Ganesh Vancheeswaran

Ganesh Vancheeswaran is judging the 2022 writing award judge at Page Turner Awards

Editor, Ganesh Vancheeswaran is judging the 2022 Page Turner Writing Award to discover some talented new writers.

Ganesh Vancheeswaran is a catalyst for people's self-expression. He believes all of us have a fundamental and strong urge to share our thoughts, stories, life's journey and knowledge with the world in different ways. His work is a direct consequence of this belief.

As a personal branding coach, he helps startup founders, independent professionals and corporate leaders across the world build a distinctive brand for themselves and create the right perceptions in the minds of their target audiences.

As a book coach and editor, he works closely with writers to chisel and polish their manuscripts into great books. He works with writers of fiction and nonfiction. Business, professional, self-help and memoirs are some of his favourite types of books.

"I love it when the work of several writers from all over the world pours into a forum like this. Collectively, this work is a microcosm of human realities and imagination. I'm looking forward to reading some fabulous manuscripts that are eye-opening, introspective and compelling."

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