2023 Audiobook Prize

One bullet can make a man a hero … or a casualty.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Nothing else exists—at least that’s what she’s been told. Strong-willed teenager Leilani Grady is suffocating on her family’s island. She wants off, but her parents say the rest of Earth is destroyed. When a stranger shows up, Leilani realizes her parents have fed her a life of lies.

Genre: LGBT

September comes too soon for a sensitive 18-year-old when he falls in love with another boy in the summer of 1966, setting in motion a series of devastating repercussions that threatens their future.

Genre: Romance

Olivia moved away four years ago. She never wanted to come back. But now she's here and the only person around is her annoying childhood foe, Noah. It doesn't matter though, she's leaving again soon and he'll probably push her out the door. One summer can't change the habit of a lifetime. Can it?

Genre: Romance

Sophie is an introverted young woman. She's reluctant to give too much of herself away, and even more so to explore the why. It's easier to hide in her bookstore. Until a charming stranger comes in and leaves with one of her painted bookmarks. Then again the next day. And the day after that.

Genre: Drama

Drop your religious baggage at the door when Lucifer returns to Eden.

Mrs. Childs's creative writing students are expected to keep personal journals for self-expression. But when clues from a murder investigation cause police authorities to confiscate the students’ journals, an innocent writing project meant to empower students now opens deep conflicts instead.

Genre: Sci-Fi

When a powerful solar flare completely disrupts life as we know it, a separated family attempts to reunite in a changed world where long-distance communication is next to impossible and modern methods of transportation no longer exist.

Genre: Fantasy

Some doors that are opened, can never be closed.

A reclusive insomniac unravels the truth of her fragmented pirate dreams, leading her to a life altering adventure.

Genre: Crime

In his latest case, Cartwright sets out to prove the innocence of a seventeen-year-old girl named Alice, suspected of murdering her grandfather, Professor Carmichael—a leading genetic scientist, with a dark and sinister past, dating back to the 1930s American Eugenics program.

Genre: Memoir

In this unflinching book, Miller Knight casts off the secrecy around her own abortion, honestly reflecting on her choice as a confused and naive woman in her twenties and how the repercussions have shaped her into a cynical and complicated woman in her forties.

After years of abuse at the hands of her stepfather, 16-year-old Kiara finally fights back... Determined to keep what's left of her shattered family together, Kiara gets emancipated. With the help of family they never knew they had, can Kiara finally heal from her past, or will her inner demons...

Almost a love story. One woman’s life filled with sex, drugs & betrayal. Dacia thinks she’s escaping a miserable life with her emotionally abusive husband only to get caught up in a world filled with meth & sex. Fast-paced & edgy, Glue will take you on a roller-coaster ride & leave you craving more...

Genre: Memoir

Unlike the many books written about my famous journalist father that deal with his influence on the Washington power brokers of the time, my memoir explores the atmosphere from inside the family, where my parents, trained as spies during World War II, continued to keep secrets from one another.

Genre: Memoir

Captain Doug Chamberlain's memoir, Bury Him, offers a gripping first-person account of Marine infantry life during the Vietnam War. Chamberlain faced the challenge of violating the Marine Corps Policy and the Warrior's Honor Code.

Mo’destee is a Senegambia teenager, in love & happier than ever. When white strangers speaking a foreign language attack their village her life is turned upside-down. Years later, Araminta is born a third-generation slave, dreaming of a different life. Is she brave enough to follow stars to freedom...

Ronni Peters, a Texas heiress, has a crush, not a case. But when she hires sexy detective Cotten Hammond to find an imaginary stalker, she finds that someone at her father's company actually does want her out of the way. They race against time to discover a killer before becoming the next victim.

Gaius Stewart is handsome, smart & charismatic. Elizabeth Anderson is beautiful, selfless & caring. There’s only one problem: he’s atheist, & she’s a devoted member of the LDS Church. What begins as a journey for truth takes a turn & becomes a battle of beliefs for the soul of an unexpected romance...

This novel will make you feel its worth and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! The entanglement of eight main characters will make you deeply invested in their lives. As you get to know them and their story, the suspense builds and you can hardly imagine what could possibly come next.

Mógū's rough start as a discarded daughter raised by nuns worsened after puberty when she was sold to work on a flower boat. Shrewd & determined to come out on top of a bad situation, she prospered from a golden opportunity the pirates who kidnapped her provided. Based on the pirate, Ching Shih.

Pioneer cannabis CEO gets down and dirty in the political and regulatory trenches of California’s greenest industry. An inspirational story about believing in yourself set in one of the US’s wildest emerging industries, Unconventional shares insightful life lessons beyond business and cannabis.

Genre: Romance

POINT BREAK xROMANCING THE STONE Shelly writes a romance novel based on a long-ago affair with nomadic surfer Jason—who turns up, still hot and in trouble. She’ll save him from gangsters, bond with her fans, not get killed, and let herself fall in love again💕