2024 Most Intriguing Book Title

Genre: Fantasy

Does Norah hail from a matriarchal lineage of madwomen? Or an Irish ancestry of female power and purpose? Secrets and revelations pour forth from a mysterious family diary as Norah connects the stories and lives of her foremothers, healing her maternal relationship in the process.

Native sisters Luka and Little Feather have a dream to see the ocean... It would take something magical to make that happen! The hidden messages throughout and the underlying story of magic and whimsy make for such a unique, outstandingly beautiful piece of art steeped in Indigenous culture.❤️

Genre: LGBT

Memoir disguised as fiction. An epic bildungsroman, "Who Has Known Heights" relentlessly explores the unabating torment and repercussions of being born in the wrong body long before identifying as something “other” became a trend. Not once throughout the narrative is the term ‘transgender’ used.

Genre: Memoir

This memoir started with one love story—I had no idea it would end with another. The extraordinary chapters of my life alongside my beloved Bernie were filled with wonders, cherished memories, and profound love. Confronted with the reality of his terminal illness, our story took an unexpected turn.

Genre: Romance

He’s never been kissed, and she’s about to rock his world… After lying to a Hollywood megastar, bubbly actress Sam needs shy electrician Jamie to write an album with her in one week. But fame is the last thing on Jamie's mind. Will he help make her dreams come true?

Veronica and her friends stick together in the halls of Mythical Middle School. But when the mysterious Emma D arrives, their once-tight friendship begins to unravel. The gorgon must navigate middle school drama after being ousted from her clique. Can Veronica mend the fractures in her friendships?

After discovering she was adopted under cloaked circumstances and having been subjected to extreme religious confines, seventeen-year-old Beatrice formulates a plan of escape while simultaneously discovering love and desire. Complicating matters, her biological mother shows up at a local event.

Genre: Drama

Nowhere to go. Impossible to stay. The last remaining Chalet Park residents are about to lose their homes to the sea. 21-year-old Lizzie can't understand why they don't leave. But they are up to something odd. Will they have time to enact their plan before their way of life is gone forever?

This dark comedy gives a bird's-eye view into the life of a graveyard caretaker (above ground) and the souls that dwell beneath the black earth. The squabbling departed interact, highlighting past grievances, while Peter (above ground) comes to terms with the death of his father.

Genre: Christian

Do you have difficulty entering God's rest? The number one reason we continue to not be at peace is that we worry about being wise in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. Learn to walk freely in the grace of God and finally abide daily in the gift of Sabbath Rest that Jesus died to give you.

Genre: Memoir

Young Dr. Choate had it made. At thirty-five, he had survived medical school and a long residency and had come into his own as a legitimate surgeon. Then, the music stopped. He had suffered a life-threatening stroke. His self-penned story, ‘The Stroke Artist’, speaks to all who have at one time or...

Genre: Fantasy

The Madigans thought they could relax after they retrieved the Dagger of Consciousness, but malicious Lucy takes possession of the family’s Magical Tarot Deck. Now, they must get it back in time before she will use it against them. After Lucy’s grandson steals the Magical Tarot Deck, Lucy sees her...

What do you get when you cross the pressures of a deadline, a seductively creative mind, and two bottles of wine? A psychological merry-go-round, that’s what. Follow Arimé, and her loyal dog, Becky, in this humorous observation of mental collapse.

After falling out of the sky- quite literally- with an airplane, Amber goes though life simply surviving from week to week. Her traumatic experience keeps on haunting her day and night, but mostly at night, and it seems there's no way out. If life is only a torture, why keep on going?

Genre: Romance

James Hunter-Savage is a cocky city boy not used to anyone else taking the reins. Lady Estelle Foxbrooke is a fiery country girl who’s about to show him who’s boss. Can they learn to fight for love rather than with each other, or will their love hate relationship destroy what they're working for?

Genre: Fantasy

Finally, Chieftain Lothar's galleys are launched onto the waters to claim the rightful heiress to his lands. Can F'lorna's family and friends help her overcome trauma to embrace a unique life that could possibly bind multiple lands of the unfolding world of Rodesh?

The Dark Side of Food, the first in the Unfollow Series of graphic novels uses the power of storytelling to raise awareness of abuse of power online. Five protagonists challenge influencers who are promoting unhealthy lifestyles driving eating disorders, but is there something more sinister at play?

Glory Bishop reads novels, speaks her mind, & enjoys stolen kisses with JT; but at home, her strict mother will do anything to keep her from worldly temptations. When 27-year-old Malcolm in interested in Glory, with her mother's blessing, Glory must choose waiting for JT or freedom with Malcolm.

