation of your book. These can take the form of deep-diving into the content, working through character, setting and plot, through to looking at any challenges and issues that are arising for you in the writing process itself.

Whatever stage you are at, Rebecca will do some work on writing your hook, your synopsis and what to think about when pitching your story to agents. In addition to the coaching sessions, there will be regular check-ins with you at least once during the month via email to see how you are getting on.

The Writing Room:
As part of the package, you will be invited to join Rebecca and other writers in Ridley’s Writing Room. The Writing Room is a super simple space that takes place on Zoom.

After hellos and a brief outline of what everyone is working on, the group mutes themselves and crack on with the writing. At the end of the session, they go round the virtual room to feedback on how everyone has got on. It’s a lovely, friendly vibe and although it can sound odd to join a Zoom to then work on your own for 50 minutes or so, there is a glorious magic to writing ‘in-community’.

At the end of the six months, you will have a final mop-up session to review your progress, feedback on the process and identify the next steps for you to take with your book.

The total value of the mentorship package is £500.00

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