2024 Indie Author Award

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping our world, from social media to healthcare, education to governance, transforming how we live, work, and think. As we step into an era where AI doesn't just support decision but makes the decisions, the question arises: Are we shaping AI, or is AI shaping us?

Genre: Romance

Shy and reserved Lord Henry Foxbrooke needs a fake girlfriend. Free-spirited actress Libby Fletcher needs a job. But as friendship blurs and faking it starts to feel a little too real, disaster strikes. Can Libby and Henry stick to the script, or has their entire act just bombed?

When Leona was woken early one morning, she knew something had to be wrong. But as she rushed to meet the elders nothing could prepare her for what she was about to hear. Life in Fairy Glen was about to change...the words fairy dust were echoing in the air!

Genre: Fantasy

The Madigans thought they could relax after they retrieved the Dagger of Consciousness, but malicious Lucy takes possession of the family’s Magical Tarot Deck. Now, they must get it back in time before she will use it against them. After Lucy’s grandson steals the Magical Tarot Deck, Lucy sees her...

Retired doctor plays cat and mouse with young female detective to cover up multiple murders. What led Lilian to kill? How many murders has she committed? And will she get away with it?

In the town of Crescent Hallow, Fenn's life takes an unforeseen turn when the Channing family adopts him. Fenn shocking realizes that not only are the Channings werewolves, but so is he! The revelation that he is half-fairy takes his journey of self-discovery to a deeper level.

When a mysterious woman's ultimatum threatens to shatter devoted husband Bram de Jong's idyllic marriage, he's thrust into a psychological labyrinth where revelations about his and his wife's pasts force him to navigate menacing forces and confront terrible choices to protect his loved ones.

Caught in a rogue storm during the Great Sea Race, fourteen-year-old Grey Shima and her rival Ashton must join forces to thwart a deadly plot, uncovering resilience and the power of friendship in a thrilling adventure that spans generations.

A child’s natural reaction to stressful childhood experiences can impair their happiness in adulthood. “This Is How We Heal from Painful Childhoods” breaks down the monumental task of childhood trauma recovery into 20 rules that enable readers to self-heal and remove obstacles to adult success.

Genre: Fantasy

The epic sequel to the award-winning ‘In Solitude’s Shadow’ and acclaimed ‘Path Of War’. Book Three in a completed four book series.

‘Duality’ tells the story of a boy with two names living in a utopian world where the concept of ‘The Ego’ and ‘The Conscious Self’ are written into the fabric of society-after taking part in an experiment that introduces him to our world, the philosophical pitfalls in our society are uncovered.

Annabel Tate's life is a mess. When an unconventional Advent calendar appears at her door from an unknown sender, Annabel's life could be about to change as she completes a new challenge each day until Christmas. Each challenge takes her out of her comfort zone, but is it for better or for worse?

Genre: Fantasy

His touch could kill her. Her life could save him. The balance of the entire realm lies in their hands.

Genre: Fantasy

The first in a new mystical, magical series featuring three generations of powerful, headstrong witches from the Madigan family and their struggle to work together to keep a centuries-old promise and stop a dark witch from claiming a powerful elemental object. Bridget, a member of the Madigan family...

Fifteen-year-old Mary ran away from an arranged marriage, but life’s circumstances forced her to come back home to the world she desperately tried to escape. Can she ever find the freedom and happiness she seeks?

This is a collection of short stories. The improbable stories include traditional fiction, but fully warped out of reality. Yet, the stories have an authoritative and convincing ring! Just imagine a universe (as big as the present one). And much more such tales.

Earth’s Emergency Room tells the real story of the Endangered Species Act of 1973: its dramatic highs and lows, its essential impact saving wildlife and nature, and the people who have shaped its legacy. It calls upon all Americans to join the fight to preserve the Earth for future generations.

"The Fragility of Light," Heather S. Lonczak's debut novel-a poignant exploration of mental health, resilience, and the enduring power of familial bonds.

Would-be murderer turns detective to unmask the killer in her family. Scarlet didn’t kill Max Silento but she was in his room the night he was murdered. Can she work out who the killer is before DI Ronnie Twist arrests her for a crime she attempted, but failed, to commit?

