2023 Best Book Cover

Genre: Romance

Sophie is an introverted young woman. She's reluctant to give too much of herself away, and even more so to explore the why. It's easier to hide in her bookstore. Until a charming stranger comes in and leaves with one of her painted bookmarks. Then again the next day. And the day after that.

A monarchy-mad, chaotic mum-of-three, caught between a possibly unhinged father, indifferent, anti-royalist husband, truculent kids and lacklustre job, tries to silence the critical voices in her head and make peace with her colourful past by embarking on a rollercoaster ride of New Age practices.

Genre: Romance

Olivia moved away four years ago. She never wanted to come back. But now she's here and the only person around is her annoying childhood foe, Noah. It doesn't matter though, she's leaving again soon and he'll probably push her out the door. One summer can't change the habit of a lifetime. Can it?

As May and Dylan attempt to navigate their summer reunion, the pain and resentment of their past boils over, forcing them to confront not only each other, but themselves.

When U.S. Marshall Kate Swift enters a trauma-recovery workshop, she never expects to be caught up in a fiery romance and a violent crime wave.

Genre: Crime

The second in the showbiz thriller trilogy following on from 'Bandwagon'. The cover clearly demonstrates the book's premise, combining the seedy side of showbiz with grubby politics; and what some will do to cover up their sins. The subject and genre are not often seen in novels?

Spectrum Fairies is about a group of phenomenal,special,magical fairies that show the other fairies in the magical forest that it is okay to be different, and embracing your uniqueness is what makes you special.

Genre: Romance

Theirs is a love forged in the very circumstances that threaten to shatter them. But will this newfound love survive the calm after the storm, when all debris is brought to light? It all begins with a chance encounter at the moonlit shores of Carlyon Bay...

Nobel Ivan Landeric was born in Prelecosia, Croatia, in 1877. This book combines the facts from family stories and fiction and research to embellish the story. The book embraces the character of Ivan in an attempt to reflect on the time in history and the family he raised in the New World.

Genre: Horror

The one book that will change your life … for the worse.

A young Native American battles an international wine conglomerate intent on clearcutting a stand of old-growth redwoods where Gold Rush settlers massacred his ancestors. When his heroic voice falls short of what many people hope for, a world-class high wire diva steps into the breach.

Genre: Fantasy

What will happen when the werewolf pack decide to turn their backs on the promise their ancestors made to the Moon Goddess? When people go missing and the dead rise again? Discover the truth about the people who were called the Goddess’s Wards.

"Memories are never entirely silent. They murmur in your cells, shadow the mind, and knock at the door." Rella Cooper is a successful architect with a bright future. But whispers rustle in the recesses of her mind. Have parts of her past been locked away, along with trauma she has no memory of?

Fearless Ali—implanted with a pacemaker—sets her sights on a return to the baseball diamond, but her overprotective dad throws her a curveball when he enlists her childhood nemesis to keep her out of the game.

Genre: Crime

The rush for tickets to see Martha, the pop megastar, crashes the ticketing website. Martha's career (unknowingly by her fans) is being reinvigorated by a seedy mid-level organised crime boss who wants to use the tour's vehicles for people smuggling. Then Martha goes missing. But who kidnapped her?

Genre: Memoir

A curious woman travels to a Caribbean island, needing to overcome her recent grief and loss. She meets a local man, who draws her into his family circle, seeing new opportunities for himself, but warnings of 'be careful' soon follow her and events dramatically unfold into a dantesque inferno.

At 52, Wilson, a butterfly hunter, is feeling the weight of a past rich in errors and false starts. At the same time, he is obsessed with Gloria, a Chinese girl with a patch on one eye, he met in Hong Kong five years earlier. Gloria had led him into a "garden" - if that's what really happened. It's...

In London, on their thirteenth birthday, a timid girl and her twin brother's parents vanished without a trace. Determined to find them, they embark on a perilous journey across the city and entered a parallel magical realm, where truth awaited amidst danger.

