TV Series

Genre: Drama

"Cinderella" meets "Euphoria": amidst the booze and debauchery of college Senior Week in Newport, Rhode Island, a desperate woman lures a broken man into a baby-trap, in a last-ditch attempt to escape her prearranged future as caregiver to her autistic brother.

Genre: Drama

Lucy Emmerson likes things just so and is trying to have it all: a career in an office hellscape, a family, a takeaway tea made just right. But when husband Steve’s spiralling cocaine problem is uncovered, Lucy must reckon with dysfunction in her own marriage and in all of her work relationships.

With the economic fallout of a flu pandemic still felt among a population losing trust in its government, another more threatening virus emerges, and a group of loosely connected, ordinary people struggle to survive as society’s reaction to the new virus proves as deadly as the disease itself.

Spiritwalker is a one-hour serialized drama that follows Mariella Monastra, a modern day urban shaman with the ability to see and communicate with the dead as she works to free herself and her family from a centuries-old curse while helping others solve personal mysteries and problems in their lives...

Genre: Drama

Beneath the sparkling veneer of New York philanthropy lies a twisted scandal of betrayal, greed, and classical music.

Genre: Drama

A twelve-year-old girl is assaulted by a female teenage gang, the phone footage posted on social media. The police do nothing. But her mother Freya will. Oh, yes, she’s out for revenge.

After committing to a challenging three-year teaching program in underfunded schools, four recent college graduates turned roommates must learn to balance work, life, and their hopes for the future.

A developing psychic hunts a pedophile with the ability to astral project, entering dreams and corrupting memories to select their next victim.

The story takes place in the early 20th century in a little Canadian hometown. Dusty lanes and beach fronts, trees buzzing and summer sun. Sunshine Sketches of a Canadian Town captures the sweet breeze and the hazy days of our youth.

Genre: Drama

A reclusive technophobe with the mysterious ability to find missing objects partners with a charismatic hacker to infiltrate a college crime ring after a flash drive leads them to a dead body.

The war in Ukraine turns out to be an episode of an age-long battle between ancient deities. Eight strangers from different walks of life get summoned to another plane of being to put an end to this war before it destroys the world.

Genre: Drama

Struggling to make her first big break in the film industry, co-parent her make-up artist’s terrifying plastic baby and escape her fiancé’s infidelity habit, Bonnie Livingston is beginning to re-evaluate what exactly it means to be in love.

Jacob has waited 80 years for his childhood friend, Richard, to return to Overdene and this time he will make sure he never leaves again.

Genre: Fantasy

A vampire works as night nurse at the infamous Cross Medical -- entangling themselves with an overly observant Indonesian American journalist who’s just been diagnosed with lupus. (THE GOOD DOCTOR X TRUE BLOOD)

Genre: LGBT

Sebastian enrolls himself at a summer school for boys "experiencing issues with same-sex attraction" in the hopes of turning himself straight for his girlfriend, Daisy, but his attraction to campmate Jordan makes things... kind of difficult.

Genre: Sci-Fi

A disillusioned father and his teenage daughter grapple with the consequences of having their memories erased and replaced with fake ones, a process called "forging," in an unsuccessful attempt to heal long-standing dysfunctional family dynamics.

A fresh start that's already rotten. Dominic Saltburn never had a lot in life, and that was his lot in life; what he didn't anticipate was waking up from a coma to find the little he had was gone. With no job, or friends, he moves in with his parents and tries to rebuild.

When an unconventional spiritual seeker draws the attention of the FBI, she must uncover the truth about her past and the world of her guru to prove her innocence and find her true purpose.

A disgraced professional footballer tries to restart his career after serving a drugs ban. There's just one problem - the entire country hates him.

After a Princeton coed uncovers fatal design errors in the new Citicorp Center tower, the architect must admit his flaws and find a way to repair them, in time to save Manhattan from a crushing disaster triggered by a hurricane. Based on a true story.

When a grieving climate activist uncovers a corporate conspiracy to suppress planet-saving tech, she must risk everything to expose it and create the prototype before Earth's ecological collapse reches the point of no return.

Genre: Crime

For the perfect murder, just add water. A psychotic mastermind is bringing justice back to the people by selecting people who are being wronged, and providing them with the templates and toolkits to get away with murder. Officer Alex Dunleavey and his team attempt to stop them.