Isabelle Knight ~ 2024 Judge

Isabelle Knight Is Judging The 2024 Page Turner Awards Book Award

Isabelle Knight, Author, Brand & PR Expert is judging Page Turner Book Award international novel contest with the hope of finding new author talent.

Isabelle is a former publicist of 20 years having worked with some of the biggest names in Film, TV & Publishing, that include JK Rowling and BBC. Isabelle now works with Authors to teach them the crucial tools and strategies that will raise your profile, grow your readership and increase your success.
Isabelle cuts through the myths about what PR is and creates clear pathways to raise visibility through the most powerful tool we have at our disposal – the media. Through mentoring, and providing a careful guiding hand and the right amount of accountability and structure, Isabelle helps authors to become their own publicist, giving the know-how, support and confidence to Build an Author Brand.

“I will look for a high standard of writing, strong narrative style and compelling and engaging plot lines.”

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