2023 Best True Story

Genre: Memoir

A powerful portrayal of a woman's burning desire to know herself and what she is truly capable of.

Genre: Memoir

On St David's Day 1981, Helen receives a phone call in St Louis from her distraught father in Yorkshire, leading her to a heart-searing path of discovery. Her brother David's shocking death at twenty in a remote mansion triggers a quest to unravel truths shrouded in secrets and silence.

This is an honest account of a mother who faced one of the hardest battles of her life to save her daughter. Emma versus Anorexia Nervosa.

Genre: Christian

This book brings hope and peace to those going through a time of suffering and inspires us to live this amazing gift of life we have to the full. It allows the reader to join me through the highs and lows of a difficult time in my life yet acknowledges that even in the darkest times - God is there.

Genre: LGBT

Book 1 of the series focuses on what has been called "The Crime of the Century" in 1920s United States. At the center of this murder case were Nathan Leopold Jr. and Richard Loeb – two wealthy University of Chicago students who, in May of 1924, kidnapped and murdered 14-year-old Bobby Franks.

Genre: Memoir

Tragedy or triumph? The story of how one woman's abusive past, crept like a shadow into every facet of her adult life, but would it engulf her? Piquing the psyche and prompting introspection, this story is moving, at times shocking and yet often hilarious as her journey unfolds

Genre: LGBT

A happily married aesthetician is living the small town dream, but when she finds a box in the closet full of women's lingerie, she realizes her soulmate isn't who she thinks he is.

Genre: Memoir

Is it a memoir or a cookbook? Told in her own uniquely honest voice, Vickie shares cheating recipes, life hacks, true-life confessions and jagged, gut-wrenching revelations with equal candor.

Pioneer cannabis CEO gets down and dirty in the political and regulatory trenches of California’s greenest industry. An inspirational story about believing in yourself set in one of the US’s wildest emerging industries, Unconventional shares insightful life lessons beyond business and cannabis.

An extraordinary story of the youngest and one of the most decorated front-line junior officers on the forgotten southern front in Europe. Brutal combat, tragic sacrifice, astonishing suffering, a secret mission to save the world-famous Lipizzaners, a gripping aftermath, and an astonishing ending.

Captain Doug Chamberlain's memoir, Bury Him, offers a gripping first-person account of Marine infantry life during the Vietnam War. Chamberlain faced the challenge of violating the Marine Corps Policy and the Warrior's Honor Code.

Cult Girls is the first anti-cult memoir, graphic novel, based on the 'comedic, lighter version' of the life of my friends and I leaving the harsh Jehovah’s Witness religion. It has our flashback childhood, teenage & early marriage experiences shared through a comedic feminist lens.

Despite achieving a life of success after surviving a childhood of trauma and adversity, a recently admitted psychiatric patient contemplates the meaning of happiness when her battle with her mental illness reaches a climax.

Oleander Oasis is based on my own true to life experiences as a Domestic Abuse Survivor. Beth and Mel take a leap of faith and make a fresh start in the island town of Galveston, Texas. A whirlwind romance proving that life doesn't end after a tragedy, and that timing is everything.

Genre: Memoir

Many did fundraising hikes to Everest Base Camp, but few publish a book about their experience. Wei San did both. Both of the experience taught her life's lessons. "Things do not always turn out the way I plan, but my attitude can make a difference.” This is the story she would like to share.

A personal story of recovering relatively quickly from a post-viral illness like Long Covid two years before Covid came along, then using the how and why to avoid severe long-term post-viral illness after catching Covid.

Genre: Memoir

I have survived a near fatal, car crash. After reading my recovery story of what I have managed to overcome using persistence, from the feedback already received, I am sure other people will be encouraged and inspired to persist through challenges in their own lives. If Dave can do it, so can I.

Genre: Memoir

Everyone has a chair. That thing you are bound to or unwillingly defines you. An element that makes you different from the rest. One that you have little choice in the matter. What’s YOUR chair?

Genre: Memoir

Born to Survive- You can't break a broken heart Hello, world. My name’s Kylie-Anne Evans, and I am a sexual abuse survivor. I know I will lose family members because of my story, but the truth must be revealed.

Genre: Crime

When aspiring political candidate Earl Swanger ended up dead next to a bridge in rural Texas while on the campaign trail, it certainly looked like a case of political skullduggery and homicide, but it was hurriedly called an accident--based on a true story, what really happened down by Harmon Creek?

The Greatest Thieves tells an enthralling true story of the Pink Panther gang by personalizing the functioning of criminal cartels, the horror of war, and the dissolving of country and family, and showing the results of these bold events on its characters, without relieving them from responsibility.

Genre: Memoir

A 30-year-old nomad seeks adventure and freedom at sea, but finds herself at odds with love, work, immigration, the weather, and health as she navigates the world and her relationship. Through joy, curiosity, determination, and personal challenges, she must survive - and mature along the way.

The doctor gave her the news. It was bad. Not everyone would see the positives or find the humour because most people aren’t like Helen. Being honest and blunt with herself was always her way. Now, she would take on this next challenge. It would be her biggest one in life. She had Stage-3 Breast...