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Laura West is a Registered Nurse, energy healer, intuitive, and psychic medium dedicated to both the sciences and spirituality. She has taken part in multiple international spiritual summits, has taught about intuition on several virtual platforms to students from all over the world, and has been invited as a guest on several podcasts both nationally and internationally. She is dedicated to spreading the word of love and teaching others how to communicate with their spirit guides through intuition. Laura lives in San Diego, California with her family. Find out more on

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Guided is meant to help the reader learn about spirituality, spirit guides, divination tools, mediumship, and intuition while getting a firsthand look through Laura West’s personal journey. The result is a life that has the potential to be lived with love, happiness, and purpose.
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The time is now. Your Soul Team has guided you to pick up this book and read it. It is no accident, because there are no such things as accidents—only Divine timing. The Universe has guided you to take this step on your spiritual journey, and we will do it together.

When researching and exploring spirituality, you may feel a sense of overwhelm. Please know that it’s okay to allow these feelings. I felt these same emotions when I began exploring my spirituality. That was until I stumbled upon my path of love and light, which then led to a profound sense of peace. Please know that the information that I provide in this book is not to take the place of the advice you would receive from your own healthcare professional. I would strongly urge you to speak with your doctor when in need of medical or psychiatric advice.

Think of this guidebook as a roadmap along your spiritual journey, whether you’re a spiritual expert or just beginning. This book will cover some elements (i.e., crystals, meditation, Soul Teams, and more) you may come across when hearing the word “spirituality” for the first or the millionth time. By the end of this book, I hope you will have learned how all of this information can form your own spiritual foundation. By letting yourself start your spiritual trek, you’ll also allow yourself, and your intuitive nature, to grow organically. I’ve enlisted the support of my spirit guide, Jason, and others in the spiritual world, to ensure that you’re able to go on a positive, uplifting journey that will light up your soul. My Soul Team has graciously allowed me to tap into their intuitive guidance as well, so you’ll also hear from them throughout this book.

Once you’re able to dip your toes into these different facets of spirituality, you’ll be able to listen to your intuition and know which direction you’d like to take. Ask yourself:

1. Are you looking for a reference to share with mentees?

2. Are you intrigued by elements of spirituality that you may have yet to encounter?

3. Are you comfortable within your spiritual journey, but your partner/spouse isn’t, and you want to give them a book to better understand what it is you’re going through?

No matter what brought you here, I’m absolutely thrilled that you picked up this book. I truly feel that the uses for this book are endless.

There are over 7 billion people on our planet. Though we all come from different places, situations, and families, I know that spirituality is a way we can connect further with one another and with higher beings. What makes this journey so incredibly beautiful and unique is that it’s entirely your own. You are being guided to use this book as your intuition intends, just as my intuition has guided me to write it.

Part 1: Intuition vs. Ego

Chapter 1: Honing in on your Intuition

What is intuition? I would wager that you have been in a situation where you had an inexplicable urge to do something positive for someone that you normally wouldn’t do. On the flip side, perhaps you’ve experienced that feeling that something didn’t feel right. These intuitive nudges are coming from a loving source that most of us can’t see or are even aware of. However, learning to hone in on your intuition is something you are very much capable of. As you learn to refine your intuition, you’re learning to trust. What you’re trusting is guidance that’s being given to you.

One way to sharpen your intuition is through meditation. I will discuss meditation more thoroughly in chapter 9, but for now, understand that when you quiet your mind during meditation, you are creating a space that allows for an open line of communication with your guides, angels, and other members of your Soul Team (more on Soul Teams in chapter 13). They can use your quieted state-of-mind to send messages through. This is clear through epiphanies or ideas you might get while meditating. It is like suddenly getting a good idea while driving or while in the shower. When you understand what is actually occurring, you are exercising your intuition.

You are also raising your vibration when you meditate. Day-to-day life on Earth runs on a lower vibrational level. It is heavy and dense. Alternatively, the other side functions at a high vibrational level. What meditating does is bring your vibrational level up high enough while those on your Soul Team lower theirs as much as they are able until the two vibrations meet.

How do you know that your vibration is rising? You may feel tingles or chills on the body. You might feel your heart beating hard from the energy. You may get thoughts or ideas that seem to come out of nowhere. When you meditate, take note and notice if you feel any physical sensations that might occur during your meditation.

My spirit guide Jason says that meditation is the window to truth—the tunnel to knowledge.

In an ideal world, everyone would be a channel. In the actual world, everyone can, because this is an ability that anyone can gain. I am currently channeling through Laura to send these words through. I mean these words for you. She is my vessel to convey these ideas and these thoughts. She opens and clears her mind, which allows me to get these words through. The practice of meditation has helped her to accomplish this. This is something that you can do too.

Another way to hone in on your intuition is through journaling. As you journal, you become focused on the act of writing. Focusing on the act of writing is very similar to when you meditate and focus on your breathing. It gives your thoughts something to focus on so that you don’t have a bunch of scrambled thoughts floating around your mind. Eventually, if you journal enough, you may channel write. This is another great way to get information from your Team. I will go into more detail about channeling in Chapter 14.

When I started honing in on my intuition, life changed for me—and for the better. Looking back on my spiritual journey, I can see where my Team laid out the intuition breadcrumbs for me and the positive outcomes that ensued when I followed them.

As you follow your intuition, you might get an idea of where the breadcrumbs are leading you. When you do so, you may get a sense of where your life’s purpose might be heading. For me, I can tell I’m following the breadcrumbs because I'll get excited and say yes to certain proposals that have been presented to me. It’s usually accompanied with the willingness to take a chance when presented with a breadcrumb that will improve my life and perhaps others.

Each breadcrumb represents a point or an event in your journey. For example, when I followed the breadcrumb to go back to school for my Master’s degree, I started writing again. This then led to the next breadcrumb to journal, which then led me to the next breadcrumb to channel write. This has since led me to my current purpose of acting liaison between the spirit world and the physical world.

For me, learning to follow the breadcrumbs came with a lot of practice, and I’m still learning. It also came with a lot of soul searching in the sense that I really had to learn a lot about myself. I had to go deeper than ever before to find what I needed within me to build my confidence and learn to trust. Having confidence, trust, and patience has been essential for me to learn how to follow the intuitive advice from my Team, and to share what I have learned with others.

I believe that anyone willing can connect with spirit intuitively in whatever capacity they are comfortable with. However, for most, it takes some work to be in a certain heart and headspace to connect. I have found that it helps immensely to be in a good place emotionally and mentally. This means being mostly free from anger, deep grief and sadness, and other emotions at the time you want to connect with spirit. That’s because these emotions cause your spiritual energy level to drop. You must genuinely care about people and be able to set aside your own feelings and emotions to be that clear channel to receive information from spirit and your Soul Team.

It is also important to remember to have patience during learning to hone in on your intuition. One doesn’t sit in front of a piano and play like Mozart at the first one or even fifty sittings. It can take years of dedicated practice to get even close to that level. Though it doesn’t have to take years, learning to listen to your intuition takes practice, because it does not always happen overnight. Remember that this is ok. This is what your journey is to be. As long as you continue to do your part of following the breadcrumbs, things will happen at their intended times.

following the intuitive breadcrumbs towards the light