Marcha Fox

Marcha Fox earned a bachelor's degree in physics from Utah State University in 1987, which facilitated a 20+ year career at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Her interests expand far beyond the world of aerospace and hard science, however. The esoteric realm of metaphysics and all things weird and wonderful hold her interest as well.

Her most recent work is the award winning multi-cultural conspiracy thriller, "The Curse of Dead Horse Canyon: Cheyenne Spirits" written with coauthor, Pete Risingsun. First volume of a trilogy, the second volume is expected late summer 2021. The series website is

Her previous fiction work includes five novels in the classic hard science fiction genre. Her epic Star Trails Tetralogy series has been highly acclaimed for its family-oriented plot as well as its palatable and accurate science content. Directed primarily to teens and young adults, more information can be found on

When her attempt to debunk astrology backfired, she pursued knowledge in that field as well. She graduated from the International Academy of Astrology's professional development program in 2012 and created Much of the popular website's informational content can be found in "Whobeda's Guide to Basic Astrology."

As a self-published author she has helped various others achieve their writing goals through services provided by her publishing company, Kalliope Rising Press ( Services include editing, cover design, video trailer, and promotional material development.

Born in Peekskill, New York, she has lived in California, Utah, and Texas in the course of raising her family that comprises six grown children. Besides writing, she pampers her two cats while trying to keep up with her astrology clients, home, yard, friends, family, and of course, writing.

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