2024 Best Book Series

Genre: Fantasy

The first in a new mystical, magical series featuring three generations of powerful, headstrong witches from the Madigan family and their struggle to work together to keep a centuries-old promise and stop a dark witch from claiming a powerful elemental object. Bridget, a member of the Madigan family...

Genre: Sci-Fi

In a quest to dismantle 24th-century Earth's human trafficking rings, Kat Wallace, a fierce escapee of enslavement, joins the Bosch Pirate Force. As she rises through the ranks with fiery determination, unexpected romance and loyalty tests threaten to derail her mission and her quest for belonging.

Merida, a special campervan made in Portugal, is waiting in Heathrow, London. Alfie arrives from San Francisco with his two dads. Unbeknown to them, they hire Merida and set off to Portugal in search of fossils and dinosaur parks. But on Salema beach, they find much more than they bargained for.

A stalker in Madrid exposes deep secrets and tears a family apart. Daniela dance school business is finding its feet when newspaper reports about her father send clients running for the hills. Her only hope lies in Rafael—the very journalist and love interest whose articles drove away her students.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Aliens are stealing human souls to reincarnate them as slaves in another dimension How do I know? …I’m one of them. My narcissistic father is central to this scam. I’ve had enough. My friends and I are going to bring him down. …If my violent, pain-in-the ass, human partner doesn’t kill me first.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, on the brink of leading Bosch and ending human trafficking, must thwart her vengeful enslaver's deadly plans targeting her children, risking her home, heart, and life in a high-stakes battle to protect everything she holds dear.

Glory Bishop reads novels, speaks her mind, & enjoys stolen kisses with JT; but at home, her strict mother will do anything to keep her from worldly temptations. When 27-year-old Malcolm in interested in Glory, with her mother's blessing, Glory must choose waiting for JT or freedom with Malcolm.

In the midst of BLM protests after a police shooting, Dallas detectives Sarah & Angel are thrust into the investigation of two midnight murders, while desperately clinging to the threads of their partnership that is threatening to unravel like a cheap sweater.

Olly Appleton thought he had learned all of his grandfather’s secrets, the ones his grandfather died protecting. Those secrets involved hand-drawn maps, special keys, hidden tunnels, and the Spores—friendly and fantastical mushroom creatures living under his home on Oak Hill.

Genre: Fantasy

Things are not what they seem in this action-packed fifth installment of the Madigan Chronicles. The family drama intensifies, and forces collide in an epic showdown in Fairy. The Madigans do everything they can to help the Guardian of the Cup of Plenty to restore the broken Cup. But their malicious...

Genre: Romance

Shy and reserved Lord Henry Foxbrooke needs a fake girlfriend. Free-spirited actress Libby Fletcher needs a job. But as friendship blurs and faking it starts to feel a little too real, disaster strikes. Can Libby and Henry stick to the script, or has their entire act just bombed?

After book 1 introductions, we now expand and explore further day-to-day joys and predicaments of the clan and forest dwellers. Can the fairy children help a duckling who is terrified of water? Will they help their mouse friend find love? Includes audio of text and three songs.

Genre: Fantasy

The epic sequel to the award-winning ‘In Solitude’s Shadow’ and acclaimed ‘Path Of War’. Book Three in a completed four book series.

In Italy, 1477, Andrea de' Grigi, a mercenary soldier, must fight to save his friends, the rulers of Florence, from an assassination plot involving several powerful Italian states. At the same time he must deal with the arrival in Florence of his English birth father whom he has never met.

Genre: Fantasy

After having killed his brother, Louis Perrault, a young noblemen, must learn to forgive and accept himself, for his future to hold promise.

Book 2 in trilogy. Jiddy returns to the Bay and immerses herself in smuggling. But her sweetheart wants to make an honest living, The obsessed Captain of the Dragoons is more determined than ever to capture wrong-doers like Jiddy. She has to choose doing what she loves or losing Jonas forever.

What would you do if you knew you had 10 days to live? Get your legal affairs in order? Contact family, friends, lovers, and ex-lovers. Take a trip or make an exceptional donation? Clean the house and do the laundry? Or ... would you kill someone?

