Peace in the Midst of the Storm (Inspirational Poetry Book)

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An emotionally-charged and powerful design that screams spiritual and motivational themes.
In the midst of adversity, our ability to concede is never an option! Peace in the Midst of the Storm is signified as a daily reminder to uplift, encourage, motivate, nurture, guide, and strengthen the brokenhearted as well as the free. Faith, resilience, empowerment! What the world needs now!

Going Through

Another day has passed and here I am once more

Patiently waiting on the precise moment when self-destruction succumbs to true happiness

Transitioning into a new life that breathes immense passion and newfound freedom that my well-being will adore

I want to be exalted into a meaningful place that dignifies genuine love instead of a harrowing emptiness

Excuse me for expressing how I truly feel

I am not well as my heart and my soul quietly ache

It’s so difficult to continue to live with such unstable pain that I desperately want to be unreal

I am this close to throwing in the towel because of the unmovable demons of doubt and brokenness that seem too stagnant to shake

This state of motionless grief that I am heavily consumed in has therefore left me speechless

Bottled up inside a contaminated mind, just realize that I am only going through

The settled darkness has polluted my inability to saturate in the welcoming light, leaving me an undesirable mess

Feeling blue and feeding negative energy in a decaying soul like a rotten honeydew

No need to worry . . . for the phase I am in is only temporary

Once again, I am only going through

The joy and happiness that I thrive for in life are what my heart longs to carry

Transcending into a comforting place of serenity will be a hopeful journey that my life will soon leap into

Lord, Remember Me

As I self-reflect on life’s difficult challenges and bountiful blessings

Being stricken with anxiety yet embracing divine prayer

Your evident grace and mercy has strengthened me to keep pressing

Father God, you’ve done more than enough as my wonderful counselor and waymaker

Falling short of meeting your expectations because of easy temptations

Disappointment often ensued as I turned my life astray from you

Realizing that Heaven is what I long for, following the loving example of Christ comes with much dedication

Father God, as I claim you as my Savior with a sincere heart, my life in your hands has become greatly anew

Your still, small voice strengthens my ability to achieve my aspirations in life, while remaining spiritually intact

With the mistakes I have made, you still love me and continue to smile down on me as I can see

All of my help comes from you as a matter of fact

As time never ceases, Lord please remember me

I’m at peace knowing you will never leave me nor forsake me

For your spirit will remain in me forever and a day

My life will continue to pour out unto thee

Your presence and protection will always manifest without delay

Lord, remember me as I have fallen short of your glory

Renew my mind to embrace confidence instead of constant worry

From a pastor’s son, a child of you I will always be

Lord, please just remember me as my purpose is to be with you for eternity


Many times I disobeyed

Sometimes I intentionally did wrongful things

Rarely did I want to take responsibility for my nonchalant behavior

Father God, thank you for never giving up on me

As I have continued to ask for your desire to receive second chances

I know I’m not perfect but being more like you is all that I require to be

Loving myself and others is what I will always stand by as a beneficial stance

I choose to live the rest of my life in peace

Through my battles and mistakes, I’m forgiven

I know better so I’m doing better by putting childish things to a cease

The old me has washed away; maturity I was indeed given

When You Pray

The instant freedom

The lasting sensation

Your heart gradually placed back whole

The feeling of being consoled

When you pray, doesn’t your worries suddenly go away?

The end result being a dignified praise that you now carry with you each day

You are restored, resting with your mind and soul in quiet solitude

Nothing is sweeter than a private interlude that creates a wonderful change in sustaining a positive mood

When you pray, the Lord is working on your behalf

The best is yet to come

Stand in monumental faith as the miracles fall and the angels harmoniously hum

Stand in spiritual justice for your prayers will be answered in due time

When you pray, the relationship you build with the Lord is complete

You feel the urge to talk to him about anything, especially when you believe you have no one else to talk to

The everlasting joy you will spread, the worry that you will beat

Think of the love that the Lord has always had and will continue to have for you

Pray with conviction

Pray with action

Always remember to pray on your good and rough days

For when you pray, you will be at rest


Dear Lord,

Another glorious day has come and I pray that we continue to be more like you

We should not become discouraged when our obstacles attempt to overpower us as your grace and mercy has always brought us through