Genre: Fantasy

Tommy Lucas needs a bone marrow transplant, but he’s convinced instead he’s a vampire. He’s stoked when he discovers an e-zine series about urban legend Viscount Claudius Fallon, a vampire who traveled from Cardiff to Eureka Springs seeking a cure for his own leukemia during WWII. Does Fallon exist...

Genre: LGBT

A gripping, dark romantic comedy, Husbands is an entertaining and fast-paced peek into the not-so-bright lights of Hollywood. Perfect for fans of Jane Fallon, Marian Keyes, Beth O’Leary and Taylor Jenkins Reid,.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Caught between her commander’s demands, her husband's wishes, and her vengeful past, Kat Wallace embarks on a perilous mission to end enslavement on New Earth, risking everything to captain her own destiny.

Genre: Crime

A London Metropolitan Police Detective Chief Inspector feels compelled to accept an offer to head a new clandestine crime fighting initiative, working on the fringes of the law and sometimes beyond.

Andalucia 1945 - Franco and the Church have a tight grip on Spain. A vibrant Maria Dolores is beginning adulthood. When Juan Diego arrives in the village she believes she has everything but jealousies and revenge combine to set her on a different path.

Charlotte Ashford will do anything for her cousin Lydia. She never could have imagined it was to become a mistress. Chosen Mistress...a scandalous tale of two women in early Victorian society exposing the underside of love, sex, and relationships.

Veronica and her friends stick together in the halls of Mythical Middle School. But when the mysterious Emma D arrives, their once-tight friendship begins to unravel. The gorgon must navigate middle school drama after being ousted from her clique. Can Veronica mend the fractures in her friendships?

Genre: Romance

Life will never be same again when Antheia is forced to leave her childhood behind. A mystery and a cruel secret sends her on a quest for the truth as she tries to settle in her new home and negotiate a family who don't seem to care if she exists or not.

In this step-by-step guide to living an extraordinary life, Victoria shares her philosophy about the power of love, forgiveness, making amends, & emotional healing in those areas and relationships that effect your quality of life today—family, career, romance, health, finances, and self-expression.

Haunted by the vision of a ghost ship sailing past Execution Rocks Lighthouse, a reporter and a detective are lured into a complex web of slavery, greed, and deceit, only to discover that within the blurred lines of history, their own lives are intricately linked to a secret past, and each other.

Genre: LGBT

A dark tale of self-discovery that will sweep you into a world of swords, secrets, snark, and sapphic love.

This beautifully illustrated book for early years tells the story of little jellyfish bobbing along on the ocean spray, as the ocean creatures join it in a lyrical dance, it becomes clear that all might not be as it seems. A sustainably printed story, gently told to inspire, delight and enjoy.

Salvation is difficult to find during the apocalypse.

The aftermath of a heart-stopping cliffhanger leaves Scarlet facing an unimaginable challenge—Zig is a vessel for the demon, Dagon. To save Zig’s life, Scarlet strikes a Faustian bargain. She agrees to go with Dagon forever for Zig's release. If she reneges on her deal, Zig's life becomes forfeit.

IN THIS 2nd BOOK OF THE GLORY BISHOP SERIES, Glory finally breaks free of her mother's oppressive grasp. Against trusted advice, she chooses the protection of Malcolm, her controlling, much older, bad-boy-turned-minister fiancé. With this new reality, comes unexpected complications and temptations.

Genre: Fantasy

Things are not what they seem in this action-packed fifth installment of the Madigan Chronicles. The family drama intensifies, and forces collide in an epic showdown in Fairy. The Madigans do everything they can to help the Guardian of the Cup of Plenty to restore the broken Cup. But their malicious...

A single mother with a deceptive past forges an unconventional alliance to navigate the hardships and displacement of Napoleon’s invasion of the Mediterranean, where her survival, and the survival of the people she loves, hinge on harrowing decisions she will have to make.

An American teen travels to her father's homeland, searching for answers about his death, and uncovers a secret that puts her in the crosshairs of a crime boss.

Genre: Fantasy

Girvyn is unaware he possesses a unique gift: he can enter people's dreams, identifying him as a Dream Traveller. Girvyn aspires to follow in his uncle's scholarly footsteps. Yet, his future veers off course when a dream entangles his fate with a forest tribe ravaged by demons.

Genre: Romance

Valentina’s worked without a break to craft her acting career. But she’s never truly lived, and everything's built on a lie. Bodyguard Charlie’s done too much living, and is on the run from his demons. Can they let go of the past, or will their love remain a Highland fling?

