Holly Davis

As a young aspiring writer herself, Holly Davis is judging our 2024 Young Writer Award.

As a young aspiring writer herself, Holly Davis is judging our Young Writer Award.

Holly is a YA fantasy author whose debut novel, A Diamond Bright and Broken, comes out on April 2, 2024 with Inimitable Books, LLC. She started her writing journey as a child, often drawing the book cover and only writing a couple of chapters. In high school, she wrote fan fiction for the video game, Kingdom Hearts, before eventually wanting to write stories of worlds and characters all her own.

Now, Holly gives writing advice and interacts with the online community via her YouTube channel. She’s also the host of the Diversity is Lit Book Club, which promotes BIPOC authors.

You can find her in the Chicago suburbs helping people as an acute care physical therapist, enjoying the company of her two babies who have fur, and binging Netflix shows.

I'm looking for stories with a voice that grabs me from the first sentence. I love refined prose, seamless worldbuilding, and stories that make me feel like I'm watching a movie.

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