Book Adaptation Needed

This award is for published books that need adapting to a screenplay (Book Adaptation Needed).

ChingShih (the widow of Ching/Zheng) was a nicknamed dubbed by an English prisoner. in the early 1800's. As one of the most notorious pirates who ever sailed the South Seas, I think she would have loathed the title. Based on real events, this is a story about the pirate formally known as ChingShih.

Genre: Memoir

A happily married aesthetician is living the small town dream, but when she finds a box in the closet full of women's lingerie, she realizes her soulmate isn't who she thinks he is.

What if your dream of a fresh start became a nightmare? Odeta’s life has shrunk to a daily round of drudgery, running her father’s shop in a remote Albanian village. Then an enigmatic stranger promises her an exciting career in London. Odeta’s life is about to change but not in the way she expected...

An unlikely group of misfits takes on an inter-dimensional criminal organisation damning hijacked human souls to an eternal Hell.

Genre: Romance

Maya's reluctant return to her hometown of Cherryville, where she reconnects with two old friends to open a bar, leads to working alongside her high school sweetheart, Dustin, and a tarot card reading during a wine-fuelled night that leaves her questioning if love is still in the cards for her.

Seraphina must choose the lesser of two evils—the ghosts that haunt her or the murderer who hunts her.

Genre: Romance

Everlasting love is not for the faint of heart. New York reunites Edward and Emma, only to unveil more devastating secrets that will put their love to the ultimate test.

A relentless adventure to bust a wildlife trafficking ring hurls Liva, her brother, and new friend deep into the South African criminal underworld, risking their lives to save doomed animals from ruthless traffickers.

“It’s only make-believe if you don’t believe”™ Sam discovers a mythical creature, Ash, who reveals that she has special powers. Ash must return to Paradise in three days or be stuck on Earth forever and forfeit his immortality. Can Sam control her newfound abilities and help her friend make it home...

Almost a love story. One woman’s life filled with sex, drugs & betrayal. Convinced she is in control of her drug addiction, Dacia makes a series of wrong choices that puts her on a path she never expected. Fast-paced and edgy, Glue will take you on a roller-coaster ride & leave you craving more.

After Marlowe Giles moves from Dallas to Manhattan, her dreams begin to reveal a magic she didn't know she had. The magic draws her into a world she didn't know existed. But the cry for help in her dreams also comes with a warning: Save me. Save you.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Survivors of a virus that killed billions 200 years ago, Dua are enslaved by OnyxCorp. In 2261, Caen seeks the key to freeing his people by traveling to the Vine, gateway to the moon. Along the way, he meets Dr. Ligeia Obumbwe, who becomes his unlikely partner in a dangerous quest to defeat OnyxCorp...

When an asteroid threatens to wipe out humanity, four strangers from different walks of life must face their fears and fight for survival as they uncover a global conspiracy and a last-ditch plan to save the world.

To save a baby girl, a haunted young woman must face disturbing nightmares to discover and expose a horrific secret that one family has hid for over three hundred years, and soon discovers that nightmares don't always end when you wake up.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Present-day Earth: When Misha (15) is recruited by an organisation who assess stewardship and security risks on developing planets, she uncovers a plot to grab world power. Only Misha, with her too close for comfort connection to the conspirators, can save Earth from dictatorship, or destruction.

Genre: Fantasy

Alex’s job is hanging by a thread, there’s a new vampire in town, and several of her werewolf friends have been captured by the PTF, but she’s due at the fae Court in less than twenty-four hours, and the Lord of Enchantment is not someone you keep waiting—even when he happens to be your grandfather...

Shannon only made one little mistake, but it could be deadly…

Mo’destee Vert born free; died enslaved. Harriet Tubman born enslaved; died free. Mo'destee dreams of her home in Afrika. She longs for her lost love & life. Araminta Ross, AKA Harriet Tubman dreams of a different life. Could she be brave enough to set out & follow stars to freedom? History says yes...

Genre: Sci-Fi

Who will inherit the dying earth?

Genre: Sci-Fi

An impossible world - a neutron star imprisoned within its core A civilization on the brink of defeat Two siblings divided by choices made in childhood, one to integrate and the other to remain pure, are forced to confront their differences when their planet is attacked, and their parents killed.

Genre: Fantasy

A first-in-series tale woven with magic and secrets. Half-fae metalsmith Alex Blackwood works to solve her friend’s murder while struggling to reconcile the conflicting sides of her own existence in a world where magic is feared, persecuted, and controlled.

Nic Barnaby makes a deadly decision to turn against the dark magick of the Arkane. The decision was a dangerous choice, but he would do whatever was necessary to protect Marlowe against the Arkane who covet her powers.