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, on the brink of leading Bosch and ending human trafficking, must thwart her vengeful enslaver's deadly plans targeting her children, risking her home, heart, and life in a high-stakes battle to protect everything she holds dear.

She can save the world, but there's a price to pay... November 2003. Brilliant scientist Uma Jakobsdóttir has figured out a way to solve global warming for good. Known as LEAP, the system is capable of providing Earth’s ultimate second chance...until it falls into the wrong hands.

Genre: Romance

Afraid to love, afraid to trust; heartwarming saga of loss, passion, and new beginnings.

“Just Keep Climbing” is an inspiring book that shares raw, emotional stories of eight ordinary people overcoming extraordinary challenges. Author Barry Finlay weaves in lessons from his own experience climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, offering practical tools for achieving seemingly impossible goals.

Meet Canary Ryland she is a 6-year-old girl who goes on a journey to find out where babies come from. Canary and her friends then descend into a magical upside-down world called Destonia where they continue to look for the answer to the question. Can Canary find the answers she is looking for?

California Pomo Indians protest a wine corporation’s planned clearcut of old growth redwoods where their ancestors were massacred in 1856. When a high wire diva joins in and performs in a glorious stand of trees, the publicity she draws stirs forces no one foresees.

Genre: Memoir

When a supposed astrological mishap led to Priti symbolically marrying a coconut to remedy her struggles to find love, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that launched her from her comfort zone and revealed her own needs and desires.

Murder and greed were buried in Will Slater's past, but the killers are on his trail once more, and when he is tracked to a hideaway house in a remote Scottish glen, he knows they are coming for him.

A serial killer waiting to take everything. It’s time for Bella to pay—with her life. Bella Carismo, a psychologist aims to grow her private practice. But her plans take a sudden turn when she meets Marco Petrazini, a detective, who brings shocking news of the horrific death of an old acquaintance.

TACAMO, or "Take Charge and Move Out", is the last link in the chain to the nuclear forces. But despite its importance, it was not a viable career path for officers, until a dozen bold pioneers in the 1970s bet their Navy careers, taking a second tour in TACAMO, hoping that they could make it so.

Olly Appleton thought he had learned all of his grandfather’s secrets, the ones his grandfather died protecting. Those secrets involved hand-drawn maps, special keys, hidden tunnels, and the Spores—friendly and fantastical mushroom creatures living under his home on Oak Hill.

Titania may be the only one capable of ending the evil stalking the fae, but staying alive long enough to do it may prove her biggest challenge yet. Hidden deep in fae lore lies a legend. It holds that there will be One granted the power to end all evil. Titania has come to realize she may hold that...

In this heartwarming, and inspiring autobiographical story collection, the author bares all that is candid and revealing as well as shares his hard-won wisdom and insights.

In this heartwarming, and inspiring autobiographical story collection, the author bares all that is candid and revealing as well as shares his hard-won wisdom and insights.

Genre: Fantasy

A wayfarer ferrying souls to the afterlife faces an unprecedented dilemma when a living girl suddenly becomes a passenger, stirring controversy and forcing a choice between loyalty and protection.

Genre: Fantasy

Arthuriana, Victoriana, and capybaras: welcome to Thule! River Greer's sister is dying, and she's just been mistaken for a runaway alien duchess and ferried across the universe to the legendary Thule. As time is running out, River has only one goal, to go home, and one ally: her double's husband.

Native sisters Luka and Little Feather have a dream to see the ocean... It would take something magical to make that happen! The hidden messages throughout and the underlying story of magic and whimsy make for such a unique, outstandingly beautiful piece of art steeped in Indigenous culture.❤️

You thought having your own submarine would be fun

At the age of 20, Rose was part of the first group of Cambridge students to study in Iran after Iran re-opened its borders to the West. A collection of both humorous and tragic short stories detail the difficulties and culture clashes of life in Iran as a British woman.

Genre: Romance

When a mysterious one-night stand disappears after a passionate, perfect night, Ayden St. Devane pulls out all the stops to find her. When fate intervenes to reunite the unlikely soulmates, he is determined to prove that she is his to belong to. Always.