Genre: Christian

King David awakens during the pandemic after 3000 years; now, he must believe in his Son in order to bring Heaven and Earth together.

Love. Fate. Darkness. Thrust into a timeless battle between an ancient network of witches and the demon underbelly who will stop at nothing to possess her regenerating body, Scarlet must face her greatest fears and accept the possibility that she is the fountain of youth personified.

...Breaking News!... top TV reporter Tess Anderson is on the run! Her husband’s affair with a Government Minister has been exposed and a London crime boss has ordered her death. She was last seen in the Greek islands with a mysterious American yachtsman....more follows...

Madison Merlot Dayne has come to The Big Island of Hawaii to video her father's TV cooking show but instead of a working vacation she discovers a poisoned Hawaiian singing star, earthquakes, flowing lava, ancient weapons. And she has problems with 3 men - a thief, king, murderer. 22 recipes inside.

Genre: Christian

After thinking he died in combat, a young warrior learns he was in a world created as a human experiment by a ruthless society over 500 years in the future and must use his combat skills and spiritual power to fight in a galactic war over the cure for death and a quest for immortality.

Trust, belief and a little magic… then maybe they could both fly free. Home's awful for Trevor, school's worse. When he meets Midge, he finds he has a gift that could change his life forever. Trevor's thrown into a magical adventure - but can he take on the destiny he’s only just discovered?

A deadly storm, a miraculous survivor, and a horrific new ability may be the only chance of survival for two kidnapped girls. The first of a four-book series, Prax blends global mythologies with torn-from-the-headlines realism to confront the issues of human trafficking in the American Midwest.

Genre: Christian

If you have difficulty entering the rest of God, this book is for you. The number one reason we continue to not be at peace is that we worry about being wise in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Learn to walk freely in the grace of God and finally abide daily in the gift of Sabbath Rest that...

For twenty five years after two teenage mums meet, they battle nature, nurture, their own demons and each other, while a musical snow globe holds the key to the mystery of an abandoned child and the chance of reconciliations.

The front cover of the book, in addition to providing clearly the title, sub-title and author, shows a dummy, representing 'Brexit', from which a mask is being removed, only to reveal a 'Wizard of Oz' style fairyland from which a baby winged unicorn and three butterflies are emerging.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In the Millennium Republic of 2075, UNIVIRTUAL, the final assimilation of all citizens into the virtual universe of the Worldstream, begins. A small band of outliers—Raúl, Dylan, and Hammad—stands in the way. Together, they hatch a scheme to preserve the last vestige of Real Life.

Genre: Romance

Jude Hastings is one bad decision away from being forced into rehab until she meets four-year-old Shea Sullivan, a deaf child who saves her with a spiritual connection she cannot explain.

Genre: Fantasy

The Spher'rios survivors were invisible to the indigenous population. If you cannot be seen, you cannot mix or mingle, or integrate. And if you cannot integrate, then you must evolve separately, and live your lives silently, or not?, in parallel.

Georgiana, master juggler of growing kids, growing old parents, eco-warrior activists and needy foreign students, is complacently content until tragedy strikes, and whilst her husband finds solace in his Welsh roots, her own inner path involves spoons, breakfast radio and unexpected enlightenment.

Top rescue dog of Newfound Friends charity, Whizz was an incredible dog, raising over £15 million for the cause, receiving a doggie OBE for his efforts. His adeptness and talents are fully illustrated on the cover of this amazing book. This story of dog and owner David, has to be told!

Marcia Duncan, a young girl with learning difficulties, lives with her alcoholic mother in a small terrace house on a rundown council estate, manages to bumble through life with a mixture of hilarity, naivety and acceptance. Her best friend and mentor Molly, is another kettle of fish altogether!

Genre: Memoir

Windsor Castle to Hong Kong – an exotic and colourful life journey

Genre: Drama

"In the corporate world of Denmark, a determined Black woman shatters glass ceilings as CEO of a renowned company, but her success attracts a dangerous stalker. As she fights to uncover the stalker's identity, she confronts the harsh reality of racism and sexism that women of color face in the...