A dead brand inspector and dozens of dead cattle. Is it natural or something far worse? CBI Agent Buck Taylor and his team must find out the truth before more people die. Standing in their way is a local family that has been running a criminal enterprise for years and has everyone afraid.

Genre: Fantasy

A world ravaged by a divine war between Darkness and Light finds itself at the beginning of the end as seven characters unexpectedly cross paths. As a group they journey through the magic-filled world to find the key to a legendary vault that might hold the solution to the ancient war.

Venom meets Supernatural in this high-stakes urban fantasy. When a routine hunt goes wrong, an illegal magic-practitioner possessed by a snarky demon has to team up with the cop tasked with bringing her in to prevent the citizens of Baltimore from becoming meat puppets for the denizens of the Rift.

Genre: Fantasy

When the Unified Church is destroyed and a man Alex thought long dead walks back into her life at the head of a sorcerer army, war between the humans, fae, and paranaturals seems inevitable. Alex and her friends must scramble to find a peace that won’t cost them everything.

An extraordinary story of the youngest and one of the most decorated front-line junior officers on the forgotten southern front in Europe. Brutal combat, tragic sacrifice, astonishing suffering, a secret mission to save the world-famous Lipizzaners, a gripping aftermath, and an astonishing ending.

This cosmic love story moves from ancient end-time earth-change prophecy into modern global conspiracy. Listen, we can hear these voices—even the Earth herself—calling us through time, from out there beyond. Follow our heroine through cataclysm into survival. See the man who loves her reveal himself...

Genre: Fantasy

Edge-of-your-seat adventure spiced with magical mayhem. Nothing has gone to plan since Alex joined the PTF. Now a series of “natural” disasters perpetrated by the fae lead her to undertake an off-the-books mission in order to prevent the fragile peace between the Realms from crumbling.

Evan Tyler's weaponized little black dress makes her absolutely deadly. Infiltrating the Paris couture scene, Tyler and her team hunt designer Anton Hrevic who, with his models, is intent on world manipulation. Tyler uses both her assets to l uncover secrets that could unravel the global economy.

...Breaking News!... top TV reporter Tess Anderson is on the run! Her husband’s affair with a Government Minister has been exposed and a London crime boss has ordered her death. She was last seen in the Greek islands with a mysterious American yachtsman....more follows...

Brion never meant to start a war. But when they murdered his parents and enslaved his sister and his sweetheart, they left him no choice.

When an English woman living in the Swiss Alps talks a man away from a notorious suicide bridge, he becomes obsessed with his saviour who must find a way to protect herself and her family before he destroys them all.

Genre: Memoir

Tragedy or triumph? The story of how one woman's abusive past, crept like a shadow into every facet of her adult life, but would it engulf her? Piquing the psyche and prompting introspection, this story is moving, at times shocking and yet often hilarious as her journey unfolds

Genre: Memoir

Pioneer cannabis CEO gets down and dirty in the political and regulatory trenches of California’s greenest industry.

Genre: Romance

You’ve Got Mail set in the gaming world. A secret identity romcom featuring two work colleagues who play computer games at night. She's in love with him in the game world; he's in love with her in real life. It's all fun and games until your heart is on the line.

Online gambling corporations exploit our weaknesses and feed us misinformation to drive up their profits. Can we counter this kind of blatant targeted advertising? Cara, a statistician at the Center for Disease Control, thinks we can, even as everyone around her tells her it is career suicide....

The Last Dance Over The Berlin Wall is a story of young love, decadence and tragedy in the walled-in city of West Berlin.

Using the first ingredient, The Power of Words, to transform herself from the famous phrase to a perfect human with godly powers. The notorious Karma manifests as an edifying narrator in the lives of four women as an investigation into their parents’ past jeopardizes their relationships.

Three women, three lives ravaged by a civil war, one Cornish destination. 1646: One thousand die-hard Royalists suffered an ordeal five months long, besieged in a Cornish fortress . Of these two hundred were women and children. Hear their voices whisper from the walls of Pendennis Castle.

Genre: Sci-Fi

“Seeing humans removed because of an Event I rubber-stamped ... How do you think that felt?” With the world on the brink of a catastrophic war, female mathematician Caila (53) and alien scientist Mateos cooperate to forge a future for humankind. The Day the Earth Stood Still, without escape clause.

Genre: Fantasy

To avoid causing a battle between their races as well as defeat the French army, fae runaway Aioffe and human thief, blacksmith and bowman Tarl must discover what true love is if they are to survive the destiny which awaits them at Agincourt. A historical fantasy romance set during Henry V’s reign.

A vengeful ex-Amish cop hunts down the woman who accidentally killed his brother with her car in a blizzard, but falls in love with her instead of arresting her. He vows to protect her from her stalker and hides her in his former Amish community, but not everyone welcomes her into the church.