Mork, the handsome orc, lives in a world where ruggedness defines beauty. Unfortunately for him, he's too handsome. Mork's panic attacks intensify anxiety about the school dance. Mork goes on a journey of self-discovery to love himself, face panic attacks, and attend the dance on his own terms.

Genre: Horror

The world was ready to defend against an asteroid of epic proportions… but nobody was ready for what came after. First their eyes bleed. A ravenous hunger consumes them. Their sanity breaks. Then they become… the undead.

Olly Appleton thought he had learned all of his grandfather’s secrets, the ones his grandfather died protecting. Those secrets involved hand-drawn maps, special keys, hidden tunnels, and the Spores—friendly and fantastical mushroom creatures living under his home on Oak Hill.

Sun, sand, surf. How could Blanca Castellano turn down the offer of a promotion to beautiful Rio de Janeiro—especially when it’s a step up in her career in Madrid? The return to Rio means the return of nightmares from Blanca’s childhood—nightmares that began after her first trip to Rio as a child.

A portrait of the progress of World War II as experienced by a commando officer, a tank driver and a naval gunner; by their loved ones at home, fighting to survive the blackout, ration books, the blitz and the doodlebugs; and how their intertwined lives are dramatically affected by the war.

Hildy Brentwood, PR exec at Gulf State University, must discover who killed her friend faculty member Adrienne Harrington and student Bobby Jake before the university and the police shut down the investigation labeling Adrienne guilty of murder/suicide. First in the Brentwood Women Mystery Series.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Aliens are all around us. They have been for centuries. Taxore, the First Dimension; linked to Earth for centuries though alien pirates and their human allies, who prey on humans and doom them to an endless life of slavery after death. For them, there is no such thing as heaven, only hell.

Nash the Dash, inventor, poet, and loyal friend, is looking for a new community and is on an adventure to find one. He meets the Ó Murchú fairy clan and is adopted into their fold. With a knack for getting himself into pickles, Nash always finds creative ways to get out of them.

Genre: Christian

When Garrett Young goes missing, Renee must race against the clock to find him, but will the mistakes of her past keep her from success?

Victoria Bentwood is convinced that once again she, her daughter and granddaughter must investigate the hit and run death of her friend Cameron if they are to prove a connection to the similar killing of her husband Robert twenty years before. The second in the Brentwood Women Mystery Series.

Currently disowned by England, privateer Garret Connachan saves an infamous pirate's drowning crewmate. In return, he discloses a plot to defraud Spain’s King Philip. Garret faces overturning the plot or forever being labeled a pirate—not only by the King but also by former ally, Queen Elizabeth.

The Coronavirus lockdown presents Pearl, Primrose, Milly, and Reggie with a very different challenge as they investigate the little known story of the magnificent, underground Crystal Ballroom.

A serial killer waiting to take everything. It’s time for Bella to pay—with her life. Bella Carismo, a psychologist aims to grow her private practice. But her plans take a sudden turn when she meets Marco Petrazini, a detective, who brings shocking news of the horrific death of an old acquaintance.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, juggling three children, a faltering marriage, and her role in the Bosch Pirate Force, seizes an unexpected chance to eliminate human trafficking on New Earth, confronts resistance and betrayal from all sides while forging new alliances that could reshape her future and Bosch's destiny.

In the town of Crescent Hallow, Fenn's life takes an unforeseen turn when the Channing family adopts him. Fenn shocking realizes that not only are the Channings werewolves, but so is he! The revelation that he is half-fairy takes his journey of self-discovery to a deeper level.

Would-be murderer turns detective to unmask the killer in her family. Scarlet didn’t kill Max Silento but she was in his room the night he was murdered. Can she work out who the killer is before DI Ronnie Twist arrests her for a crime she attempted, but failed, to commit?

Fifteen-year-old Mary ran away from an arranged marriage, but life’s circumstances forced her to come back home to the world she desperately tried to escape. Can she ever find the freedom and happiness she seeks?

Joy Warrier, a talented 25-year-old interior designer, experiences a harrowing ordeal when her colleague mysteriously vanishes only to be discovered dead. As Joy grapples with the shocking loss, fate intertwines her path with that of a handsome architect, Edward Astbury. Sparks fly as they clash.