Genre: Horror

The world was ready to defend against an asteroid of epic proportions… but nobody was ready for what came after. First their eyes bleed. A ravenous hunger consumes them. Their sanity breaks. Then they become… the undead.

Tatae’s Promise is a never-before-told, true, historical drama in which a young Jewish woman fights to resist her Nazi captors, survive years in the Mlawa ghetto, escape Auschwitz with her younger sister, and fulfill her murdered father’s last promise to her: you will live and you will tell.

Frankie and Hannah both know how to keep a secret. But secrets are dangerous, especially as they always find a way to reveal themselves. 80 years separate their stories but both women know that some secrets are best left hidden.

The aftermath of a heart-stopping cliffhanger leaves Scarlet facing an unimaginable challenge—Zig is a vessel for the demon, Dagon. To save Zig’s life, Scarlet strikes a Faustian bargain. She agrees to go with Dagon forever for Zig's release. If she reneges on her deal, Zig's life becomes forfeit.

After book 1 introductions, we now expand and explore further day-to-day joys and predicaments of the clan and forest dwellers. Can the fairy children help a duckling who is terrified of water? Will they help their mouse friend find love? Includes audio of text and three songs.

This book is a new approach to visualizing special relativity, by separating the event of a moving boy emitting light, from the observation and measurement of that event by another. This allows solutions on a polar plot without calculation, and a result that reflects the actual mechanics.

A classic murder mystery with a science fiction twist!

An American teen travels to her father's homeland, searching for answers about his death, and uncovers a secret that puts her in the crosshairs of a crime boss.

Fifteen-year-old Mary ran away from an arranged marriage, but life’s circumstances forced her to come back home to the world she desperately tried to escape. Can she ever find the freedom and happiness she seeks?

Emperor Trajan taps Aulus Galba to lead the first Roman mission to China. A trip around the world of 2000 years ago by sea and land, a world you didn't know existed - but did! Action, adventure and three love stories.

Genre: Romance

Gorgeous Jack Newton has fallen in love. But Eveline Shaw’s a vicar dreaming of marriage and kids, and he’s a male escort on his way out of town. Can Jack show Eveline heaven and keep his secret safe, or are they both headed straight for hell?

TACAMO, or "Take Charge and Move Out", is the last link in the chain to the nuclear forces. But despite its importance, it was not a viable career path for officers, until a dozen bold pioneers in the 1970s bet their Navy careers, taking a second tour in TACAMO, hoping that they could make it so.

Joy Warrier, a talented 25-year-old interior designer, experiences a harrowing ordeal when her colleague mysteriously vanishes only to be discovered dead. As Joy grapples with the shocking loss, fate intertwines her path with that of a handsome architect, Edward Astbury. Sparks fly as they clash.

When Granny June brings six-year-old Juniper to a U-Pick flower farm, the child meets Bumble, a resident bee, and the two form a summer-long friendship. Wandering rows of colour, the two learn about each other and the value of caring for others. Includes audio of text and three songs.

Have you ever wondered how some people deal with the challenges of life with confidence and turn their dreams into reality? Well, maybe someone will help you find a secret to embark on a transformative journey toward a life filled with purpose and accomplishment. The first and most important step is...

Valeria Allegro works diligently on the family farm in Italy, torn between duty to family and desire for freedom from her domineering father. Dario provides a blissful escape-until Gregorio, decides he wants her. This raises an alarm for her father, which leads to family conflict and aggression.

Genre: Romance

Valentina’s worked without a break to craft her acting career. But she’s never truly lived, and everything's built on a lie. Bodyguard Charlie’s done too much living, and is on the run from his demons. Can they let go of the past, or will their love remain a Highland fling?

Sun, sand, surf. How could Blanca Castellano turn down the offer of a promotion to beautiful Rio de Janeiro—especially when it’s a step up in her career in Madrid? The return to Rio means the return of nightmares from Blanca’s childhood—nightmares that began after her first trip to Rio as a child.

In the Monster Belt, an area in the Northern Hemisphere between two latitudes, the most mythical creatures are found. Or are they real? Bereaved Harris wants to find out. Dee sees monsters every day and she wants to escape them. When their paths collide will each of them find the answers they seek?

Once an introverted, law-abiding tailor, Heckie’s life turns upside down after a fetching woman hands him a mysterious package. Driven by territorial righteousness and a little bit of uncharacteristic greed, Heckie makes a choice that will change him forever.

