Short Film

Genre: Drama

When young aspiring ballet dancer, Ciara, falls pregnant as the result of an assault she is stuck between her own wishes and that over her family's. Ciaras overbearing mother, open grandmother and her sisters longing for children in the face of infertility are factors that weigh on Ciaras decision.

Something happened in an apartment building and the neighbour suburb, which seems common because that is what some people have to face to in their daily life.

In a high-stakes escape from a dangerous cult, a young man finds courage in unexpected friendships. Amidst chaos, he grapples with the conflict of his freedom and the guilt of leaving his sister behind, discovering hope in the transformative power of faith and the promise of rescue in the future.

Two lonelyhearts seek comfort in the arms of a robot supplied by a dating app called AI Cupid. Things get complicated when emotions, friends and a toxic ex get involved – will they find what they are looking for before their time is up?

Genre: Drama

A young girls artistic journey smashes against the world view of her father

Three friends throw away more than old furniture in their house, but also the chance of winning 100 thousand pounds. The group, determined to get back the money, travel up country in a beaten up 3-door car unaware of what the journey holds for each of them.