Chartered by the Queen to eliminate a Spanish Viceroy, Captain Connachan’s unexpected attachment to the man leads her to violate the order. Imprisoned, they escape to a pirate-infested island. She’s forced to protect the Viceroy from pirates plotting against him. He’s her only ticket to freedom.

Book 3 The two men in Jiddy's life have left. Defiant, she resolves to find choices for local girls battered by poverty. Inland, love beckons. The North Sea entices with dreams of foreign shores, but smuggling is all Jiddy has known. A brutal, breathtaking and brilliant conclusion to the trilogy!

Genre: Fantasy

Who is the monster? The Hunter? Or the Hunted? Finally, Medusa and Danae get to tell their tale, from their roles as priestesses and princesses to their metamorphosis into a monster and mother of a demi-god. Are you ready to listen to their side of the story?

Genre: Romance

Gorgeous Jack Newton has fallen in love. But Eveline Shaw’s a vicar dreaming of marriage and kids, and he’s a male escort on his way out of town. Can Jack show Eveline heaven and keep his secret safe, or are they both headed straight for hell?

To save the life of his son, a resurrection man and his partner must hunt for a cursed diamond, a task which will take them from the gentile drawing rooms of Regency London to the grim boneyards of Limehouse.

She can save the world, but there's a price to pay... November 2003. Brilliant scientist Uma Jakobsdóttir has figured out a way to solve global warming for good. Known as LEAP, the system is capable of providing Earth’s ultimate second chance...until it falls into the wrong hands.

Agatha Taylor is the daughter of the Grey Trench Coat Man, a serial killer who met a gruesome end. She preys on the unsuspecting and kills for pleasure. DNA found at a crime scene leads DCs Earle and Sterling to a rural farm in Northumberland and the dark secrets of the pigpen.

Valeria Allegro works diligently on the family farm in Italy, torn between duty to family and desire for freedom from her domineering father. Dario provides a blissful escape-until Gregorio, decides he wants her. This raises an alarm for her father, which leads to family conflict and aggression.

In the second book of this series, in Italy 1478, Andrea de' Grigi has failed to save his closest friend from assassination. But he saved the chief leader of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici. Now he must work with Lorenzo, and his English birth father, to protect Florence from further attack.

Genre: Fantasy

Girvyn is unaware he possesses a unique gift: he can enter people's dreams, identifying him as a Dream Traveller. Girvyn aspires to follow in his uncle's scholarly footsteps. Yet, his future veers off course when a dream entangles his fate with a forest tribe ravaged by demons.

Genre: Fantasy

What is history got it wrong? What if the myths and legends of vampires, witches, old gods, and shapeshifters had a grain of reality to them? Would you want to hear their stories? How far would you be willing to go to learn the truth about the inconsistencies in history?

Welcome to the Ó Murchú fairy clan, who live In Carabeg, where cooperation is the best rule of thumb. Cheer on the fairies as they search for alternatives for their new sister's missing wing. Nothing could go wrong, right? Includes audio of text and three songs.

Emperor Trajan taps Aulus Galba to lead the first Roman mission to China. A trip around the world of 2000 years ago by sea and land, a world you didn't know existed - but did! Action, adventure and three love stories.

Genre: Fantasy

Marios Rondou, a candidate for election in his country, has a dark secret he must resolve before he can stand and achieve what he wants for his nation.

In the third book of this series, Andrew Grey travels to England with the body of his dead father. There he must work to please the English King and earn his father's title. His efforts take him to a bloody war in Burgundy, frustrating peace talks in Italy and a horrific siege in Rhodes.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Caught between her commander’s demands, her husband's wishes, and her vengeful past, Kat Wallace embarks on a perilous mission to end enslavement on New Earth, risking everything to captain her own destiny.

Ten years on, the veterans of Rome's first mission to China are scattered throughout the world, from Mongolia to China, from Asia Minot to Italy. But the gods are drawing them together for a wholly unexpected reunion, in the midst of Trajan's last war, the invasion of Parthia. War and insurrection!