Tatae’s Promise is a never-before-told, true, historical drama in which a young Jewish woman fights to resist her Nazi captors, survive years in the Mlawa ghetto, escape Auschwitz with her younger sister, and fulfill her murdered father’s last promise to her: you will live and you will tell.

Have you ever wondered how some people deal with the challenges of life with confidence and turn their dreams into reality? Well, maybe someone will help you find a secret to embark on a transformative journey toward a life filled with purpose and accomplishment. The first and most important step is...

Genre: Fantasy

Louis Perrault and Lady Xueru are on the case of smuggled yenusha, a valuable and powerful medicinal plant from Kattai. Their efforts pit them against an old enemy who must be defeated once and for all.

The Ultimate Power Within: Unleashing the Magic of Affirmations is not merely a book on Affirmations but a guidebook and instruction manual providing a step-by-step process for understanding, creating, and using Affirmations to unlock the power within and bring about positive change in your life.

Genre: Fantasy

In a world where legends may exist, Allabva's peaceful world is shattered when the Forerunner—a unicorn—calls her on a quest to aid the fabled Shrongelin against the unconquerable. Ignoring dark legends of the Nightshade Unicorn, she races to embrace her destiny or let darkness prevail.

Genre: Fantasy

Finally, Chieftain Lothar's galleys are launched onto the waters to claim the rightful heiress to his lands. Can F'lorna's family and friends help her overcome trauma to embrace a unique life that could possibly bind multiple lands of the unfolding world of Rodesh?

In the third book of this series, Andrew Grey travels to England with the body of his dead father. There he must work to please the English King and earn his father's title. His efforts take him to a bloody war in Burgundy, frustrating peace talks in Italy and a horrific siege in Rhodes.

In the second book of this series, in Italy 1478, Andrea de' Grigi has failed to save his closest friend from assassination. But he saved the chief leader of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici. Now he must work with Lorenzo, and his English birth father, to protect Florence from further attack.

On the pirate island of Bosch, nearly eleven-year-old twins Kik and Mac stumble upon a hidden treasure map, launching them into an adventure that tests their bond, uncovers family secrets, and reshapes their understanding of identity and loyalty.

Genre: Memoir

A Boricua female Army warrior and salsa teacher sells everything after war and moves to Alaska to be a river guide and to deal with her PTSD through endurance running but is paralyzed and needs to learn to walk before she returns to Vieques, PR to cultivate peace working on an off-grid organic farm.

Olly Appleton thought he had learned all of his grandfather’s secrets, the ones his grandfather died protecting. Those secrets involved hand-drawn maps, special keys, hidden tunnels, and the Spores—friendly and fantastical mushroom creatures living under his home on Oak Hill.

The arrival of a handsome young stranger to a cocoa estate on the island of Trinidad is a catalyst that sets off a tragic train of events with consequences that stretch into the present day. Part coming-of-age story, part Gothic mystery, Palmyra is a historical novel that conjures a world teaming...

Adults struggle to remember the early years of life but it is a gift, this book will help you see the very different perspective of a developing conscious brain. Unlock the forgotten secrets of childhood with a heartfelt story based in neuroscience to tap the power of the young and the unconscious.

Mister Mishkins is a magical cat who runs an Apothecary on Mosaic Street, only visible to those in need. People share troubles and fears with Mister Mishkins before the eclectic Apothecary cats take them on a journey replacing negative emotions with hope, optimism, and a sprinkling of magic.

'Clarionettes' is set in the industrial town of Halifax, 1896. The radical Clarion cycling club brings young men and women from all walks of life together for the first time. Seeking freedom, happiness and love, they find these mean different things to one another as they journey to their futures.

Genre: Memoir

Logline: The body is a museum for memories. I am the Smithsonian. An epic bildungsroman, "Who Has Known Heights" relentlessly explores the unabating torment and repercussions of being born in the wrong body 'long before' identifying as something “other” became a trend. Memoir disguised as fiction.

Michelle and Natasha are sisters on opposite sides in the war. Separated for a decade the two sisters have forged very different lives. Natasha is an interrogator, Michele heads the resistance and Hess is organising a mission. They must play a game of cat and mouse, changing their lives forever.

Genre: Christian

When a car accident claims the lives of his best friends, a young single pastor takes in their only daughter, drastically altering both of their lives forever.