US correspondent Finn Waters travels undercover deep into the Soviet Union chasing a story that will expose the truth about an unsolved WWII massacre and escapes only to find he has become a spy without a country.

It's 1688 AD, in the midst of the British "Glorious Revolution" and Dutch invasion, wealthy widow Rebecca DuMaurier, an African British royal court favorite, flees a forced marriage to a general and English earl, and into a tan-skinned, Irish Catholic pirate walking the shores of her Cornwall home.

Genre: Memoir

Pioneer cannabis CEO gets down and dirty in the political and regulatory trenches of California’s greenest industry. An inspirational story about believing in yourself set in one of the US’s wildest emerging industries, Unconventional shares insightful life lessons beyond business and cannabis.

Genre: Romance

Everlasting love is not for the faint of heart. New York reunites Edward and Emma, only to unveil more devastating secrets that will put their love to the ultimate test.

A woman, who traded faith in God for trust in herself searches for a kidnapped pregnant girl that her friends, family and law enforcement insists is a figment of her imagination, and a demon horde battles an angelic host for her life as she struggles to distinguish truth from deception.

An extraordinary story of the youngest and one of the most decorated front-line junior officers on the forgotten southern front in Europe. Brutal combat, tragic sacrifice, astonishing suffering, a secret mission to save the world-famous Lipizzaners, a gripping aftermath, and an astonishing ending.

A mysterious message. A mission from the gods. Can he turn back the clock to prevent his family’s extinction?

Discovering who he's in love with is Willi's task. Madison is clairvoyant, an artist, and in love. All three are the reason Willi's in trouble. Her world implodes when she's charged with murder. He’s a regular guy called by a supernatural being he doesn't believe in to save Madison and her family.

Genre: Fantasy

When Santha stumbles upon a small, rusted key in her home forest, it seems her silent pleas for a new life have been answered. Thrust into a world only glimpsed in childhood stories, Santha sets out to unlock its secrets. But as the key’s influence grows, a choice must be made: survival or sacrifice...

Genre: LGBT

Starring strong female protagonists whose fates become entangled in interesting ways, volume one of the trilogy traces the sexual road trip of the lonely and neglected Japanese housewife, Tomoko, and the young, vibrant and spontaneous college girl, Ai, who is her counterpart on that sensual journey.

Online gambling corporations exploit our weaknesses and feed us misinformation to drive up their profits. Can we counter this kind of blatant targeted advertising? Cara, a statistician at the Center for Disease Control, thinks we can, even as everyone around her tells her it is career suicide....

Genre: Fantasy

As the story ends, we'll finally learn how it started.

The witty tale of Cordelia Tanner & her glittering life with charming twin brother Rex, and enigmatic best friend Dr Elodie l’Archambeau, which is threatened by the unintended consequences of an invention that she thought was a very good idea at the time - 3D wearable hologram shoes.

Genre: Sci-Fi

What is it like to return to Earth a hundred years after its downfall? Two years ago, Simon, a revolutionary from the Arcadis space station, fled to Earth. The alien planet he finds is backward and primitive. While Simon struggles to adapt, his newfound friend Anna guides him through life in the new...

Genre: Romance

Shy and reserved Lord Henry Foxbrooke needs a fake girlfriend. Free-spirited actress Libby Fletcher needs a job. But as friendship blurs and faking it starts to feel a little too real, disaster strikes. Can Libby and Henry stick to the script, or has their entire act just bombed?

Genre: Fantasy

Telepathic college pin-up girl wants to meet telepathic boy, but he's not interested. He just stares at the stars. What is he staring at and what is so abhorrent about naming a night club 5 eight zero 6?

This novel will make you feel its worth and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat! The entanglement of eight main characters will make you deeply invested in their lives. As you get to know them and their story, the suspense builds and you can hardly imagine what could possibly come next.