Kelly Lydick

Publisher, Kelly Lydick, is judging the Page Turner Writing Award, hoping to discover talented new writers to publish through Pure Carbon Publishers.

Publisher, Kelly Lydick, is judging the Page Turner Writing Award, hoping to discover talented new non-fiction writers to publish through Pure Carbon Publishers.

Kelly has a Master's degree in Writing & Consciousness and nearly two decades of experience in traditional publishing. Her primary expertise is in nonfiction, with special attention to travel and business. She also has expertise in fiction and poetry.

Kelly was a co-founding editor of Immanence Journal and has worked with companies and media outlets including Hachette Book Group, Gibbs Smith Publisher, Cengage, Western Art Collector magazine, Northern Arizona University's literary journal Thin Air, and others.

Writing Tips Oasis named Kelly as #1 in their list of the top 19 best business book editors. Kelly founded The Story Laboratory in 2018 to offer book publishing consulting from concept to publication so that her clients could easily depend on one expert place for all their book publishing questions and needs.

Authors who have worked with The Story Laboratory have gone on to win awards in both book content and design. Kelly’s own work has been published in literary magazines such as Guernica, The Rumpus, Tarpaulin Sky, Drunken Boat, Mission at Tenth, Thema, Switched-On Gutenberg, and many others.

Additional articles have appeared in magazines including Natural Awakenings, Co Yoga + Life, True Blue Spirit, and many others. She’s also been featured on NPR & KQED’s The Writers’ Block, NPR & KJZZ’s Word podcast, The Authors’ Show, iHeart radio, and others.

In 2022, Kelly founded Pure Carbon Publishing, to provide Fundamental Knowledge for Innovative PeopleTM—readers looking for nonfiction titles in business, self-help, psychology, and health and wellness.

Pure Carbon Publishing’s authors have gone on to win national and international book awards. In 2022, Pure Carbon made a tree-planting commitment to offset its carbon footprint and partnered with Tree-Nation to plant trees around the world in areas of need.

Pure Carbon Publishing is open to submissions from agented and un-agented authors.

I'd love to see works driven by the voices of strong, compelling, and unique characters that make me see something new about the world, or think differently about something than I have before. I love when characters easily tap into the universal truths that make us human--these are the truths that bring stories to life.

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