Genre: Memoir

With humour and honesty, from a pagan commune to sobriety, this collection of essays and stories form a unique exploration of wealth, survival, the questions that haunt us, and what makes us human. It’s you and me. It’s where our worlds collide.

"Chasing the Dragon," A Genre-Bending Thrill Ride that fuses action, horror, comedy, and vigilante justice into a literary cocktail. In the gritty underbelly of the city, an unusual hero emerges. But will he be brave enough to chase the evil of the world, even if it means becoming a monster himself?

Genre: Romance

James Hunter-Savage is a cocky city boy not used to anyone else taking the reins. Lady Estelle Foxbrooke is a fiery country girl who’s about to show him who’s boss. Can they learn to fight for love rather than with each other, or will their love hate relationship destroy what they're working for?

Jim Miller was born with the ability to speak to spirits. At an early age he learned that by talking to them he can help them move onto their afterlife. When Jim’s sister suddenly goes missing, he uses his ability to discover that her disappearance may be linked to a drug family or possibly the FBI...

Genre: Sci-Fi

Madison is experimental, transgressive, and never turns away from love. Her drawings of an alien vessel have exposed a deep government cover-up. Her only hope is the lead agent who risks her career and heart, to help. Racing to save the planet, she holds the brush that will rewrite human history.

Pebbles, Sox and Carrot are three young bunnies (Meadowers) who live in Meadowfall, one of the five districts of Bunovia. Their father is sick and in the care of their grandparents. Their mother, having set out to find the cure, has not returned home. In a desperate attempt to find their mother and...

Valeria Allegro works diligently on the family farm in Italy, torn between duty to family and desire for freedom from her domineering father. Dario provides a blissful escape-until Gregorio, decides he wants her. This raises an alarm for her father, which leads to family conflict and aggression.

Reunited by chance at a Seniors' Retreat in the stunning Lake District, two women rekindle their decades-old friendship. Through a series of madcap adventures spiced with sarcasm and banter, the two find themselves unexpectedly falling in love.

Emperor Trajan taps Aulus Galba to lead the first Roman mission to China. A trip around the world of 2000 years ago by sea and land, a world you didn't know existed - but did! Action, adventure and three love stories.

Genre: Horror

The Turners are house-hunting. Passing by a large but dilapidated property buried in dense foliage, Robin strangely faints. Upon recovering, she insists upon viewing the house, later demanding Gil buy it. He angrily asks why she wants such a monstrosity. Robin slowly replies, "I don't know why."

Poppy the golden retriever returns with her younger sister, Devon, in another crazy cream adventure. When a family of rabbits are driven from their home, Poppy and Devon make it their mission to help. Their quest takes them to Childer’s Forest, the site of ancient and mysterious events. When the...

Ten years on, the veterans of Rome's first mission to China are scattered throughout the world, from Mongolia to China, from Asia Minot to Italy. But the gods are drawing them together for a wholly unexpected reunion, in the midst of Trajan's last war, the invasion of Parthia. War and insurrection!

Genre: Fantasy

After having killed his brother, Louis Perrault, a young noblemen, must learn to forgive and accept himself, for his future to hold promise.

“Kick” is a Canadian-born American-made killer; shattered by years of violence. He fought in America's secret war in Vietnam and continued working for the CIA. By 1988, Kick has one goal: to finally expose Canada’s covert involvement in the Vietnam War before those dark secrets are hidden forever.

Genre: Horror

Ancient gods and terrible rituals await within these pages, as we explore the dark corners of forest and field alike. Twenty-six tantalizing short stories in folk horror.

In Italy, 1477, Andrea de' Grigi, a mercenary soldier, must fight to save his friends, the rulers of Florence, from an assassination plot involving several powerful Italian states. At the same time he must deal with the arrival in Florence of his English birth father whom he has never met.

Genre: Sci-Fi

In a quest to dismantle 24th-century Earth's human trafficking rings, Kat Wallace, a fierce escapee of enslavement, joins the Bosch Pirate Force. As she rises through the ranks with fiery determination, unexpected romance and loyalty tests threaten to derail her mission and her quest for belonging.

When two teens, born 150 years apart, meet on the Civil War battlefield where one of them died, grief unites them. One lies in an unmarked grave. The other longs for a father who disappeared in a foreign war. Can these two lost souls help one another find home?