Genre: Fantasy

Introducing a poetic twist on the war between good and evil. Both sides select Angel before her birth, and she has the foresight that her decisions mean life or death for humanity. She must prove she's worthy to reign from whence she came by using the Power To Judge to save her family and defeat her...

Genre: Fantasy

Alex’s short-term goals are to stay under the PTF's radar and as far from the fae Courts as she can, but her plans go up in smoke when her friend’s sister goes missing. To mount a rescue she'll have to avoid PTF raids, conquer old ghosts, and risk coming face to face with her fae grandfather again.

Genre: Romance

As Franny returns to Cherryville, jilted Jin has a comedic list of revenge chores for her to complete in order to win back her tapas bar, while Franny embarks on a quest to not only reclaim her bar, but win back Jin's heart along the way.

Alban the cat couldn’t have known how his life would turn out as he lay abandoned in the snow that winter. But from the moment Sedu, a twelve-year-old foundling rescued him, it’s been a whirlwind of magic and adventure!

Genre: Poetry

Angel’s epic tale of being chosen in the womb by both Light and Darkness, with the wisdom that each decision she makes is either life or death. To prove she's worthy to reign, Angel must battle rivals from each side by using the Power To Judge to save her family and defeat her enemies.

"Hope may be all that stands between waiting to die and choosing to live."

Genre: Memoir

I discovered that my deceased father had been married before to a woman in Chile. As a young man I traveled to find her.

A woman, who traded faith in God for trust in herself searches for a kidnapped pregnant girl that her friends, family and law enforcement insists is a figment of her imagination, and a demon horde battles an angelic host for her life as she struggles to distinguish truth from deception.

Psychological/ Suspense/ Thriller: A widower, Scott McCabe, joins an online dating service and meets three women, only to become the prime suspect in their brutal murders. He fears either a set-up or he’s going insane. Who can he trust if he can’t trust himself?

Annie Birchfield, 17, and her brother must take their contraband horses off-Earth to save them. One step ahead of the law, Annie discovers her talents may provide for their journey, inspire an army to fight oppression, expose Authority’s tyrannical overreach, and ignite a galaxy-wide uprising.

After waking up in a magical dream world, a woman is kidnapped and taken to a strange tribe, where she questions which reality is real.

Alex dives deeper into the shadows as bitter enemies pull her into a paranatural war for territory that has her dodging police, swords, teeth, and claws—not to mention the truth. She thought she was done with murderers and monsters but the paranatural community isn’t through with her yet.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Yli Uil’s life is near perfect when she finds herself facing total banishment for a crime she didn’t commit. Cary James is a widow. His time is split trying to make contact beyond Earth’s atmosphere & his son. When their worlds collide who would have guessed it could be the end of humankind?

An aerospace company has begun night flights to perfect a new weapon from a reactivated World War II airfield, flying directly over a darkened old mansion, unaware anyone could still live there. The daughter of a 19th-century mill owner huddles below under nightly attack by searing radiation.

A journey for truth becomes a battle of beliefs as one young man will challenge faith itself for the woman he loves. Gaius Stewart is handsome, smart & charismatic. Elizabeth Anderson is beautiful, selfless & caring. Atheist boy meets Mormon girl.

Genre: Romance

A transatlantic love story about grief, OCD, and dirt.

What boundaries would you violate to save the life of the only man you ever loved? A man marked for assassination by a ruthless multinational company. Trapped in a life-or-death struggle against an adversity with seeming omniscience and limitless funds, New Yorker Meghan Joyce is about to find out.

Lured into a relationship in which she unknowingly becomes the other woman, a high-flying career girl is forced to question everything she believed to be real, as she fights for love, sanity, and the truth.

Live music is in her blood but she fears there's a killer in the crowd. Cath Edgley's mother was the lead singer of an all girl punk band who vanished when Cath was 7 years old. When the man she believes was her father is murdered, Cath is determined to find the truth about her missing mum.

Someone is killing the retired mobsters of Las Vegas and the Mayor is #1 suspect. Casino executive Owen McCombs discovers a dead body in the trunk of the Mayor's car. Homicide Detective Chastity Taggart believes McCombs is the killer especially when more dead mobsters turn up. Suspense surprises.

Genre: Memoir

Geckos & Guns is a riveting account of the Bazant family’s five years in Pakistan—a time of adjusting to new and different surroundings, of embracing cultural differences, and of recognizing imminent danger.

Genre: Romance

The story of Rachel Collins, who, on her 39th birthday decides to embark on a quest to find her perfect imperfect soulmate before she reaches 40. Her quest takes her on a journey of self-discovery and leads her into situations that she never imagined she'd find herself in. Based on real life events.