Radhika, a young, Ceylon tea plantation worker is sent to work at the house of Chasley Rannoch, a ruggedly handsome, Scottish, estate superintendent. Her infatuation for him results in the shocking arrival of a baby, leading to a spiral of events of misfortune, scandal, intrigue and A Heritage Lost.

A serial killer waiting to take everything. It’s time for Bella to pay—with her life. Bella Carismo, a psychologist aims to grow her private practice. But her plans take a sudden turn when she meets Marco Petrazini, a detective, who brings shocking news of the horrific death of an old acquaintance.

Welcome to the Ó Murchú fairy clan, who live In Carabeg, where cooperation is the best rule of thumb. Cheer on the fairies as they search for alternatives for their new sister's missing wing. Nothing could go wrong, right? Includes audio of text and three songs.

Pontius Pilate would not be widely known today but for Jesus. Pilate, as the Gospels relate, clearly did not want to execute Jesus. How did he feel, after the act was done? With whom did he speak? If he could continue his conversation with Jesus, what would he say? Who is eligible for salvation?

There are first loves and there are last loves. But what happens when they overlap? Love is bitter-sweet for Tom and he doesn't know what to do for the best. He needs Olivia and Grace to be happy, but will he ever be able to make a choice between the two women he loves?

Genre: Fantasy

In a world where legends may exist, Allabva's peaceful world is shattered when the Forerunner—a unicorn—calls her on a quest to aid the fabled Shrongelin against the unconquerable. Ignoring dark legends of the Nightshade Unicorn, she races to embrace her destiny or let darkness prevail.

Genre: Horror

Ancient gods and terrible rituals await within these pages, as we explore the dark corners of forest and field alike. Twenty-six tantalizing short stories in folk horror.

Olly Appleton thought he had learned all of his grandfather’s secrets, the ones his grandfather died protecting. Those secrets involved hand-drawn maps, special keys, hidden tunnels, and the Spores—friendly and fantastical mushroom creatures living under his home on Oak Hill.

Book 3 The two men in Jiddy's life have left. Defiant, she resolves to find choices for local girls battered by poverty. Inland, love beckons. The North Sea entices with dreams of foreign shores, but smuggling is all Jiddy has known. A brutal, breathtaking and brilliant conclusion to the trilogy!

Midnight-Christmas Eve, 1920. On a small island off the west coast of Ireland, in the midst of a wild Atlantic storm, a husband attempts to find the local doctor for his wife, who has just delivered minuscule twins. Will the children survive? If so, what will their lives bring?

Mork, the handsome orc, lives in a world where ruggedness defines beauty. Unfortunately for him, he's too handsome. Mork's panic attacks intensify anxiety about the school dance. Mork goes on a journey of self-discovery to love himself, face panic attacks, and attend the dance on his own terms.

Ninety-four-year-old doll maker Juniper Tandy's most prized possessions were her ten hand-crafted soft dolls. When Juniper passes the dolls are sent to a charity shoppe with no regard for Juniper's delicate handiwork. Will the dolls be separated for good, or will they find a new home...together?

Nash the Dash, inventor, poet, and loyal friend, is looking for a new community and is on an adventure to find one. He meets the Ó Murchú fairy clan and is adopted into their fold. With a knack for getting himself into pickles, Nash always finds creative ways to get out of them.

Genre: Fantasy

After having killed his brother, Louis Perrault, a young noblemen, must learn to forgive and accept himself, for his future to hold promise.

In the second book of this series, in Italy 1478, Andrea de' Grigi has failed to save his closest friend from assassination. But he saved the chief leader of Florence, Lorenzo de' Medici. Now he must work with Lorenzo, and his English birth father, to protect Florence from further attack.

A deadly gangster. A political scandal. A cheated wife with nothing left to lose. Top TV reporter Tess Anderson is on the run after sending down one of London's biggest criminals. Her life in chaos she runs to the Greek island of Paxos, but her only hope of escape is a mysterious American yachtsman.

Book 2 in trilogy. Jiddy returns to the Bay and immerses herself in smuggling. But her sweetheart wants to make an honest living, The obsessed Captain of the Dragoons is more determined than ever to capture wrong-doers like Jiddy. She has to choose doing what she loves or losing Jonas forever.

Where the sunrises start and the day begins is where fourteen-year-old, Azalea Stanton waits patiently, watching the beauty of the world unfold. No one fully understands her wanderlust or ache for adventure, but is it truly so horrible to want to escape the shadow of her older sister, Florence?