The aftermath of a heart-stopping cliffhanger leaves Scarlet facing an unimaginable challenge—Zig is a vessel for the demon, Dagon. To save Zig’s life, Scarlet strikes a Faustian bargain. She agrees to go with Dagon forever for Zig's release. If she reneges on her deal, Zig's life becomes forfeit.

Genre: Romance

James Hunter-Savage is a cocky city boy not used to anyone else taking the reins. Lady Estelle Foxbrooke is a fiery country girl who’s about to show him who’s boss. Can they learn to fight for love rather than with each other, or will their love hate relationship destroy what they're working for?

Expelled from a private academy for knifing a classmate, twelve-year-old Garret Connachan joins Captain Drake’s fleet as a midshipman. Striving to earn a captaincy among marauding 16th-century pirates is complicated by a family secret shared by the rising pirate’s father just prior to departure.

Genre: Fantasy

The race for the Cup of Plenty is on in the fourth installment of the Madigan Chronicles. Will the Madigans be in time to warn its guardian? Forces collide, lessons must be learned, and hearts will be broken—all with shattering consequences. The Cup is hidden in one of the remotest places in the...

Genre: Fantasy

Louis Perrault and Lady Xueru are on the case of smuggled yenusha, a valuable and powerful medicinal plant from Kattai. Their efforts pit them against an old enemy who must be defeated once and for all.

IN THIS 2nd BOOK OF THE GLORY BISHOP SERIES, Glory finally breaks free of her mother's oppressive grasp. Against trusted advice, she chooses the protection of Malcolm, her controlling, much older, bad-boy-turned-minister fiancé. With this new reality, comes unexpected complications and temptations.

He loved watching them and getting to know them. Before he murdered them with the help of his dear Mother. They lived their perfect lives until they imprisoned their 18th victim, 28-year-old Faith Taylor. Big mistake – she was no victim.

Genre: Fantasy

The struggle to keep the elemental powers safe continues in the third installment of the Madigan Chronicles, and the family dramas deepen. Ceri has a hard time balancing being the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human and alienating her daughter, who finds a dangerous friend in Mab, the Queen...

Genre: Fantasy

The Madigans thought they could relax after they retrieved the Dagger of Consciousness, but malicious Lucy takes possession of the family’s Magical Tarot Deck. Now, they must get it back in time before she will use it against them. After Lucy’s grandson steals the Magical Tarot Deck, Lucy sees her...

The Dark Side of Food, the first in the Unfollow Series of graphic novels uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness of abuse of power online. Five protagonists challenge influencers who are promoting unhealthy lifestyles driving eating disorders, but is there something more sinister at play?

When Granny June brings six-year-old Juniper to a U-Pick flower farm, the child meets Bumble, a resident bee, and the two form a summer-long friendship. Wandering rows of colour, the two learn about each other and the value of caring for others. Includes audio of text and three songs.

Have you ever wondered how some people deal with the challenges of life with confidence and turn their dreams into reality? Well, maybe someone will help you find a secret to embark on a transformative journey toward a life filled with purpose and accomplishment. The first and most important step is...

Rescued at birth, Jiddy Vardy grows up in Robin Hood's Bay, a coastal community which harbours a dangerous secret that could get you killed. Always the outsider, at sixteen, Jiddy is clever, brave and headstrong, soon risking her life and freedom to play her part in the Bay's clandestine activities.

Genre: Sci-Fi

There’s an inter-dimensional war brewing. I’m slap bang in the middle of it … and it’s my fault My family are killers, kidnappers, slavers It’s up to me and my collection of misfits to stop them.Until something unthinkable happened. We lost one of our own.How can we save mankind now?

Veronica and her friends stick together in the halls of Mythical Middle School. But when the mysterious Emma D arrives, their once-tight friendship begins to unravel. The gorgon must navigate middle school drama after being ousted from her clique. Can Veronica mend the fractures in her friendships?

A pair of 19th Century resurrection men are commissioned by a famous anatomist to retrieve the body of a hermaphrodite. But the corpse holds secrets and there are some who will kill to keep them hidden.

Genre: Crime

A 15-year-old girl is hiding from her biological father in an exclusive boarding school in New Zealand. She changed her name but lives with her getaway bag packed. When another girl at the school is found in a coma, the question arises - did the father poison the wrong girl by mistake?