The Jewels Of Here And Now - Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude

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image of book cover composed of title, sub-title, and colorful image of a fractel. The title is The Jewels of Here And Now. The sub-title is Awe, Reverence, & Ever Deepening Gratitude, The authors name is Ragini Elizabeth Michaels at the bottom of the page. The cover color is purpose and the colorful fractel is against a black background in the middle. The title is in a creme colored box.
An inspiring way to recover our emotional balance, often chaotically wobbling in our fast-paced digital age. Simple, profound, & humorous musings paired with lovely images comprise these 48 insightful contemplations. A lifesaver on the days you feel a bit lost & doubtful you can stay on course.

I attached a PDF of the first 10 pages. I left out all the intro pages so you could see what the bulk of the book is about. It is essentially a picture book, coffee table style, with 48 entries divided into 4 sections, each a picture with accompanying words.