Genre: Horror

The world was ready to defend against an asteroid of epic proportions… but nobody was ready for what came after. First their eyes bleed. A ravenous hunger consumes them. Their sanity breaks. Then they become… the undead.

Genre: Memoir

With a blend of gentle humour, empathy and refreshing honesty, Chloe invites you to join her on a path less travelled, offering a unique perspective on the wonders and fragilities of the human body, whilst navigating the complexities of her own life as the truth behind her challengers are unveiled.

When sisters quarrel humanity is on the brink of extinction. Mona, the computer coder of Earth, got caught deleting humankind. Her sister Penny, the coder of humans, challenges her to upload to earth, live as a human, & experience their emotions before she carries out plans to delete humans forever.

Genre: Fantasy

Marios Rondou, a candidate for election in his country, has a dark secret he must resolve before he can stand and achieve what he wants for his nation.

He loved watching them and getting to know them. Before he murdered them with the help of his dear Mother. They lived their perfect lives until they imprisoned their 18th victim, 28-year-old Faith Taylor. Big mistake – she was no victim.

A wry study of the behavior of young men through their relationships with women and their enduring friendships with one another, this coming of age-late story set in a 1980s world of colorful characters is a love letter to friendship and to love itself, told in equal parts comedy and melancholy.

On the Rocks chronicles the real-life journey of restaurateur Joseph Costanzo Jr., from his rise to success in the restaurant industry to his sharp fall which ended with a stint in federal prison.

Step into the enchanting world of Baxter and Ethan's magical Brisbane lolly shop, where ordinary sweets hold extraordinary powers, if only for a fleeting moment. Amidst the whimsical shelves, mischievous children discover newfound courage, forging unexpected friendships and weaving spells of...

An eventful story of an intrepid adoptee discovering her background and gaining strength for her future.

Genre: Memoir

A smorgasbord of bite-sized offerings, both savoury and sweet, presented as eighteen snapshots of the truly remarkable experiences of an unconventional sailing family. Written with humour and insight, the contents include nuclear protest voyaging, Antarctic misadventures, and remote exploration.

A modern-day American soldier fighting to live as a civilian. A secret time-travel experiment gone wrong. Just like that, Blanca is back in a war.

When three children meet a pair of alternative-lifestyle kids in New Zealand, they become caught up in a conflict with a local oyster-farmer over the spread of plastics in the inlet. The outcome is a signal to youngsters everywhere that it is possible to bring about positive change in the world.

Genre: Romance

Lisa Tennent is the heiress of the “Tennent Surf Company” dynasty, and it’s about to go under. Her father, the patriarch, has disappeared, her brother is a lazy HIMBO, her debutante mother is uninterested, and her uncle just mansplained her---again. None of them will right the sinking ship; she has...

When his apprentice, John Keats, abandons medicine for poetry, Thomas Hammond is devastated, but can the master apothecary learn something valuable about life from his poetic apprentice before it’s too late?

Genre: Romance

One colossal snowstorm initiates a life-altering encounter between a wealthy tech billionaire and a small-town girl. The time Darren spent with Sarah in Tennessee was brief, yet impactful. Their lifestyles existed in separate realms—his comprising private jets and boardrooms, while hers centered on...

Joy Warrier, a talented 25-year-old interior designer, experiences a harrowing ordeal when her colleague mysteriously vanishes only to be discovered dead. As Joy grapples with the shocking loss, fate intertwines her path with that of a handsome architect, Edward Astbury. Sparks fly as they clash.

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane, Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week. Her traumatic experience keeps on haunting her day and night, but mostly at night, and it seems there's no way out. If life is only a torture, why keep on going?

Genre: Romance

Gorgeous Jack Newton has fallen in love. But Eveline Shaw’s a vicar dreaming of marriage and kids, and he’s a male escort on his way out of town. Can Jack show Eveline heaven and keep his secret safe, or are they both headed straight for hell?

Glory Bishop reads novels, speaks her mind, & enjoys stolen kisses with JT; but at home, her strict mother will do anything to keep her from worldly temptations. When 27-year-old Malcolm in interested in Glory, with her mother's blessing, Glory must choose waiting for JT or freedom with Malcolm.

A coming-of-age story about family, young love and the dark side of faith.