Help us to be grateful for the small things

For breath in our bodies and sincere happiness supports what the meaning of life divinely brings

I pray that we will all see the bigger picture

Let us not remain comfortable where we easily stand

We have so much more to give; it is our true passion that brings us great rapture

Help us achieve prolonged success that will remain unmoved on our names, our legacies, and our brands

I’m asking you to hold our hands to guide us every step of the way

Place your footprints on our direct paths as we walk towards what you need us to be

May our positive emotions not be shifted by the misty skies presented to us dull and gray

Open our eyes to explore our dreams that you have set into reality

Lord, remind us to remember you

It’s so disheartening to forget you as we know we’re not perfect

We can be our own hypocrites and these are definitely some hard words to chew

As we feel the need to sin, may your voice come through and intersect

I thank you for being who you are

Without you, we would be nothing

Your guiding light and seamless love have brought us this far Lord, thank you for simply being our everything

In Jesus name that I pray,


The Revival

Our old, crooked ways have freely departed from us

We’re no longer tamed to what we were in the past

Our toxic emotions have been cremated, where the ashes have passed away into the sea of forgetfulness

How sweet it is to make a conscious decision to celebrate new life

Grooming positive thoughts and actions

Nurturing spiritual health

Changing ourselves into more polished brands of what we should aspire to be

The value of growth, what one sees as a ultimate victory

We had to want and do better for ourselves

To elevate and not to hinder

To rise and not to fall

To serve and not to be selfish

We have finally accepted ourselves as grown adults

Childish mentalities left behind

Simple-minded thoughts suddenly lost in plain sight

We have been revived

Armed in mercy

Forgiveness that was shared

The jury acquitted us from a life in utter disrepair

Shame we no longer feel as we have been revived into greater beings


What you speak into existence is the summary of everything you wrote

Just be mindful your tongue does not lash out what you will later regret

When the Sun comes up, take a good look

Only in darkness you won’t stay long; the next day, you will rise

Your scars will heal

Inevitable strength that your soul will gain

Your feelings won’t be entrapped by hurtful judgements

Delivered from the subjected pain your inner demons caused when you assumed your life was in vain

You’re no longer insane

For the baggage that was once chained to your mind has been removed

The day you embrace when you will reap tears of joy because you have decided to rise

Your demeanor reflects insecurities

Untapped potential because of your unhealthy habit to compare

Grant yourself the aspect of obtaining truthful courage and rightful liberty

Remember, the Lord made you perfect in his image; he’ll never put more on you than you can bear

You pass away slowly like a leaf dissected from its branch

Withering away with the grass

Stained with the mud and the dirt that has accumulated your present life

Oh how wonderful it is when you plant your seed of faith on the brink of giving up

Just as soon as the rain floods necessary abundance will you rise as proud as a beautiful sunflower

Your manifestation awaits you

The endearing future that you couldn’t see is now embodied into your destiny

You no longer settle for less, your obstacles decompressed, a table you have built where your enemies have become your guests

See how quick the tables have turned

You rose above the madness

The prideful opinions masqueraded as distracted noises

All because you continue to fly high instead of waiting to die

Let Your Light Shine

Aren’t you proud of yourself?

Radiating with such positive energy and beaming with perfect health

Those around you astonished, wrongfully contemplating that you would stumble and fall with nothing left

Instead, they feel ashamed because of how you openly emerged with great wealth

Others mistreated you with bruised intentions, you forgave them

Your name was mentioned in foolish gossip, you ignored it

You have the last laugh because of your desire to let your light shine, instead of letting it dim

Your presence only disturbed their stubborn hearts because of your remarkable wit

You gained true respect and lost self-pity

You went through the fire only to be extinguished with grace

You speak and walk with divine favor that inspires plenty

An open heart many love to embrace

I gasp at the self-righteous despising your worth

For they are ignorant of your trying, yet incredible journey

Held back by their insecurities, you maintain the urge to move forth

Continue to unlock amazing opportunities with your humble spirit, you hold the master key

You won

You are handling the world just fine

So much more you have to accomplish as your work is not done

With a conqueror’s cry, let your light shine!