Genre: Fantasy

Louis Perrault and Lady Xueru are on the case of smuggled yenusha, a valuable and powerful medicinal plant from Kattai. Their efforts pit them against an old enemy who must be defeated once and for all.

A stalker in Madrid exposes deep secrets and tears a family apart. Daniela dance school business is finding its feet when newspaper reports about her father send clients running for the hills. Her only hope lies in Rafael—the very journalist and love interest whose articles drove away her students.

In the town of Crescent Hallow, Fenn's life takes an unforeseen turn when the Channing family adopts him. Fenn shocking realizes that not only are the Channings werewolves, but so is he! The revelation that he is half-fairy takes his journey of self-discovery to a deeper level.

In Seattle, the past doesn’t stay buried—it comes back to bite you.

Genre: Memoir

When a supposed astrological mishap led to Priti symbolically marrying a coconut to remedy her struggles to find love, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery that launched her from her comfort zone and revealed her own needs and desires.

When sisters quarrel humanity is on the brink of extinction. Mona, the computer coder of Earth, got caught deleting humankind. Her sister Penny, the coder of humans, challenges her to upload to earth, live as a human, & experience their emotions before she carries out plans to delete humans forever.

IN THIS 2nd BOOK OF THE GLORY BISHOP SERIES, Glory finally breaks free of her mother's oppressive grasp. Against trusted advice, she chooses the protection of Malcolm, her controlling, much older, bad-boy-turned-minister fiancé. With this new reality, comes unexpected complications and temptations.

When a mysterious woman's ultimatum threatens to shatter devoted husband Bram de Jong's idyllic marriage, he's thrust into a psychological labyrinth where revelations about his and his wife's pasts force him to navigate menacing forces and confront terrible choices to protect his loved ones.

Genre: Fantasy

The epic sequel to the award-winning ‘In Solitude’s Shadow’ and acclaimed ‘Path Of War’. Book Three in a completed four book series.

A pinch of murder, a dash of deceit, and a scoop of secrets!

Michelle and Natasha are sisters on opposite sides in the war. Separated for a decade the two sisters have forged very different lives. Natasha is an interrogator, Michele heads the resistance and Hess is organising a mission. They must play a game of cat and mouse, changing their lives forever.

In Italy, 1477, Andrea de' Grigi, a mercenary soldier, must fight to save his friends, the rulers of Florence, from an assassination plot involving several powerful Italian states. At the same time he must deal with the arrival in Florence of his English birth father whom he has never met.

Ten years on, the veterans of Rome's first mission to China are scattered throughout the world, from Mongolia to China, from Asia Minot to Italy. But the gods are drawing them together for a wholly unexpected reunion, in the midst of Trajan's last war, the invasion of Parthia. War and insurrection!

"Chasing the Dragon," A Genre-Bending Thrill Ride that fuses action, horror, comedy, and vigilante justice into a literary cocktail. In the gritty underbelly of the city, an unusual hero emerges. But will he be brave enough to chase the evil of the world, even if it means becoming a monster himself?

Genre: Christian

Lonely widow Mamie West joins a ladies-only camping group and attends her first Texas Hill Country campout at Magnolia Bluff's Burnet Reservoir with her Boston terrier, only to be tangled up in a murder investigation with handsome cop Nick Vandegan after glamping women start turning up dead.

Genre: Romance

Shy and reserved Lord Henry Foxbrooke needs a fake girlfriend. Free-spirited actress Libby Fletcher needs a job. But as friendship blurs and faking it starts to feel a little too real, disaster strikes. Can Libby and Henry stick to the script, or has their entire act just bombed?

Genre: Fantasy

Things are not what they seem in this action-packed fifth installment of the Madigan Chronicles. The family drama intensifies, and forces collide in an epic showdown in Fairy. The Madigans do everything they can to help the Guardian of the Cup of Plenty to restore the broken Cup. But their malicious...

On the Rocks chronicles the real-life journey of restaurateur Joseph Costanzo Jr., from his rise to success in the restaurant industry to his sharp fall which ended with a stint in federal prison.

Genre: Horror

Escape is only one spell away. "Stranger Things" meets "My Best Friends Exorcism", in this '90's inspired dark, witchy horror tale that will take you on a journey that will test friendships and uncover the ultimate betrayal.

From harsh beginnings, a cunning and convincing con artist arises. In a moment of impulsivity, our heroine makes a life choice that leads down a dark and twisted path. Would you judge with compassion or scorn? Detectives versus Delilah: who will prevail?

Genre: Fantasy

Marios Rondou, a candidate for election in his country, has a dark secret he must resolve before he can stand and achieve what he wants for his nation.