Genre: Memoir

"Black on Madison Avenue" gives readers a sense of what it’s like to be Black in the ad business. “Mad Men from a Black perspective.” For an industry that professes to be the vanguard of creativity and popular culture, advertising is one of the most un-diverse white collar professions in America.

Spencer and Cayden have always known that they were different from each of their parents, but when Spencer saves Cayden from a stab wound using only her tears and sheer willpower, they find out exactly what they are: the only two of their kind, born under a prophecy.

Genre: Memoir

Hair on Fire details the ups and downs of holiday celebrations. The juxtaposition of "hair on fire" with "heartwarming" and "humorous" promises a delightful blend of excitement and sentimentality. It sounds like a great read for those seeking a unique perspective on Christmas festivities!

Sun, sand, surf. How could Blanca Castellano turn down the offer of a promotion to beautiful Rio de Janeiro—especially when it’s a step up in her career in Madrid? The return to Rio means the return of nightmares from Blanca’s childhood—nightmares that began after her first trip to Rio as a child.

A nameless child’s body dumped on an Italian beach; an Italian conman, Alessandro Verdi, murdered in London. Yet all clues lead to the hillside town of Montecatini della Torre in Tuscany. Everyone has a theory, but can, Agata, former lover of Alessandro, sift fact from gossip to uncover the truth?

Genre: Romance

He’s never been kissed, and she’s about to rock his world… After lying to a Hollywood megastar, bubbly actress Sam needs shy electrician Jamie to write an album with her in one week. But fame is the last thing on Jamie's mind. Will he help make her dreams come true?

The Dark Side of Food, the first in the Unfollow Series of graphic novels uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness of abuse of power online. Five protagonists challenge influencers who are promoting unhealthy lifestyles driving eating disorders, but is there something more sinister at play?

Genre: Fantasy

What is history got it wrong? What if the myths and legends of vampires, witches, old gods, and shapeshifters had a grain of reality to them? Would you want to hear their stories? How far would you be willing to go to learn the truth about the inconsistencies in history?

Woven with history and forbidden romance, The Sun of God unveils the hidden world of Ancient Rome in the reimagined past of a young, ruthless Octavius as he defies all odds and rises to absolute power as Emperor Augustus, founding the Roman Empire and changing history forever.

When the Germans occupy northern Italy in 1943, vowing to steal Italy's cultural heritage, a young art curator has to decide whether to embark on a perilous mission to save the thousands of priceless works of art hidden in the countryside she calls home.

Join children of all ages, looks, shapes, and sizes in their new world of fun, excitement, and prizes. Akash and Mila are excited to attend their first gymnastics class. Together they’ll learn a valuable lesson that will empower them for the rest of their lives.

Mork, the handsome orc, lives in a world where ruggedness defines beauty. Unfortunately for him, he's too handsome. Mork's panic attacks intensify anxiety about the school dance. Mork goes on a journey of self-discovery to love himself, face panic attacks, and attend the dance on his own terms.

A stalker in Madrid exposes deep secrets and tears a family apart. Daniela dance school business is finding its feet when newspaper reports about her father send clients running for the hills. Her only hope lies in Rafael—the very journalist and love interest whose articles drove away her students.

Pontius Pilate would not be widely known today but for Jesus. Pilate, as the Gospels relate, clearly did not want to execute Jesus. How did he feel, after the act was done? With whom did he speak? If he could continue his conversation with Jesus, what would he say? Who is eligible for salvation?

Genre: Crime

I, said the fly, With my little eye, I saw them die A double homicide, dead and missing suspects, plus a lover with a secret life... It’s all in a day’s work for D.I. Cathy Collins – until she is arrested for the very homicide she is investigating. Then justice becomes very personal.

Currently disowned by England, privateer Garret Connachan saves an infamous pirate's drowning crewmate. In return, he discloses a plot to defraud Spain’s King Philip. Garret faces overturning the plot or forever being labeled a pirate—not only by the King but also by former ally, Queen Elizabeth.

Genre: Horror

Escape is only one spell away. "Stranger Things" meets "My Best Friends Exorcism", in this '90's inspired dark, witchy horror tale that will take you on a journey that will test friendships and uncover the ultimate betrayal.

The Wonder Wig is a call to women of all races to recognize and celebrate their inherent beauty, challenging the societal norms dictating it. Lewis’s novel is both inspiring and thought-provoking, making it a recommended read for women seeking a fresh perspective on beauty and self-confidence.

Sinead, a young student in 1970s Ireland, falls pregnant and spends time in a Mother and Baby Home where her child is adopted, but years later she sets out to find him, with unforeseen consequences.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Kat Wallace, juggling three children, a faltering marriage, and her role in the Bosch Pirate Force, seizes an unexpected chance to eliminate human trafficking on New Earth, confronts resistance and betrayal from all sides while forging new alliances that could reshape her future and Bosch's destiny.

In the spring of 1968, Paula Manto was vibrating with promise. The 18-year old scholar, athlete, devoted daughter and sister embodied the joy and social turmoil that drove the booming live music scene at the Jersey Shore. She was ready to set out on a monumental journey- the first in her family to...

A tale of love, hate and murder, set in 1970 in England when kids sang about bricks in walls and hated Mondays. Tricia Blake does a wicked thing. But who can blame her? A compelling story of revenge. Tricia Blake deserves to be read and forgiven.

Agatha Taylor is the daughter of the Grey Trench Coat Man, a serial killer who met a gruesome end. She preys on the unsuspecting and kills for pleasure. DNA found at a crime scene leads DCs Earle and Sterling to a rural farm in Northumberland and the dark secrets of the pigpen.

Genre: Sci-Fi

Two lab dogs set out to rid the planet of all suffering after gaining unimaginable mental power, and enough skills to learn all about the world by hacking the lab's Internet. A team of young researchers, a farmer, a girl from the Gadigal tribe, and an ET join their quest through space and time.

Pebbles the butterfly travels the world in search of the biggest number.

Genre: Fantasy

Who is the monster? The Hunter? Or the Hunted? Finally, Medusa and Danae get to tell their tale, from their roles as priestesses and princesses to their metamorphosis into a monster and mother of a demi-god. Are you ready to listen to their side of the story?

The Beastly Baron is not as nice man. He shouts too much and doesn’t keep his promises. When he breaks his word to the Warty Witch though, things go very go very badly for him. Then they get much, much worse!

Victoria Bentwood is convinced that once again she, her daughter and granddaughter must investigate the hit and run death of her friend Cameron if they are to prove a connection to the similar killing of her husband Robert twenty years before. The second in the Brentwood Women Mystery Series.

She was his one obsession . . . he married someone else. Casting a daring spell, Hologram will stretch your imagination—and your psyche. Award-winning author Jo Deniau’s second novel weaves science, romance, metaphysics, and magic realism into a romping adventure story.

Genre: Sci-Fi

A sole survivor on a deadly field of combat regains consciousness and sets out on a journey to understand who he is amidst a war-torn realm. He discovers that he is, in fact, part of an artificially created universe simulation for a more advanced society trying to find the keys to immortality.

Genre: Fantasy

The race for the Cup of Plenty is on in the fourth installment of the Madigan Chronicles. Will the Madigans be in time to warn its guardian? Forces collide, lessons must be learned, and hearts will be broken—all with shattering consequences. The Cup is hidden in one of the remotest places in the...

When St Nick crashes his sleigh in a frightful storm, Maurice and the gang use teamwork, moose-taches, and a sprinkle of magic to try and save Christmas. From thrilling near misses, to making new lifelong friendships, this is a Christmas the moose and St Nick will never forget!

Set on the Isle of Skye, Abigail Returns is a suspenseful mystery that's not short on romance. With just over a decade missing to Dissociative Amnesia, and a newly broken heart, Abigail finds herself with no choice but to return to Lochside. The home she had fled so dramatically six years before.

Genre: Fantasy

The struggle to keep the elemental powers safe continues in the third installment of the Madigan Chronicles, and the family dramas deepen. Ceri has a hard time balancing being the Keeper of the Land in Fairy and being human and alienating her daughter, who finds a dangerous friend in Mab, the Queen...

Genre: Fantasy

A possessed book of near antiquity is stolen. Legend has it that, within the book, are the means by which a satanic ceremony can be performed that will unleash hell’s demons on earth. Melanie Ashford buys the book for Peter, her husband, an expert in the occult. She rises from her chair to retrieve...

What if these algorithms predetermined every aspect of human life—but failed to give everyone fair consideration? As artificial intelligence transforms the world, we must put ethics at the forefront of our priorities, ensuring that this powerful technology is developed and deployed responsibly.